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Fight club past exam questions


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Fight club past exam questions

  1. 1. Section C: Fight club- past exam questions 1. What does your chosen film reveal about the usefulness of one or more critical approaches you have applied? 2. Consider debates that have arisen in the critical reception of your chosen film, either at the time of its initial release or now or both. 3. 'Despite the gesture of destroying symbols of corporate power at the end, Fight Club is a filmabout power and control, not liberation.' How far do you agree? 4. How far has an awareness of the filmmaker as auteur influenced your response to your chosen film? 5. How far has particular writing by critics been important in developing your understanding and appreciation of your chosen film? 6. As a result of your close critical study, to what extent does Fight Club become either a more or a less complex film? 7. How useful have you found a particular film critical approach, such as an auteur or genre approach, in gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of your chosen film? 8. With reference to critical and review writing you have considered as part of your study, discuss how your ideas on your chosen filmhave developed. 9. How far does Fight Club rely on typical narrative and stylistic conventions of Hollywood mainstream cinema and how far does it break from these? 10. Explore how far the application of a particular critical approach has either reinforced or challenged your first impressions of your close study film. 11. How far have the opinions of reviewers and critics informed your thinking about your close study film’s messages and values? 12. ‘Fight Club is a thrill-ride masquerading as philosophy.’ (Roger Ebert) How far do you agree with this statement?