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Women’s Global Connection 2012


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The annual Women's Global Connection Cross Cultural Forum

Published in: Technology, Education
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Women’s Global Connection 2012

  1. 1. Locally and Globally Towards The Future
  2. 2. eSamaritan www.esamaritan.net #Local2Global
  3. 3. Big Idea: Change the world from your dorm• The world of Crowd Giving• Vote with your money• Outside the box• You don’t have to be Bill Gates – Fundraising
  4. 4. CrowdGiving• Make a micro-loan, fund a college student, or help a teacher…..• $10 - $25 is all it takes
  5. 5. Vote with your Money• In a consumer society, consume responsibly• TOMS Shoes is the model, but it is only the beginning
  6. 6. Outside the box• Local to Global Travel – Give while you’re at it• Find out about other causes for $5/month
  7. 7. You don’t have to be Bill Gates• Social Media Fundraising – Give your birthday away• Crowdfunding – Kickstarter