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Key concept media language


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Section 1B

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Key concept media language

  1. 1. Aims/ objectives •To reinforce the basic media language that create meaning in texts •To have a basic understanding of how to evaluate your coursework against the media language that you use.
  2. 2. Key terminology for media language Theorists: Roland Barthes (semiotics) Stuart Hall Denotation Connotation Signifier Signified Micro Macro
  3. 3. Importance of media language • Every medium has its own ‘language’ it uses to communicate meaning. (TV, FILM, Music Video, magazines) • We call these ‘languages’ because they use familiar codes and conventions that are generally understood. • Music video has its own creative language (eg bling, fast cars, attractive ladies...the language of RnB)
  4. 4. Denotation/ connotation John Fiske (1982) “Denotation is what is filmed, connotation is how it’s filmed” Denotation and connotation are terms describing the relationship between signifier and signified.
  5. 5. Roland Barthes (you know him well) Barthes theory of SEMIOTICS. Meaning of a text is created through the SIGNIFIER and the SIGNIFIED
  6. 6. Micro (signifier) to the macro (signified) Evaluating media language is an evaluation of all micro elements and how they have created meaning to inform us about genre, narrative, representations, ideology and targeting of audiences. Important When you evaluate your product you have to say whether you conform to or challenge the dominant (preferred) reading/ ideology. (Stuart Hall...remember?)
  7. 7. Digipak and advert Micro (signifiers) Images Colour Fonts Language Props Macro (signified) Genre Representation Ideology How do colours, font, images, language, composition all create MEANINGS (genre, representation etc)
  8. 8. Micro to the macro: Digipak and advert In your music video group, annotate the paper copy of your digipak and advert to show how you use the MICRO (signifiers) to create the MACRO (meaning) Have you conformed to or challenged the dominant reading?
  9. 9. The micro into the macro AS- Music magazine Use of language to create meaning “Best underage club” “Non-alcoholic cocktail” Codes and conventions of page layout and design Genre of magazine (does it conform or challenge?) Use of images/ font/ colours to create meaning How does your music magazine use micro elements to create meaning? Do you conform or challenge the dominant reading?
  10. 10. Lesson 2: Micro to macro: music video Micro elements Mise-en-scene (location, characters, props, costume and makeup, lighting) Camerawork (camera angles, movements, composition Editing (how is your video cut/ put together to create meaning?) Sound
  11. 11. Editing Black and white... Meaning....? Location...? Meaning...? Micro (Signifier)Red Coat Macro (Signified)power/ freedom/ strength Facial expressions...body language..? Meaning?
  12. 12. Make notes/ find examples for each of the micro elements and explain how they create meaning for the genre, representation, ideology MICRO LOCATION/ SETTINGS CHARACTER LIGHTING AND COLOUR CAMERAWORK •CAMERA ANGLES •CAMERA MOVEMENTS •CAMERA COMPOSITION EDITING (continuity and non continutiy) SOUND MACRO
  13. 13. Lesson 3: Andrew Goodwin Another theorist you can use when you write about the concept MEDIA LANGUAGE is ANDREW GOODWIN. Remember him? Look him up on your blog....
  14. 14. Example question for MEDIA LANGUAGE “Media is communication.” Discuss the ways you have used media language to create meanings in one of your media products.
  15. 15. Essay plan 1. What is media language? What product are you going to discuss? 2. Barthes (semiotics/ signifiers/ signifed/ micro/ macro) Show you understand the theory then apply the theory to examples from your MV/ D/ A. 3. Andrew Goodwin- show you understand...apply the theory to your MV/D/A. 4. Conclusion
  16. 16. Plan for this essay 1. Intro- Which media product are you writing about? Video, digipak and advert) What are you going to show? 2. What is media language? Theorist Barthes semioticssignifier/ signified...micro to macro. Stuart Hall’s ‘preferred readings’ 3. How is media language used to create meaning in your digipak and advert? Have you conformed to or do you challenge the dominant reading? 4. How is media language used to create meaning in your music video? 5. Conclusion.