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Game-Based Learning With The iPod Touch


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The iPod Touch is an incredible tool in the classroom in the hands of our digital learners. Game-based learning is an up-and-coming area of interest in education. What if those two met?

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Game-Based Learning With The iPod Touch

  1. 1. A World of Gaming and Learning in My Hand <ul><li>Game-based Learning with the iPod Touch </li></ul>
  2. 2. Lucas Gillispie Instructional Technology Coordinator Pender County Schools On Twitter - @PCSTech With thanks to... Craig Lawson Cape Fear Middle On Twitter - @midlawsondle
  3. 3. Resources Are Located At:
  4. 4. Do You Have Your “Teacher Glasses” On?
  5. 5. Let’s Talk Trends...
  6. 6. ENIAC 1946 50,000 floating operations/sec $6 million (inflation adjusted) 28 tons iPod Touch 4G 2010 33,900,000 floating operations/sec $205 4.1 ounces
  7. 7. Which One Fits In Your Pocket?
  8. 8. Your Students Probably Already Know How To Use Them
  9. 9. 45 Million Sold
  10. 10. The Computer Lab Is Going Away
  11. 11. “ If I Can Google It, Why Do I Need You To Tell Me?”
  12. 12. Apps: A New Way To Get Software
  13. 13. Video Games Have Changed… Did You Notice?
  14. 14. Video Games Then
  15. 15. Video Games Today
  16. 16. Compare This Interface…
  17. 17. … To This One.
  18. 18. “ ...the designers of many good games have hit on profoundly good methods of getting people to learn and to enjoy learning .” -James Paul Gee, University of Madison Wisconsin
  19. 19. Learning works best when new challenges are “ pleasantly frustrating ” in the sense of being felt by learners to be at the outer edge of, but within their “regime of competence”. That is, these challenges feel hard, but doable . (Gee, 2007, p. 36).
  20. 21. OK, Let's Play! <ul><li>Hands-On Time </li></ul>
  21. 22. The Basics: A Tour
  22. 23. Front-Facing Camera Volume Control Home Button Sleep/Reset
  23. 24. Rear-Facing Camera Headphone Jack Microphone Speaker 30-pin Dock
  24. 25. Essential Skills Copy/Paste Saving Pictures Screenshots Pinch and Zoom
  25. 26. Osmos
  26. 27. Osmos Curricular Connections: Newton’s 3rd Law Inertia/Momentum Planetary Motion/Orbit Loose Connection to Cellular Biology
  27. 28. SIMS 3: World Adventures
  28. 29. SIMS 3: World Adventures Curricular Connections: Language Arts: Reading and Writing Life Skills Digital Storytelling Literature Connections
  29. 30. “ Connar was a young man who lived in the heart of Sim City. He lives alone, but he is happy with his life.”
  30. 31. Digital Storytelling With Comics SIMS 3 Strip Designer
  31. 32. Civilization Revolution
  32. 33. Civilization Revolution Curricular Connections: World History Critical Thinking - Historical Scenarios and What If? Vocabulary Building (w/ Context!) Writing!
  33. 34. Civilization Revolution “ What? Gandhi’s archers just slaughtered my guys!” “ We are researching Eli Whitney in one of my other classes, and he just appeared in one of my cities!” “ Abe’s not honest. He promised me peace!”
  34. 35. “ The Greeks attack my village, my people, and my pride. My people are kidnapped. The Greeks offered to return them for gold; however, I do not have the quantity of gold they require for the safe return of my people.” “ It is amazing how reliant people are on violence...” “ For the most part, Elizabeth was a queen who wanted peace. Caesar on the other hand loved to fight and dominate.” “ Today, I established the great city of Rome. I then got a visit from Alexander the Great, and he told me of a barbarian village that was plotting to destroy my small city.”
  35. 36. Word Fu Spore Origins
  36. 37. Play A Game, Tell A Story
  37. 38. Strip Designer
  38. 39. Management Tips
  39. 40. Check-In and Check-Out
  40. 41. Always On The Desk
  41. 42. Facedown for Attention
  42. 43. Security: Lock Them Up!
  43. 44. The Cart
  44. 45. Questions?
  45. 46. Resources