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Bld supply


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Bld supply

  1. 1. Blood supply of the head and neck
  3. 3. Branches of the Arch of Aorta1. Brachiocephalic artery - divides into right common carotid artery and right subclavian artery.2. Left common carotid artery3. Left subclavian artery
  5. 5. ORIGINRight:Brachiocephalic a.Left:Arch of aorta
  6. 6. COURSE Subclavian triangleBeneath the clavicle up the level of the 1st rib Terminates as the axillary a.
  7. 7. Branches of the Subclavian Artery:1. Vertebral A. - enters the transverse foramina of the cervical vertebrae enters the foramen magnum into the cranial cavity.2. Thyrocervical trunk. - supplies the thyroid, neck and scapular region3. Internal Thoracic A. - supplies the mammary gland, anterior thoracic wall and diaphragm.4. Costocervical trunk – gives off the deep cervical artery and supreme intercostal artery.
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  10. 10. - The main arterial trunk which gives rise to branches that supply the head and neck.- Enclosed in the carotid sheath found in the carotid triangle.
  11. 11. ORIGINRight : BrachiocephalicarteryLeft: Arch of Aorta
  12. 12. COURSEAscends within the carotid sheathUp to the level of the upper border of the thyroid cartilage Divides into its to branches At the bifurcation is a slight enlargement called carotid sinus
  13. 13. BRANCHES1. Internal Carotid A.2. External Carotid A.
  15. 15. ORIGIN CommencementCommon Carotid Artery Upper border of the thyroid cartilage
  16. 16. Branches:A. Cervical portion : no branches in the neckB. Petrossal portion: Carotico-tympanic A. supplies the middle earC. Intracranial portion divides into: 1. anterior cerebral A. 2. middle cerebral A.
  17. 17. Caroticotympanic A.
  19. 19. ORIGIN CommencementCommon Carotid Artery Upper border of the thyroid cartilage
  20. 20. TerminationBack of the neck of the mandible where it divides into superficial temporala. and maxillary a.
  21. 21. 56 4 3 2 7 18
  22. 22. Branches of External Carotid A.: Maxillary A.
  23. 23. Artery Further branches Tissues supplied1. Superior Thyroid A. a. Infrahyoid A. Hyoid bone b. Superior laryngeal A. Larynx c. Sternocleidomastoid A. SCM d. Cricothyroid A. Cricothyroid M. e. Terminal glandular Thyroid gland branches2. Lingual A. a. Dorsal lingual branches Tissues superior to the hyoid bone, including suprahyoid b. Sublingual A. m. and floor of the mouth; Tongue; c. Deep A. of the tongue or profunda linguae A.
  24. 24. Artery Further branches Tissues supplied3. Facial A. a. Cervical A. -Face in the oral, buccal, i. Ascending palatine zygomatic, nasal , ii. Tonsillar infraorbital, and orbital iii. Glandular branch to regions. submandibular gland -Soft palate, palatine m., iv. Submental a. palatine tonsils; -Submandibular lymph b. Facial A. nodes, submandibular i. Inferior labial a. salivary glands, mylohyoid, ii. Superior labial a. digastric m., iii. Lateral nasal a. -Muscles of facial iv. Angular a. expression4. Occipital a. Medial and lateral branches SCM, meninges, mastoid, and ear.5. Posterior Auricular a. a. Muscular a. Internal ear and mastoid air b. Parotid a. cells c. Stylomastoid a. d. Terminal auricular a. e. Occipital a.
  25. 25. Artery Further branches Tissues supplied6. Ascending pharyngeal a. i. Small Pharyngeal Pharyngeal walls soft palate, branches meninges of the brain ii. Meningeal branches7. Superficial temporal a. i. Parotid -Parotid duct; ii. Auricular, -Temporalis m.; iii. Transverse facial, -Portions of the scalp in the iv. Middle temporal, frontal and parietal regions v. Zygomatic, vi. Anterior terminal, vii. Posterior terminal branches8. Maxillary a.
  26. 26. Branches of the Maxillary A. Major Branches Further Branches Tissues SuppliedMiddle meningeal Anterior and posterior Meninges of the brain and branches bones of skullInferior alveolar Mylohyoid, mental, and Mandibular teeth, floor of incisive the mouth, and mental regionDeep temporal Temporalis m.Pterygoid Lateral and medial pterygoidMasseteric Masseter m. and TMJBuccal Buccinator m. and buccal region
  27. 27. Branches of the Maxillary A. Major Branches Further Branches Tissues SuppliedPosterior superior alveolar Posterior maxillary teeth, gums and mucous membrane and maxillary sinusInfraorbital Orbital and anterior Anterior part of cheek, superior alveolar upper eyelid, lacrimal gland, side of the nose, root of the upper lipDescending palatine Lesser palatine Hard and soft palate, mucosa and glands; gingiva on the lingual surface of the upper alveolar processSphenopalatine Lateral nasal, septal, and Nasal cavity , the adjacent nasopalatine sinuses and the pharynx
  28. 28. 9. 10.1. 8. 7. 6. 2. 5. 3. 4.
  30. 30. A. Superficial Veins
  31. 31. 1. External jugular vein2. Anterior jugular vein
  32. 32. B. Deep Veins
  33. 33. 1. Anterior facial vein2. Internal jugular vein3. Subclavian vein
  34. 34. Region or Tributaries Drainage Veins Major Veins DrainedMeninges of the brain Middle meningeal Pterygoid plexusLesser scalp area Superficial temporal and Retromandibular and posterior auricular external jugularFrontal region Supratrochlear and Facial and ophthalmic supraorbitalOrbital region Ophthalmic Cavernous sinus and pterygoid plexusSuperficial temporal and Retromandibular vein External jugularmaxillary veinsUpper lip area Superior labial FacialMaxillary teeth Posterior superior alveolar Pterygoid plexus
  35. 35. Region or Tributaries Drainage Veins Major Veins DrainedLower lip areas Inferior labial FacialMandibular teeth and Inferior alveolar Pterygoid plexussubmental regionSubmental region Submental FacialLingual and sublingual Lingual Facial or internal jugularregionsDeep facial areas and Pterygoid plexus Maxillaryposterior superior alveolarand inferior alveolar veinsPterygoid plexus of veins Maxillary Retromandibular