Fall 2012-September Newsletter


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Purdue University's chapter of AWC's September Newsletter

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Fall 2012-September Newsletter

  1. 1. Purdue University Student ChapterAssociation for Women in CommunicationsOffering communication studentsa welcoming place to grow,connect and succeed.http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~awc/index.htmlSEPTEMBER/2012Upcoming Events Letter from the President Welcome back to Purdue! 9/19 General Meeting Linked In Workshop and Orange Leaf I am so excited to have you all as a part of AWC this year! We have some Social 6:30pm exciting things planned that I hope you all can be a part of. 10/3 General Meeting- Journal For those of you who do not know, most of our Exec Board this year is and Courier 6:30pm composed of seniors. Looking back on my four years here at Purdue, I am amazed at how much Purdue has given me, as well as AWC. I want all of you to have the same opportunities I have had!10/17 General Meeting-From a I first joined AWC the spring of my sophomore year. I knew that the club Former AWC Member to would be beneficial to my education and supplement the topics I was Indy 500 Festival Queen – learning in my classes. In addition, I knew it would be a great way to Taylor Adams 6:30pm learn about possible career choices. As I went through the semester I was able to meet the women on the exec board and I knew this would be a great venue to become a leader. I was able to apply for the Special Events Coordinator and become a part of this great team. Continued on Page 3 Mission Statement The Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.
  2. 2. lorem ipsum dolor issue, date Meet the 2012-2013 Executive Board 1 3 5 1 2 41. Rachel Hibner-President Over the Summer: Day Camp Director From: Indianapolis, IN Future Goals: Find a job in PR and live in a Big City. Year: Senior 4. Nykky Robinson- Secretary/Treasure Concentration: Public Relations From: Merrillville, IN Over the Summer: Intern for a Wedding Planner Year: Senior Future Goals: Become an event planner in sports and Concentration: Human Relations then move on to the White House. Over the Summer: Dean of Students Intern2. Irene Wang-Vice President Future Goals: Study Abroad and Go on to Grad School From: Shanghai, China for Student Affairs Year: Senior 5. Lauren Hausermann-Newsletter and Multimedia Concentration: Mass Communication Editor Over the Summer: Digital & Media Relation intern for From: Schaumburg, IL Syndicate Media Group in NYC Year: Senior Future Goals: To be a Magazine Editor. Concentration: Mass Communication3. Maggie King- Public Relations Chair Over the Summer: Production Intern for WGN/CLTV From: Morton Grove, Illinois in Chicago Year: Senior Future Goals: To be a Producer for a Talk Show Concentration: Public Relations 2
  3. 3. lorem ipsum dolor issue, dateLetter from the President continued…From AWC I have learned many valuable leadershipskills. Moving from the Event Coordinator to thePresident in one year was an awesome opportunity forme and I know it could be possible for many of you.Being a part of AWC is much more than attendingmeetings every other week, it is about growing as aprofessional. It is our mission as an exec team, to bringyou valuable experiences that can help you build yourresumé.When you leave Purdue, we want you to be able to talkabout AWC in a positive manor and show employersjust what AWC has done for you. I really hope you allenjoy AWC this year and I cannot wait to get to knowyou! I am going to begin holding office hours from 3-4pm on Thursdays, so if you are interested in meetingwith me just shoot me an email atpurdue.awc@gmail.com!Boiler up!Rachel HibnerInterning in the Big AppleIrene Wang-AWC Vice PresidentCountless skyscrapers, heavy traffic, and busy pedestrians…welcome to Manhattan, New YorkCity. I was lucky enough to spend my summer in such an amazing city while interning withSyndicate Media Group, a lifestyle/luxury agency that also has an office in Los Angeles.Like one of those New York summer interns, I started from the very basic: front desk, scanningfiles, coffee and magazine run. Meanwhile, I was also assigned with a “buddy supervisor,” a verynice and outgoing gal in her late 20s. The first week was extremely overwhelming. While I wasstill learning the ropes and digesting information, I had to multitasking on endless front deskphones calls, scanning files, and client projects. But later I was able to take on a lot of clientfacing projects and worked almost like a full-time. While the team was experiencing someturnover, I had the opportunity to jump in and transition some important projects. Some of otherinterns asked why I stayed so late in the office while I could leave early like other interns. But Iwas doing something I am love and didn’t feel time was passing by so quickly. The good news is,the agency offered me a freelance position for me to continue working with them this fall.My advice is: no matter what your task is, even a coffee run, make it the best coffee run. Thinkahead, take the initiative, and speak up if you have a better way to do things – people willremember you. 3
  4. 4. President Public Relations Director Rachel Hibner Maggie King @rachelhibner @margaretcoyle29 Newsletter Editor/Multimedia Vice President Lauren Hausermann Irene Wang @Lelyse14 @irenew0201 Advisor Treasurer/Secretary Dr. Stacey Connaughton Nykky Robinson @nykkyrobinson Purdue AWC, Beering, COM Office 2114 100 N. University Street West Lafayette, IN 47907 Join us: Association for Women in Communications-Purdue University Like us: Association for Women in Communications Tweet us: @ purdueAWCInterested in writing or taking photos for the newsletter? Email Lauren Hausermann atlhauserm@purdue.edu Interested