Catla 2013 atla scholarship application


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Catla 2013 atla scholarship application

  1. 1. 2013 CATLA ATLA Scholarship ApplicationScholarship Coverage: CATLA is offering one scholarship to encourage librarians to attend an ATLAAnnual Conference for the first time. The scholarship covers the cost of conference registration and allother legitimate conference-related expenses up to $1000. The scholarship winner will be expected toreport back to the CATLA membership following the conference.Eligibility: A successful applicant must be either an employee of a CATLA member institution in goodstanding or an individual CATLA member in good standing. In addition, the applicant must have either anaccredited MLS or demonstrated commitment to the library profession through courses or workexperience. Current CATLA Board members are not eligible for the scholarship.Application should be postmarked or sent by email as an attachment no later than February 28th.Please send to: Or: Matt Ostercamp CATLA Secretary Brandel Library, North Park University 3225 West Foster Avenue Chicago, IL 60625-4895._________________________________________________ ___________________Applicant’s Name DateI am:  a student  a librarian  a part time worker  a full time workerPlace of employment (or school name and degree program if a full time student): _______________________________________________________________________ Institution _______________________________________________________________________ Library, Department, or Degree Program _______________________________________________________________________ Street Address City, State, Zip _______________________________________________________________________ Job titleIf you have a library degree, please note the date you received it and the granting institution:___________________________________________________________________Degree Date InstitutionMy employer  does  does not provide financial assistance to attend ATLA conferences.
  2. 2. What do you hope to gain from attending an ATLA conference?Why is this scholarship necessary to help you attend?(Preference will be given to applicants with a genuine need for financial assistance)What accomplishments either at work or school can be used to demonstrate your interest in librarianship?This scholarship is intended is intended for someone who has not attended an ATLA conference before.By signing this form, you are confirming that you have not previously attended an ATLA conference:___________________________________________________________________________Signature DatePlease review the application with your supervisor and have him/her sign below.As supervisor of the applicant, I am committed to supporting the above applicant in his/her desire toattend the ATLA Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC this year. This includes providing the time awayfrom work in order to attend the conference.___________________________________________________________________________Supervisor’s Signature Date___________________________________________________________________________Supervisor’s Name Printed Title