Creating High Performing Teams in an Agile Context


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Great individuals are important but not enough (having bunch of great individuals in a group does not make a team). Cross Functional teams are important but not enough. Great company vision is important but not enough. Great technical best practices like a good CI environment is good, but not enough either.

In my presentation I will show you when having cross-functional teams is not enough anymore. There are several aspects that need to be considered in order to create High Performing Teams. I will explain the right way to assemble teams, and how to create the team vision that fosters growth and keeps them on track. I will also explain the different phases of a team and how they relate to scrum practices, i.e. when you teach what and when, and last but not least…how to help teams to spread knowledge amongst themselves.

Do you want to know how all of these and other small pieces come together in order to create High Performing Teams? Come and see my talk "How to Create High Performing teams".

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  • “How many of you actually have a team that can release software development”
  • How many scrum masters do you know that were Project managers and they did not have much training to change to Scrum Master
  • How many of you work in the company that management says that everyone is selfempowered but basically they cannot even approve their own holidazs
  • Society for Human Resources Management
  • Aon Consulting and Society of Human Resources management
  • Talk about Retrospective
  • Creating High Performing Teams in an Agile Context

    1. 1. MakingYour Company Strong, Agile and Lean
    2. 2. Luis Gonçalves @lgoncalves1979 Esther Derby Foreword
    3. 3. High PerformingTeams in an Agile Context
    4. 4. Break Silos – Cross Functional teams
    5. 5. Servant Leader
    6. 6. Self EmpoweredTeams
    7. 7. BestTechnical Practices Unit Testing Refactoring BDD Code Review ATDD CI TDD Pair Programming Design Patterns
    8. 8. FantasticTeam Members
    9. 9. Petr is great but… I am Portuguese :P
    10. 10. Is this enough to create an ATeam?
    11. 11. Fundamental…
    12. 12. But not enough…
    13. 13. We are just in the beginning…
    14. 14. Let me tell you a story
    15. 15. Purpose
    16. 16. Autonomy
    17. 17. Mastery
    18. 18. Let me tell you another story
    19. 19. 82% An Industry week survey showed: of the respondents said that their performance reviews were not effective “Ratee Preferences Concerning Performance Management andAppraisal.” Human Resource Development Quarterly,Vol. 8, pp. 315–33.
    20. 20. Society for Human Resources Management of performance reviews systems are not successful
    21. 21. of H.R professionals said they were very unsatisfied with their performance management systems Aon Consulting and the Society of Human Resources Management
    22. 22. The worst is still to come…
    23. 23. Performance Appraisals are incompatible with Agile Mind Set AgileThinking Performance Appraisals Empower People Forced Process CollaborativeTeams Individual Accountability Unleash Intrinsic Motivation Motivate with Incentives Respect Diversity One size fit all Emerging Structures Controlling structures Just inTime Annual event Approach Improve Process Rely on Inspections/MBO Improve the whole system Improve the parts Coens,Tom; Jenkins, Mary (2002-10-12). Abolishing Performance Appraisals
    24. 24. Get Rid of Performance Appraisals
    25. 25. Get rid of monetary incentives
    26. 26. Vision “Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes does not mean he lacks vision” Stevie Wonder
    27. 27. Values Trust Responsive Purpose FocusTransparency Creative Communication Quality Driven Mastery Respect TEAMWORK Supportive Courage Learning
    28. 28. Collaborative Intention
    29. 29. Truthfulness
    30. 30. Self Accountability
    31. 31. Self Awareness and Awareness of Others
    32. 32. Working Agreements
    33. 33. Problem Solving
    34. 34. Continuous Improvement
    35. 35. How does it come together…
    36. 36. Road Map for High Performance
    37. 37. Press Release
    38. 38. Vision… by every check in
    39. 39. CoreValues
    40. 40. Focus Commitment Courage OpennessRespect Vision… by every check in
    41. 41. Guiding Principles
    42. 42. Focus Commitment Courage OpennessRespect Collaborative Intention Truthfulness SelfAccountability SelfAwareness and Awareness of Others Problem Solving and Negotiation Nothing is impossible Keep always a Green Build Learning newThings We improve continuously Vision… by every check in
    43. 43. Get a copy for yourself…
    44. 44. References
    45. 45. Thank you