Go on UK slides Superfast Surrey Launch Event, 21 feb 2013


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Go on UK slides presented by Clive Richardson (Director of Public Affairs and Research) at the Superfast Surrey launch event on 21st Feb 2013.

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Go on UK slides Superfast Surrey Launch Event, 21 feb 2013

  1. 1. Clive Richardsonclive@go-on.co.uk @Go_ON_UK @cliverchrdsn
  2. 2. Who we are
  3. 3. Infrastructure• Over three quarters of adults have access to some form of broadband• 18.8 million residential broadband connections• 8% of residential broadband connections are superfast• Average broadband speed is 9.0Mbit/s
  4. 4. Services• Nearly four fifths of UK internet users had ordered goods and services online - highest in Europe• Over a quarter of internet users watch TV online every week - highest proportion internationally• 113m visits to retail websites on Boxing Day
  5. 5. Usage - individuals• 15% of adult population - 7.4 million people - never been online• Only 44% of those aged over 65 have ever been online• A third of all disabled adults have never used the internet• 16 million people lack basic online skills
  6. 6. User map High Literacy Users (Hi Tech Influencers, Eager Enthusiasts and Aged 18-54, ABC1. Slight male skew. Very high user - highly competent and generally tech-savvy. Access the internet on numerous devices and have multiple devices Traditional Followers*) in the home. Undertaken over 20 online tasks asked about. Use on average 3 devices to access the internet 29%/14.8m Medium Literacy Users 79% Users = (Trend-setting Wannabees, Functional Users Spread of SEG but largely ABC1. Accomplish between 40.6m and Willing Worriers*) 16-18 online tasks asked about. Use on average 2 devices to access the internet 32%/16.5m Narrow Users 55+, spread of SEG. Slight female skew. Light users and low confidence. Access the internet on 1 device (Concerned Resistors*) and do an average of 8.5 tasks asked about. Rely on 18%/9.3m others and courses for help. UK Adult (15+) Population = 51.4m Source: ONS Potential Users Estimated 11-15%/ 5.5-7m** Consists of Lapsed/Proxy/Interested 3 sub-groups: 21% Non-users = -Active Considerers – need support 65+ (51%). C2DE (71%). Female skew. 50% 10.8m have no formal education. Half of everyone who is offline lives in -Willing But Constrained – Social housing. High proportion of registered Economic/Infrastructure/Social Context disabled. Less likely to live in a Metropolitan area. -Willing But Constrained - Disability Active Resistors Estimated 6-10%/ 3-5.3m***Original segmentation source: BBC ‘Understanding Digital Capabilities’, July 2012.**Based on combination of sources including BBC, Communications Consumer Panel, 2012 and UK online centresUK Adult population refers to the 15+ population (as used in BBC research) – ONS population estimate for 15+ = 51.4m
  7. 7. Usage - SMEs• Half of consumers expect to buy online• One third of SMEs don’t have a website• A fifth don’t think the internet is important to their business
  8. 8. SME map 1. Shooting Stars Most advanced group. Do higher level business tasks online and also have a website with 28%/1.34m advanced functionality Private Sector Businesses = 4.8m 2. Emerging Advocates Do higher level business tasks online or have a Source: BPE 17%/814K website with advanced functionality, but not bothPrivate Sector SME Businesses 3. Static Surfers Do moderate or high level business tasks online, 17%/814K but have no website = 4.79m 4. Enthusiastic Chasers Do moderate or low level business tasks online 17%/814K and have a basic website Those either not online at all, or who use it for 5. Deliberate Disconnected basic tasks only 20%/958KSources: Business Population Estimates (BIS) 2012*Lloyds/Go ON UK “Maximising Online Engagement with SMEs and Charities”, Sept 2012
  9. 9. Basic online skills• Communicate• Find things• Share information• Keep safe• For businesses - transact
  10. 10. Clive Richardsonclive@go-on.co.uk @Go_ON_UK @cliverchrdsn