Bioethics Uvt2008

Lecturer at UC Santa Cruz
Feb. 19, 2008

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Bioethics Uvt2008

  1. Dr. Jeanann Boyce Professor of Computer Science and Business Montgomery College, Takoma Park Campus Bioethics and Technology: A Look at the Present and the Future
  2. Part 1: Current Issues in Biotechnology: The Three Faces of AI
  3. Disembodied and Distributed Intelligence: The Web as Neural Network
  4. 3. Technogenics – Human/machine interfaces
  5. Yorick cont’d
  6. Alas, More Yorick Hip Joint Pacemakers
  7. BioChips Implantable computer or organic chips that can monitor, control, provide feedback on different body functions, including neural activities
  8. Tissue Engineering (cont’d)
  9. Transgenics and Genetic Manipulation
  10. Disembodied Tissues
  11. Current Developments with Chimeras
  12. Flying Pigs?
  13. Chococeuticals
  14. What Does It Mean to Be Human?
  15. As different forms of Artificial Intelligence* in the technical environment emerge, the courts must determine where these creations fall on the continuum of personhood. * Including transgenic humanoids?
  16. For the future: Expect intense cross-disciplinary debate, discussion, as new intelligent life is created through biotechnology .
  17. For the Future???