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+ Body Electric, 3 6 08


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+ Body Electric, 3 6 08

  1. 1. The Body Electric Factors in Electrobiology: Electromagnetic Radiation & Health Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology A Florida 501 (c) 3 educational non-profit Larry Gust, Gust Environmental, Ventura, CA • 805-644-2008
  2. 2. A 501 c3 Non Profit International Institute for Bau-Biologie™ & Ecology (IBE) Building Biology Community “going beyond Green” So how can Building Biology help you?
  3. 3. IBE Educational Premise Given that • Modern habitat environmental issues ⇒ health issues • Disjointed information IBE has taken on the role to: • Facilitate pooling of information • Organize and disseminate the information • Present it to the general public and those desiring to use the knowledge to help others
  4. 4. Institute for Bau-Biologie™ & Ecology, Inc A 501 c3 Non Profit • Teaching the use of healthy building principles • Improving the health of living & work spaces • Improving the health of people For information on educational materials & services:
  5. 5. Building Biology Certification Tracks • Building Biology Practitioner • Building Biology Environmental Consultant • Building Biology Environmental Inspector
  6. 6. The Building Biology* Encompasses: *Relationship between people and the built environment
  7. 7. Electrobiology: The science of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy (magnetic fields, electric fields, and radio frequency radiation) and its effect on living organisms. -Institute for Building Biology & Ecology
  8. 8. Why study electrobiology? To understand how our current environment affects our health …  Compare today’s environmental factors to those that existed during the majority of human biological development
  9. 9. Why study electrobiology? To understand how our current environment affects our health consider…  Developmental exposures to toxins were limited to existing chemicals  Developmental exposures to electromagnetic radiations were limited to those from Earth and Cosmos
  10. 10. Why study electrobiology? To understand how our current environment affects our health …  Consider significant differences with the past  Look at research results
  11. 11. Why study electrobiology? To become aware of technologies that negatively affect human health To be able to exercise prudent avoidance To provide spaces where our bodies can heal themselves
  12. 12. The science of epidemiology: Tracks existence and probable cause of adverse health conditions Compares exposed and unexposed groups holding all other variables constant Result of the comparison is a risk ratio (RR) If an exposed group shows no difference versus the unexposed group, the RR = 1.0 If an exposed group shows 50% more illness, the RR=1.5
  13. 13. The Man-made electromagnetic environment: Distortion of the truth occurs at higher levels. Serious and knowledgeable, working scientists no longer buy the industry argument that “there is no credible scientific evidence”. “Bluing” of the world may be causing a broad based deterioration in health levels making detection and proof increasingly difficult.
  14. 14. The science of epidemiology: The little known secret:  Both groups are exposed to EMR  So the RR is biased to the low side  EMR studies show RR’s of 1.25 to 2.5  The RR’s are really much higher (2.5 to 5?) It is well known among the people who do epidemiological studies, but not talked about in the popular press.
  15. 15. The weight of evidence: Scientific questions are initially resolved on weight of evidence. A emf consensus is unlikely because vested interests want conclusive proof (like tobacco). Little in science is conclusively proven, but we have the weight of the evidence. EMR is a significant health problem.
  16. 16. Evidence points to potentially broad health impacts: Particularly immune system impacts Effects are broad Effects obscured by worldwide electrification Health associations demonstrated by pioneers:  Robert O. Becker, MD  Nancy Wetheimer and recently . . .  Dr. George Carlo, MD The evidence from studies continues to build. There ARE documented health issues.
  17. 17. Technologies: Power System Transmission lines
  18. 18. Technologies: Power system local distribution lines and equipment
  19. 19. Technologies: Power System Building Wiring
  20. 20. Technologies: Wireless Communications
  21. 21. Interrelationship Between Technologies: The Electromagnetic Spectrum defines how the various radiations fit together on the basis of frequency. Frequency: The number of times a specified phenomenon occurs within a specified interval.
  22. 22. The electromagnetic spectrum: EMR sources of interest:  Power system and components (wires, dishwasher, fridge, etc.)  Communications  Natural Radiations  Medical: The Body Electric (1998) Cross Currents (1990) by Robert O. Becker, MD
  23. 23. Power system fields: Energies in our homes & Businesses:  Magnetic Fields (milliGauss) from current flow (amps)  Electric Fields from energized potential (voltage)  Dirty Electricity from electronics
  24. 24. Power system fields: Plumbing system analogy:  Water pressure in pounds / square inch  Water flow in gallons
  25. 25. Power system fields: Your electrical system:  Electric pressure is in Volts (Electric Fields)  Electrical flow is in amps (magnetic Fields)
  26. 26. Power system Magnetic Fields: Sources:  Utility lines (line source)  Wiring faults in the building (line source)  Current flow on water & gas pipes, ducts, AC lines (line source)  Electrical Devices (point source)  Utility transformers (point source) Sensing methods:  Gauss meter – used to measure size of field  Buzz stick – used to hear fields
  27. 27. Line Source Distance Point Source Water Pipe
  28. 28. Magnetic Fields from Outside: • Homes are connected together by metal  Water & gas pipes  Cable & phone ground. • Current does not belong on these, but is common
  29. 29. Magnetic Fields from outside: • Current on these metal pathways can come from other homes and from the power company. • Current flow causes elevated magnetic fields in areas of the home.
  30. 30. Magnetic Fields from outside: • Current on metal pathways is from  Other homes  The power company. • Result: Elevated magnetic fields in areas of the home.
  31. 31. Magnetic Fields from outside: Healthy four year old girl in Marin CA. Became lethargic, no appetite, rectal bleeding. Medical exam gave no clue as to the problem. An 80 milliGauss AC magnetic field found in child’s bed and play yard. The child is moved and recovers completely. Instruments are needed to make unseen visible.
  32. 32. Magnetic Fields & Building Materials
  33. 33. Magnetic field research; epidemiological studies: National Library of Medicine Compilation (1995 )  8/10 peer reviewed studies: children living near transmission & distribution lines have a higher risk of leukemia, lymphoma & brain cancer (RR from 1.3 to 4).  24/30 peer reviewed occupational studies: exposed occupations had significantly higher risk of leukemia, lymphoma & brain cancer (RR from 2 to 10).
  34. 34. Magnetic field research; epidemiological studies: Interest groups produce Non-peer reviewed studies Controversy exists because non-peer studies contradict and… There is no way to establish cause and effect
  35. 35. Research animal studies: Dogs with lymphoma were 6X more likely to have lived in homes with fields over 2 mG. Monkeys: Circadian rhythm altered, serotonin & dopamine significantly depressed Rats learn more slowly & make more mistakes Mini Pigs: Night melatonin production reduced, significant loss in serum testosterone
  36. 36. Karolinska Institute, Sweden (1992) Microwave News, Sept/Oct 1992 Over 300,000 people 1960 to 1985 Living within 300 m of power lines Excellent tracking of power levels Statistically significant increase in childhood cancers: • Over 1 mG Doubling • Over 2 mG Tripling • Over 3 mG Quadrupling
  37. 37. Henry Lai and Narendra P. Singh Study (January 2004): Magnetic field-induced DNA strand breaks in brain cells of the rat 100 mG exposure to mice for 24 hours Significant increase in single and double strand breaks in brain cells
  38. 38. Henry Lai and Narendra P. Singh Study (January 2004): 48 hours = much larger increase Effect is cumulative Severe magnetic field exposure increases cell disintegration
  39. 39. Connecticut Siting Council (January 2006) Based on epidemiology studies done Recommend 3 to 4 milliGauss to avoid leukemia risk to children Epidemiologists Carpenter, Neutra, Wartenberg testify in support of prudent avoidance
  40. 40. Biological Concern Levels: Over 10 mG Extreme Concern 1 to 10 mG Severe Concern 0.2 to 1.0 mG Slight Concern Under 0.2 mG No Concern Most houses without wiring errors: 0.2 to 0.5 mGauss
  41. 41. Magnetic Field Prudent Avoidance: Keep distance from point sources. Fix wiring problems causing unequal current flow. Sleeping place needs to be low stress environment:  Good air quality  Equipment free: its not an entertainment center  Low magnetic fields Best is 0.2 mG or less
  42. 42. Magnetic Field Prudent Avoidance: • No magnetic field sources near bed • Or the other side of a wall or floor from a bed. • Avoid electric blanket, water bed, heating pad • Move clock away or get battery powered clock • Use flat screened TV and monitor that reduce magnetic fields (no Plasma TV)
  43. 43. Electric Fields
  44. 44. Power system electric fields: • Sources: Energized wires  Lamp, appliance, and extension cords  Electric blanket, water bed heater  Energized wiring in the walls, ceiling, floor • Our body acts as an antenna. • An alternating voltage is placed on our body • Its easier to measure Body Voltage
  45. 45. The closer to source the higher the BV BV ranges from 1000 mV to 50,000 mV
  46. 46. Research on power system electric fields: Few epidemiological studies conducted Most were done on well people.
  47. 47. Research on power system electric fields: University of Toronto on Ontario Hydro Workers (American Journal of Epidemiology, July 10, 1996):  30,000 current and former workers  Increased risk of Leukemia for both magnetic and electric fields  Risk highest for electric fields  Electric field was dominant risk factor  High exposure to both fields showed 11 times the risk of Leukemia
  48. 48. Electric Field Health effects from scientific observation (>10,000 inspections): Aggravates allergies Disturbed sleep (the man in Marin) Night sweats Heart palpitations
  49. 49. Electric Field Health effects from scientific observation (10,000 inspections): Muscle and nerve pain (the doctor) Waking tired Daytime irritability Bed wetting in children (the 13 yr. old boy)
  50. 50. Laptop Computer • Electric field up to 1000V/m at the keyboard • Ground the laptop • Use an external keyboard
  51. 51. Sensing/measuring methods: Electric Field (EF) Sensor IBE, $20 Gardner-Bender, GVD-505A, $23
  52. 52. Sensing/measuring methods: Body voltage meter Earthing Rod Hand Grip
  53. 53. Biological riskLevels: Over 1,000 mV Extreme Concern 100 to 1,000 mV Severe Concern 10 to 100 mV Slight Concern Most Bedrooms: 1000 mV to 5,000 mV Average ~ 2000 mV
  54. 54. What You Can Do: Unplug all electrical devices near bed (within 6 feet). Eliminate electric blanket, pads, waterbed heater (plug in the waterbed heater during the day and unplug it at night). No live extension chords, power strips near bed. Find circuits that raise body voltage and turn off. Turn off bedroom circuit breaker & adjoining rooms
  55. 55. Other Sleeping Area Recommendations. . . Sleep in a bed without springs or other metal parts. Open windows at night: - Ionization of air is very important to mood and health - Need to avoid CO2 build up
  56. 56. Dirty Electricity • Caused by all electronic devices • Studies link this to  Asthma  Depression  Behavioral problems  Headaches  Tinnitus  Memory Loss  Diabetes  Impaired sleep  Neuromuscular – chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis Dr. Magda Havas, University of Trent. Ontario Canada
  57. 57. What is Dirty Electricity? • Electricity was like a meadow in the country, gently varying, quiet, harmonious and clean. • Today its filled with abrupt, noisy changes. • Much like static on a radio playing classical music. The underlying music is there and it could be beautiful and relaxing, but all that static is irritating.
  58. 58. Dirty Electricity Sources • Computers • Power tools • Variable speed motors • Arcing on utility wires • Television sets • Your house • Entertainment units • The neighbor’s house • Energy efficient lighting • Offices • Energy efficient appliances • Factories • Dimmer Switches
  59. 59. Handling Dirty Electricity • Electrical devices called filters • Made to remove certain vibrational levels • Installed according to a protocol
  60. 60. Radio Frequency EM Radiation
  61. 61. Radio frequency EMR: Wireless communication technologies  Pagers  Digital (high definition) broadcast TV  Wireless mp3 players  Cellular phones  Cellular Antennas  Cordless phones  Wireless internet links (Wi-Fi)
  62. 62. Cellular Communications Energy:
  63. 63. Cell Phone Technology: The need to carry more conversations spurred technical Innovation:  Analog phones replaced by digital  Digital multiplexing for more channels: CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) Principle technology in use
  64. 64. Cell Phone Technology: Carrier wave GSM 1900MHz Pulses 217 Hz
  65. 65. Cell Phone Technology: • Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) • Carrier frequency (clothesline)  900MHz and 1,800 MHz for cell phones • Information – pulses (clothes)  217Hz • Modulation  8.34 and 2 Hz  Alpha & Delta Brain Waves
  66. 66. Cell Phone Technology: Modulation  TDMA multi-frame rate = 8.34 Hz  TDX on-off frequency = 2 Hz  Alpha Brain waves = 8 - 13 Hz  Delta Brain waves = 1 - 3 Hz Result is energy pulses with the frequency of human brain waves
  67. 67. Health Issues • Thermal • Non-thermal • Factors  Field strength  Frequency  Modulation
  68. 68. Non-thermal Effects New research shows thermal effect AND biological effects at low level exposure Research shows links between low level microwave exposure and certain medical problems, including tumors.
  69. 69. Non-thermal Effects HL60 cell – human promyelozyten –pre – stage of blood cells ) Unexposed HL 60 cell
  70. 70. Non-thermal Effects Comet – Assay test This test shows an increase of single and double DNA strand breaks after DNA damage After exposure to ionizing and non ionizing radiation we see a comet on the cell The bigger the comet the greater the DNA damage
  71. 71. Reflex - Project
  72. 72. Biological effects - The Reflex Project and other studies Reason for the project: Epidemiological research and animal experiments could not prove a link between EMF exposure and a health risk for humans. The Reflex project investigated whether the preconditions for cause of illness at cell level and the human genome are met.
  73. 73. The Reflex Project on Biological Effects German cancer research Technical University of Zurich
  74. 74. Methodology Micronucleus test • Increase of micronuclei • Disturbance of cell division program • Little extra nuclei eparated from chromosomes • This picture shows those micronuclei in dividing HL 60 cells after RF – EMF exposure HL60 cell – human promyelozyten The pre – stage of blood cells )
  75. 75. Methodology Chromosome analysis
  76. 76. Chromosome aberration (Abweichung von Artmerkmalen) Di-centric and a-centric chromosome Chromosome aberration occurred after RF – exposure
  77. 77. Non-thermal Effects • Vibratory protein receptor on cell wall • Interprets pulsed signal as a foe • Shuts down cell wall • No safe level • Cell phone users, nearby users, and antennas Dr. George Carlo
  78. 78. RF Intensity Depends on Distance RF energy measured in microwatts per square meter µW / m2 Near field is 4 times far field Where does the far field start ? 1 MHz  1056 ft (AM Radio) 100 MHz  10 ft (FM & TV) 300 MHz  3 ft (TV) 980 MHz  1.5 ft (Cell Phone) 1 GHz  1ft (Cell Phone) 3 GHz  4in (Cordless, Wi-Fi)
  79. 79. Physical Effects of Use: Anecdotal User Reports:  Headaches  Mental confusion  Disorientation  Short term memory loss  Eye aches These are near field effects
  80. 80. Physical Effects of Use: Lai and Singh study, 1966 (Washington State University). Enormous increase in double-stranded DNA breaks in rat brain tissue after only 2 hours cell phone exposure.
  81. 81. Physical Effects of Use: Repacholi Study, 1996 (Royale Adelaide Hospital, Australia):  Exposure was from an actual handset.  Exposed for two 30 minute periods per day.  Radiation was well below FCC regulations  Cancer rates more than doubled starting at month 9, for the 18 months of the study.  B-cell lymphomas found.  These comprise 85% of all human cancers.
  82. 82. Physical Effects of Use: Wireless Technology Research Group (1999):  Dr. George Carlo head of this Industry group quit and went public in December of 1999  Studies contradict industry claims of safety.  Brain cancer 3 times more in heavy users.  Non malignant tumor of auditory nerve more probable.  Damaged chromosomes more probable.
  83. 83. Physical Effects of Use: University of Lundt Study (1999)  Pulsed digital radiation  Albumen found in brains of rats.  Blood-brain barrier was breached.  Blood proteins in brain can cause auto immune diseases: MS Dementia Premature aging Parkinson’s Indirect link to Alzheimer’s
  84. 84. Physical Effects of Use: Hepworth Study, (2006) British Medical Journal  Pulsed digital near field radiation.  86% had lifetime use of < 544 hours.  Increased risk of glioma primary brain tumors was 24%  Glioma: An aggressive & lethal type of tumor  The study risk level is likely to be underestimated
  85. 85. Physical Effects of Use: Hardell Study, (2006) Intl Journal of Oncology  Statistically significant increase in benign brain tumors- esp acoustic neuromas  Acoustic neroma is a signal tumor for other types of malignant & benign brain lesions  This was a dose response relationship  Greatest risk is for people exposed before the age of 21
  86. 86. Physical Effects of Use: Interphone, (2007) Intl Journal of Cancer  13 European countries  ~5000 people  Based on data from Denmark, Sweden, UK  Statistically significant increase in glioma brain cancer  10 year latency period
  87. 87. Physical Effects of Use: Danish Study, (2006) Journal of Am Med Assoc Analysis by Dr Geo Carlo, epidemiologist, lawyer, Former head of WTR  Study principals offered (1999) to conduct study for WTR with any results they desired  Who included? Using phone once/ week for 6 mos  Between 1982 & 1995 when $ rates were very high and when non-pulsed technology was in use  No consideration given as to how used, age, health  All existing research was dismissed as basis for design, so nothing was looked for that had been found in 20 other peer reviewed epidemiology studies  Inconsistent with Danish cancer statistics
  88. 88. Physical Effects of Use: Danish Study, (2006) Journal of Am Med Assoc Analysis by Dr Geo Carlo, epidemiologist, lawyer, Former head of WTR  People directly involved in this study are known to have falsified data in previous studies.  International Epidemiology Institute is industry funded  IEI funded the Danish Cancer Registry Study  National Cancer Institute backed up the study  NCI says cell phone cancer is a great myth  NCI scientists were paid to testify on behalf of the industry in a brain tumor law suit “When a single study finds proof that phones do not cause cancer, then you know the industry is behind it.” Carlo’s Site-
  89. 89. Physical Effects of Antennas: Studies on Rats  Oxidative Damage- Kidney (7/05, Arch of Med Research)  Oxidative Heart Impairment (10/05, Toxicology & Health)  Renal Impairment (8/05, Molecular Cellular Chemistry)  Renal Oxidative Stress (1/06, Molecular Cellular Chemistry)  Decreased Pre-bedtime Melatonin in Adults (2/06, Intl J Radiation Biology)
  90. 90. Health Effects Summary • Heating effects may be an issue in local body tissue, but….. • Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) are dangerous because of ELF modulation, not heating. • ICRW is dangerous at a very low power level
  91. 91. Cell Phone Technology: • Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) • Carrier frequency (clothesline)  700-900MHz for cell phones • Information – pulses (clothes)  217Hz • Modulation  8.34 and 2 Hz  Alpha & Delta Brain Waves
  92. 92. Recommended exposure levels for ICRW: Building Biology Sleeping Room Guidelines:  No Concern <0.1 µW/m2  Slight Concern 0.1 to 5  Severe Concern 5 to 100  Extreme Concern >100 FCC: 10,000,000 µW/m2 Russia: 10000 µW/m2
  93. 93. Recommended exposure levels for pulsed radiation: We could achieve these lower levels if we didn’t demand to use our cell phones everywhere, even inside concrete buildings.
  94. 94. Energy Density: Antennas & Phones: Distance Antenna Cell Phone 30 ft 200,000 µW/m2 5000 µW/m2 150 7500 200 300 300 8 3000 20 0.5 FCC: 10,000,000 • IBE: Ideal 0.1 • Extreme > 100
  95. 95. Wireless antennas:
  96. 96. Wireless antennas:
  97. 97. Multiple Handset Cordless Phones: Pulsed (digital) radiation 24 hrs/day
  98. 98. Siemens GigaSet 2420 (2.4 GHz): Location Power Density Office 33,800 µW/m2 Master BR 13,500 BR1 5,400 BR2 680 Living room 140 Family Room 45 Outside 9 BB Guideline: Extreme >100, Acceptable <0.1
  99. 99. Wireless Internet Connections Pulsed (digital) radiation 24 hrs/day
  100. 100. Wireless Internet Connection Relative to Base Station Distance from Unit Power, µW/m2 6.5 ft 500-700 16 ft 50-100 Relative to Laptop Computer Distance from Unit Power, µW/m2 8 inches 158,000 24 inches 3150 BB Guideline: Extreme > 100 Acceptable < 0.1
  101. 101. Microwave oven leakage: Distance Power Baubiology Guidelines: Ft Density (Non pulsed radiation) 44 40,000  Ideal <1 µW/m2  Accept 1 to 50 14.5 337,000 4 2,700,000 1 50,000,000
  102. 102. µW/m2 Microwave 1 ft 100,000,000 FCC Limit 10,000,000 (ANSI / IEEE C1-1992): 1,000,000 100,000 Laptop Wi-Fi, 8 in Cordless, Office 10,000 Cell Phone, 30 ft 1,000 100 Base, Wi-Fi, 7 ft 10 BB Extreme 1 BB Ideal 0.1 0.01 0.001
  103. 103. Summary: The odds are that the electromagnetic environment can have a significant impact on health & well being. Taking responsibility for your health requires you to take action to reduce exposure
  104. 104. What you can do: • Reduce usage of wireless phones (2 minute rule). • Use hands free device for all calls • Use external roof mounted antenna in car • Use land lines for majority of phone time • At home forward cell phone to land line and turn off • Keep your children off wireless phones • Remove multiple handset cordless phone system from your house • Remove wireless Internet connection from your house
  105. 105. Benefits of grounding with the Barefoot Bed Pad: Benefits of Earthing:  Relief from chronic inflammation  Relief from stress and muscle tension  Improved circulation  Relief from many degenerative diseases  Improved athletic performance  Restoration of normal biological rhythms  Improved mental & emotional balance  Autism symptomatic relief??(2 cases, anecdotal!)
  106. 106. Benefits of grounding with the Barefoot Bed Pad : Improved sleep including:  Fall asleep faster, less insomnia  Wake less often during the night  If you wake during the night, return to sleep more quickly and easily.  Wake up more rested.  Have more daytime energy from a better night’s sleep. 800-620-9912
  107. 107. Web Sites of Interest • • • • • Google: EMR Alliance •
  108. 108. Thank You for Listening Spread the Word The Body Electric Factors in Electrobiology: Electromagnetic Radiation & Health Larry Gust, Gust Environmental, Ventura, CA • 805-644-2008