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Top 10 Influencer Technology Trends for 2017


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We reached out to experts to hear where they think Influencer Tech market is headed and here are their Top 10 Trends for 2017

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Top 10 Influencer Technology Trends for 2017

  1. 1. Top 10 Influencer Technology Trends for 2017 Here’s what the experts predict! @LH3com
  2. 2. “The future of influencer marketing technology includes true democratization for both influencers and advertisers. By incorporating enough data and with the right influencer network, all advertisers and all influencers can connect efficiently, regardless of follower count or budget. “ ~ Chico Tirado (@chico_tirado), CRO & Co Founder, Gnack Trend #1 Democratization of Influencer Technology @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  3. 3. “There are hundreds of influencer tools that scrape social sites and offer little value, we refer to that as influencer marketing 1.0. The platforms that prioritize relationships and quality content over empty analytics to encourage co-creation and facilitate remarkable programs will win. That’s 2.0.” ~ Promise Phelon (@ promisephelon), CEO, TapInfluence Trend #2 2017 is the Year of Influencer Technology 2.0 @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  4. 4. “As with all hot markets, in addition to a lot of point solutions and more competition from startups, you’re also going to see a number of the larger, more established players in the marketing world make plays in the influencer marketing ecosystem, whether it’s through M&A, partnerships or attempting to build out some of the functionality themselves.” ~ Lawson DeVries, General Partner, Grotech Ventures Trend #3 Continued Churn with More Acquisitions @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  5. 5. “Many vendors in this market throw around the word "authenticity" with shockingly low standards. I expect that as would-be-customers grow more savvy, those standards for quality, authenticity, and engagement are going to have to rise for brands and vendors that want to be competitive.” ~ Marshall Kirkpatrick (@marshallk), Co-founder, Little Bird Trend #4 Demand for Greater Authenticity from Customers @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  6. 6. “We will see some components become standard (i.e. integration with social media APIs) and at the same time innovation as each technology platform looks to differentiate themselves and win over both advertisers and influencers.” ~ David Carlson (@davidcarlson1), Millennial Marketing Consultant and Author of “Hustle Away Debt” Trend #5 Standardization of Capabilities + Better Integrations @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  7. 7. “Technology will evolve to show large-budget brands (i.e. ones with $100M+ marketing budgets) that they can spend millions of dollars on Influencer Marketing across thousands of influencers and there’s ROI on every penny spent. Technology is geared toward video enablement and measurement and emerging platforms, like Snap.” ~ John Ale, Vice President, Noro-Moseley Partners Trend #6 Ability for Brands to Measure ROI on every Influencer Spend Dollar @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  8. 8. “We’ll see some of these social influencer technology platforms come together, or at least have open API so things like tracking parameters and metrics can seamlessly flow between them.” ~ Casey Hall (@CaseyHall_), Social Media Lead, Thomson Reuters Trend #7 Open APIs and Integrated Workflow and Metrics @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  9. 9. “We are looking at the largest media ecosystem ever created as more and more influencers produce content across a number of social channels. As ad spend shifts and big dollars flow in, future influencer marketing solutions will employ semi-programmatic display and supply side platforms to meet an ever growing demand.” ~ Brendan Lattrell (@brendanlattrell), Founder, CEO, Grapevine Trend #8 Shift to Semi-programmatic Solutions @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  10. 10. “As influence becomes part of the standard marketing mix, and marketers are required to justify spend, it is imperative that these technologies focus on building out robust analytics capabilities to show ROI.” ~ Michael Lopez (@michaelplopez), VP, Social Media, Wells Fargo Trend #9 More Robust Analytics and Reporting on ROI @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  11. 11. “We expect increased attention from Social Networking sites, as they start taking a more active role in this space, starting with Twitter’s acquisition of Niche last year and Google’s acquisition of Famebit recently. We’ll also see more regional and hyper-local technology platforms that allow brands to discover, engage local and regional influencers” ~ Mia Dand (@MiaD), CEO, Trend #10 More Activity from Social Networking Sites, Emergence of Hyper-local @LH3com #InfluencerTech
  12. 12. More questions? Send them over to and we’ll help you out with more tips to select and implement the right influencer technology platform for your business. We look forward to hearing from you! Let’s Continue this Conversation… @LH3com #InfluencerTech