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Key concept genre


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Key concept genre

  1. 1. Aims/ objectives • To introduce the concept of genre theory and key genre theorists. •To have a basic understanding of how to evaluate your coursework against genre theory
  2. 2. Which theories should I use? 1. Rick Altman 2. Steve Neale 3. David Buckingham First though we need to learn about their theories!
  3. 3. Key terminology for GENRE • Theorists: Steve Neale, Rick Altman, David Buckingham • Codes and conventions • Recognisable characteristics • Semantic • Syntactic • Hybrid/ hybridity
  4. 4. ‘Analyse one of your coursework productions in relation to GENRE’ What do you already know about the key concept GENRE? • Genre means ‘type’/’form’ • Genres have a set of codes and conventions • They change over time to reflect changes in society and attitudes • They can be a mix of genres....hybrid
  5. 5. How do you answer this question? 1. You need to show you understand what GENRE means. 2. You have to apply theories of genre to your answer. 3. You have to analyse ONE of your courseworks. MUSIC VIDEO. 4. The best way to do this is to take a step back from your video....a ‘critical distance’
  6. 6. What is genre? • ‘Genre’ is a critical tool that helps us study texts and audience responses to texts by dividing them into categories based on common elements. • The word genre comes from the French (and originally Latin) word for ‘type’ • It refers to a distinctive ‘type’ of media text (music video)
  7. 7. Why is genre important to...? 1. The PRODUCER of the music video? • Genre is a template for what they are making 2. The DISTRIBUTOR of the music video? • Genre provides assumptions about who the audience is and how to market the music videos for that specific audience. 3. The AUDIENCE of the music video? • They know what to expect from the video.
  8. 8. All genres have a set of codes and conventions/ recognisable characteristics This means they are divided up into more specific categories that allow audiences to identify them specifically by their familiar and what become recognisable characteristics. 1. Typical mise-en-scene/ visual style (iconography, props, locations, costume, shot types, camera angles, special effects). 2. Typical types of narrative (plot) 3. Typical characters (do typical male/ female roles exist?) 4. Typical editing style 5. Typical sound design
  9. 9. Task: Q. What is your genre of music video? Q. In your group, using the 5 ‘typicals’ from the previous slide, write down as many familiar and recognisable characteristics of that genre that you can think of. Q. Now make a list of examples from your music video that match the recognisable characteristics of a real music video of your genre.
  10. 10. Now let’s apply a theory Rick Altman said: “Genres are usually defined in terms of either certain signs (semantic) or certain plots and themes (syntactic)” SO....a Pop video Semantic(signs/ objects) Flowers Candyfloss Syntactic (themes) being in love Make a list of the semantic and syntactic elements of your music video.
  11. 11. These recognisable codes and characteristics change over time. Steve Neale argues that: “genres are instances of repetition and difference” He adds that “difference is absolutely essential to the economy of genre: mere repetition would not attract an audience.” (1980) Task: In your group, go back to your list of recognisable characteristics. Now add what is DIFFERENT about your music video.
  12. 12. Genres are not fixed. They constantly change and evolve over time. Over the years genres develop and change as the wider society that produce them also changes. This process is known as GENERIC TRANSFORMATION. David Buckingham (1993) argues that: ‘genre is not ...simply ‘given’ by the culture: rather, it is in a constant state of negotiation and change.’ As genres change over time we end up with many sub genres or HYBRID/ HYBRIDITY of genres....this means two or more genres together.
  13. 13. Review theorists 1. What did Rick Altman say....? 2. What did Steve Neale say...? 3. What did David Buckingham say...?
  14. 14. Review: What do you know about genre and how can you apply theories? 1. What is genre? 2. Why is genre important or media texts? 3. How can your music video be applied to your genre (examples) (recognisable codes and conventions) What theory can you relate this to? 4. Are genres fixed? (Theory?) How does your music video challenge/ subvert traditional ideas about genre? (examples)
  15. 15. A good essay structure 1. Which project are you going to write about? Briefly describe it. 2. What are some of the key features of the concept you are being asked to apply (genre) Briefly outline 2 of the written theories. 3. Start to apply the concept (genre), making close reference to your music video to show how genre is evident in it. 4. Try to show ways in which ideas work in relation to your music video but also ways those ideas might not apply/ could be challenged. 5. Conclusion