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Intro to representations


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Published in: Education
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Intro to representations

  1. 1. G321: Key Media concepts • The exam is in May • It is 2 hours long • It is 50% of your overall grade • There are 2 sections (A and B) • Section A is called TV Drama • Section B is called Audiences and Institutions • You will study Section A in my lessons from now until December 2014.
  2. 2. Media dictionary • In front of you, you have a media dictionary, a book and a folder. Write the following on them: – Your Name – Media Studies: TV Drama – Miss Goodhew
  3. 3. TV Drama Task: Write a list of as many TV Dramas you can think of… You have 1 minute! Tip: Think box sets!
  4. 4. Exam question You will watch a clip 4 times writing notes and then answer a question which is a bit like the following: Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs the representation of ???
  5. 5. What could the ??? be? • We are talking about representations of types of people and so they could ask you a question on ... ... Gender. ... Age. ... Sexuality. ... Regional Identity. ... Ethnicity. ... Disability. ... Class and Status
  6. 6. Technical areas – Camera shots and angles. – Camera movements. – Composition. – Editing. – Mise-en-scene. – Sound.
  7. 7. What are you marked on? • Explanation / Analysis / Argument – do you have an opinion on the representation created and are you giving a clear explanation behind your opinion? • Use of examples – are you backing up your opinions with specific examples from the text? • Use of terminology – are you using the terminology we are going to learn in terms of cinematography?
  8. 8. So ... As I said ... The representations are ... • Gender • Age • Sexuality • Ethnicity • Regional Identity • Disability • Class and Status
  9. 9. What do I mean by representation? The construction of an idea/ image
  10. 10. What do I mean by stereotypes and counter-stereotypes? Societal expectations of that group…so do they conform to the stereotype or challenge it???
  11. 11. Stereotype/ counter stereotype Counterstereotype: Age Stereotype: Age Counterstereotype: Gender Stereotype: Gender
  12. 12. So what are the stereotypes and counter-stereotypes of each representation?
  13. 13. Let’s do one together ... Sexuality What is a stereotypical homosexual male? Say what you think ... This isn’t about being homophobic, its a STEREOTYPE!
  14. 14. Stereotypical Homosexual Male ...
  15. 15. Let’s do one together ... Sexuality What is a counter- stereotypical homosexual male?
  16. 16. Task: Complete the representation section in your media dictionary.