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Nci Facebook Medicine 2.0 Lg Final


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Presentation at Medicine 2.0 about NCI\'s Facebook Strategy.

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Nci Facebook Medicine 2.0 Lg Final

  1. 1. Leveraging a ContactCenter for FacebookCommunity Management Lakshmi Grama, M.A., M.L.S Senior Digital Content Strategist Deborah Pearson, MPH Public Health Advisor National Cancer Institute
  2. 2. Outline• NCI’s Social media strategy• How Facebook fits in• Challenges of community management• Leveraging NCI’s Cancer Information Service in support of community management
  3. 3. National Cancer Institute• Part of the National Institutes of Health• Nation’s premier cancer research agency• Legislative mandate to communicate the results of research
  4. 4. NCI’s Communications Strategy• Reach the cancer community wherever they are, via the channels that they choose, with information that is reliable, accurate, and appropriate – Web – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – LinkedIn
  5. 5. Goals for NCI’s Engagement with the Facebook Community• Reach out to those who may want to know about how cancer research is progressing• Support patients, family members, caregivers who may have questions about different aspects of cancer• Enhance public trust in the science that we fund and support
  6. 6. Challenges in Facebook Community Management• Personal questions about cancer and its treatment – privacy issues• Activists who may “hijack” the conversation• People selling “cures”• Timeliness of response• Resources required to do this
  7. 7. NCI’s Cancer Information Service 1-800-4-CANCER
  8. 8. Our Community Management Playbook• Post messages/content that is timely, educational, helpful• Have a clear comment policy• Monitor posts carefully• Be responsive• Allow people to express their opinions even if they are critical of us and our research• Weigh in with evidence-based information even on controversial issues but don’t carry on a dialog that will go nowhere
  9. 9. Question about HPV Vaccines
  10. 10. Care for a Child with Cancer
  11. 11. Commemorating Health Observances
  12. 12. Questions About Funding
  13. 13. Challenging Issues• Dr. Burzynski video campaign• XMRV study
  14. 14. Antineoplastons and Dr. Burzynski
  15. 15. Some Metrics• 8,100 Friends/Fans for English and Spanish pages combined• For English, 60% are from the US• For Spanish, majority are from outside the US• More clicks than likes, fewer comments• Majority of referrals from social media sites to Web site are from Facebook
  16. 16. Feedback that Makes our Day
  17. 17. In Spanish As Well
  18. 18. Thank you Lakshmi Grama Deborah Pearson deborah.pearson@nih.gov