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AWC April Newsletter


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AWC April Newsletter

  1. 1. Purdue University Student ChapterAssociation for Women in CommunicationsOffering communication studentsa welcoming place to grow,connect and succeed. 2011Upcoming Events Letter from the President 4/12 Executive Board Interviews, 5-7p.m., MATH 215 Dear AWC members, Dear Members, 4/16 Susan G. Komen’s Race for It’s bittersweet this is the last time I’ll be writing to you as your the Cure 8 a.m.-Noon, President. In just a couple of months I’ll begin my career as a PR Indianapolis professional. It’s a fast transition from college student to professional. There are plenty of things I feel I got right during my 4/25 Social at Boiler Market, time at Purdue, and other things I wish I had done differently. I’m 6:30 p.m. going to share some of those professional/academic things with you. First off, I wish I would’ve have taken more applied classes like Problems in PR & Advertising, PR Writing, New Media, Video Production, Advertising Writing sooner. I waited until my senior year, and as a result feel I could’ve learned more if I began earlier. Also, I would’ve taken business marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and graphic design classes. I know it’s difficult Thanks for a GREAT year  to take classes offered by other schools, but all of these are components essential to communications. Continued on p.3 Mission Statement The Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.
  2. 2. lorem ipsum dolor issue, date Attention Members! Do you have an online portfolio, website or blog that you would like us to showcase on our website? Let us know by emailing us at purdue.awc@gmail.comAlumni Update Sign up for Race for the CureThis semester, our chapter launched a campaign to reconnect withour alumni. We began the year with a very small database. Afterextensive searching on LinkedIn, we now have information for over The race takes place100 former members of our chapter. The database continues to grow Saturday April 16theach day as we continue to reconnect through other outlets likeFacebook and Twitter. The registration ends April 7thMany of our alumni are now working for exciting companies likeJenny Craig and Broadway Across America. Some have even goneon to graduate and law school. Members’ SpotlightOur alumni will receive updates through bi-yearly alumninewsletters, the first of which will be sent out later this month. TheExecutive Board is so excited at the prospect of bringingyou guest speakers and mentors who were once in your shoes asAWC members.AWC Spring Social • Meredith Barack will intern for the Conan O’Brien show this summer.As tradition, AWC will have an end-of-semester party on April 25th tosend off seniors and bond with new members. This year, our theme is • Taylor Adams was selected as a“Mocktinis & Movie Night.” So here is the plan: dinner in Boiler 2011-12 CCO Ambassador.Market across from Harry’s and talk over dinner; later, we will head toWabash Landing 9 to watch a movie and enjoy the rest of girls’ night. • Kara Cook has completed aYou can stop by either part or come for the entire evening. successful 4-year diving career with the Purdue Swimming andIt would be great if you can RSVP through e-mail or our Facebookevent so we can secure a seat for you! Diving team, winning manyLooking forward to you joining us for a small study break during dead championships.week and get pumped for finals and summer break! See you there! 2
  3. 3. lorem ipsum dolor issue, dateLetter from the President continued… Industry NewsIf you can’t get into these classes, I suggest teaching yourself. All acrossthe communications field we need to know how to market, design, create Master TweetDeckand sell. Teach yourself how to use Adobe Creative Suite and Final CutPro. Read non-required books- I suggest The New Rules of PR &Marketing and The Non-Designer’s Handbook. How to be the Best Intern EverPurdue offers many different ways to learn, but I believe the best learningin communications, is done on the job. I began interning early in my Writing a Great Internship Resumecollege career and it’s proven to be invaluable. You can never have toomany internships! Start after your freshman year and explore everyavenue you’re interested in, that way you will have clearer professional Winning Job Interview Tipsgoals. I started out in broadcast journalism, and after two internships inthat, I thought I wanted to do sports marketing, and then public affairs, andnow I know I want to work in an agency atmosphere with a digital 20 Ways to Impress the Bosscommunications component. It’s ok to change your mind. Specificallyfor PR majors, even if you don’t think you want to work in an agency, Ihighly suggest interning at one because agency experience is extremely Define Your Whyvalued in non-profits and corporate organizations.Finally, one of the best decisions I ever made was joining AWC. How to Balance and an InternshipThrough AWC I’ve been able to grow as a professional and leader. I’ve and Jobhad the opportunity to help members and the COM Department. I’ve madeconnections with people all over the country, and at Purdue, who havehelped me get to the next step in my career. My hope for all of you is togain as much out of AWC as I have, and to grow into high-caliber AWC Member of the Month:professionals. Utilize every resource you have right now. Intern in the Kathryn Warnersummer and school year. Volunteer. Don’t let your grades slip. Meet asmany people in your industry as you can. And most importantly, love Major: Public Relationswhat you do. Year: FreshmenBest of luck to all of you, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need advice or a letter of recommendation! Hometown: Dyer, INValerie PetreyAWC President 2010-11 Plans for the future: Over the summer I am going to applyWe
 for part-time work. As far as internships go, I’ll keep my eyes peeled Your
 because the more experience I build up, the better. Fun fact: I am ½ Polish, ¼ Greek, and ¼ Summer!
 Serbian. Someday, I want to travel to all of those countries amongst others. 3
  4. 4. President Special Events Coordinator Valerie Petrey Irene Wang @valeriepetrey @irenew0201 Multi-Media Director Vice President Taylor Adams Myriah DeBoer @T_TayJ @myriahdeboer Newsletter Editor Lauren Hausermann Treasurer @Lelyse14 Nicole Kowalczyk Alumni Relations Director @NicoleKowal Megan Fingert @MeganFingert Advisor Marketing Director Secretary Dr. Stacey Connaughton Julie Smith @Julie_Smith55 Alejandra Sierra @ alesierra2424 Purdue AWC, Beering, COM Office 2114 100 N. University Street West Lafayette, IN 47907 Join us: Association for Women in Communications-Purdue University Like us: Association for Women in Communications Tweet us: @ purdueAWCInterested in writing or taking photos for the newsletter? Email Lauren Hausermann