Community 2.0: Beyond Using Software Livre


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Presented at Forum Internacional Software Livre 2014, aka FISL 15,

Presented in English with simultaneous translation into BR-PT

Community 2.0: Beyond Using Software Livre

Software Livre powers the most important systems we use today, most notably all those servers that connect us to the Internet and each other. Following from Brasil's early lead, governments worldwide are adopting policies that ensure they will create - or buy - software livre. Many of them have committed to publishing the code or data streams they produce under livre licenses. Tons of big businesses now
use software livre, publish their own code and pay programmers to work on software livre projects.

So, perhaps software livre has "won the war." If everyone is using it, there must not be much more work needed to improve the software livre world.


Maybe not.

In this talk, Leslie Hawthorn will talk about the importance of not just using software livre, but contributing back to the software livre community in a variety of ways: translation and localization, writing software, hosting teaching sessions for people not using software livre, and more. Drawing on years of experience as a community manager at Elasticsearch, Red Hat and Google's Open Source Department, she will share real-world stories of how you can contribute to software
livre at the local and international level.

Having been to FISL before - and having interacted with many programmers in Brasil through the Summer of Code program - Leslie is always amazed by the passion in the Brasilian and South American software livre communities. She hopes this talk will inspire more people to share their wisdom and passion with the wider community of
software livre users and developers.

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Community 2.0: Beyond Using Software Livre

  1. 1. Community  2.0   Beyond  Using  So4ware  Livre     Leslie  Hawthorn  Ÿ  FISL  15  Ÿ  @lhawthorn  
  2. 2. About  Me…   Global  traveler  helping  people  contribute   to  the  wonderful  world  of  so4ware  livre  
  3. 3. “So4ware  is   eaEng  the   world.”   Marc  Andreesen,  2011  
  4. 4. Black  Duck  Future  of  Open  Source  Survey  2013    
  5. 5. Team  Brasil  is  leading  the  world  in       so4ware  livre  (and  futbol!)  
  6. 6. Then  why  do  so  few  people  know  about   so4ware  livre  acEvity  in  Brasil?  
  7. 7. Only  30%  of  Brasilian  developers  share  their   work  in  publicly  available  repositories   Source:  Camara  &  Fonseca,  2007  
  8. 8. Enjoy  drinking  from  the  so4ware  livre  cup?   Help  the  community  to  refill  it!  
  9. 9. Businesses  contribuIng  to  soKware  livre  create   more  diverse  viewpoints  in  technical  culture  &   receive  other  economic  benefits  
  10. 10. Individuals  contribuEng  to  so4ware  livre  gain  skills   that  help  them  on  their  path  into  the  future  
  11. 11. Publish  your  so4ware  under  livre  licenses   •    Good  for  individuals  *and*  companies  
  12. 12. I  want  to  help,  but   I  am  not  a  programmer!   There  are  many  ways  to  contribute  to  soKware  livre,  even  if  you  don’t  write  code.  (I  don’t  write  code.  J)  
  13. 13. Be  a  proud  user  of  so4ware  livre,   and  tell  others  to  use  it,  too!  
  14. 14. Teach  Others   to  Use  So4ware  Livre   Installfests,  study  groups  or  one  on  one  mentoring  are  all  great!  
  15. 15. Brasil  has  many  volunteers  who  translate   docs  and  localize  soKware  livre  (L10N)     More  help  never  hurts!  
  16. 16. Don’t  just  translate  docs,  write  them  too!  
  17. 17. Write  test  suites   or  file  great  bug  reports  
  18. 18. Aside:   How  to  Write  a   Good  Bug  Report  
  19. 19. Perform  usability  tests   So4ware  livre  really  needs  help  from   user  experience  designers!  
  20. 20. So4ware  livre   needs  arEsts,  too!  
  21. 21. So4ware  livre  is  a  busy  bazaar   good  markeEng  helps  people  find  what  they  need  
  22. 22. OK!  I  want  to  help!   there  are  many  resources  for  new  contributors   to  so4ware  livre  
  23. 23. No  maaer  how  you  contribute  to  so4ware  livre,     always  remember  
  24. 24. Perguntas?     @lhawthorn  
  25. 25. A  sample  of  further  resources  to     help  you  get  started   •  h<p://  -­‐  small  and  meaningful  so@ware  livre  projects  for  new   contributors   •  h<p://  -­‐  organiza4on  helping  open  source  projects  make  their   documenta4on  be<er,  with  places  for  you  to  help  too!   •  Find  a  cool  user  group  near  you  on  –  search  for  “so@ware  livre”  or   “open  source”  or  the  programming  language/technology  you  like  most  like  “Linux”   •  Programs  like  Google  Summer  of  Code  or  the  Outreach  Program  for  Women   provide  par4cipants  with  mentors   •  Many  open  source  projects  have  mentor  projects  (like  Python  Core  Mentorship   project)  or  pages  on  their  website  for  brand  new  contributors   •  Ask  in  a  project’s  IRC  channel  if  there’s  a  way  you  can  help.  Even  be<er  if  you  have   a  couple  of  sugges4ons  for  where  you  would  get  started,  e.g.  I’d  like  to  keep  the   wiki  more  up  to  date.   •  (Note:  ElasIcsearch  Inc.  is  my  employer)  If  you  care  about  search,  logging,   analy4cs  and  data  visualiza4on  (big  data),  you  can  join  the  Elas4csearch  BR-­‐PT   mailing  list:    h<ps://!forum/elas4csearch-­‐pt  
  26. 26. Photo  Credits   •  Hands:  h<ps://   •  Globe  puzzle:  h<ps://­‐monk/2933749922/   •  Goat  nomming  ribbon:  h<ps://   •  Wow,  it’s  Pele’s  jersey!:  h<ps://<c/1129252478/   •  Stairs  to  unknown:  h<ps://   •  Stats  le<ers:  h<ps://   •  Livre  iced  tea:  h<ps://­‐light/5458104057/   •  It  all  ma<ers:  h<ps://   •  Sunset  and  highways:  h<ps://   •  Invest  in  sharing:  h<ps://   •  Programmers:  h<ps://   •  I  love  to  share:  h<ps://   •  Peer  mentors:  h<ps://­‐r-­‐brown/6972776345   •  Transla4ng:  h<ps://   •  Lego  knowledge  sharing  humans:  h<ps://   •  Test  boxes:  h<ps://   •  Bug  report  cat:  h<ps://   •  Lego  alien  ar4st:  h<ps://   •  Usability  tes4ng:  h<ps://   •  Market:  h<ps://   •  Ducklings:  h<ps://   •  Obrigado:  h<ps://  
  27. 27. Resources  Used  for  this  Presenta4on   •  Informa4on  Policies  and  Open  Source  So@ware  in  Developing   Countries,  Camara  &  Fonseca  2007,   h<p:// camara_fonseca_OSS_developing_countries.pdf   •  Brazil  at  forefront  of  open  source  ini4a4ves   h<p://­‐forefront-­‐open-­‐ source-­‐ini4a4ves   •  Wikipedia’s  list  of  government  Linux  adopters:   h<p://   •  Open  source,  open  world:   h<p://­‐takhteyev/ open-­‐source-­‐open-­‐world   •  Use  of  open  source  so@ware  by  the  Brazilian  government   h<p://  
  28. 28. The  Legal  Bits   •  All  images  used  in  this  presenta4on  are   copyright  their  respec4ve  owners  and  are   used  under  a  Crea4ve  Commons  License  or   are  considered  fair  use  (a<ribu4on  provided).   •  This  presenta4on  is  licensed  Crea4ve   Commons  A<ribu4on  Share-­‐Alike  4.0   h<p://­‐sa/ 4.0/   •  Please  use,  remix  and  share  widely!