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Digital Storytelling with Strip Design for iPad/iPod


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This is a presentation I used for a workshop on using Strip Designer for digital storytelling in the elementary classroom.

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Digital Storytelling with Strip Design for iPad/iPod

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling wi! iPads and iPod T"ches
  2. 2. What is digital storytelling?"Digital storytelling takesthe ancient art of oralstorytelling and engages apalette of technical tools toweave personal tales usingimages, graphics, music,and sound mixed with theauthors own story voice."-Bernajean Porter.
  3. 3. Why Digital Storytelling?Opportunity forauthentic learning.Active and engaging.Higher-order thinkingrequired.
  4. 4. Why Digital Storytelling?Easy to sharestudent workwith a global audience!
  5. 5. An Amazing Storytelling Tool Portable Voice, images, (video on 4th gen.) Simple
  6. 6. Strip Designer
  7. 7. Lets Get Started!
  8. 8. 1. Choose Your Story Subject
  9. 9. 2. What Story Do I Need To Tell?
  10. 10. 3. Gather Relevant Images
  11. 11. Screenshots and Saved Images This is a good opportunity to teach students to cite sources.
  12. 12. Start a"New Strip"
  13. 13. Choose Your Layout
  14. 14. Your tools are here.
  15. 15. Multiple Pages can be added. Page options are here.
  16. 16. Add text, stickers,and more with the "Add" button.
  17. 17. Tap inside a cell toadd an image thenselect your source.
  18. 18. Choose yourformat and email it to your teacher! (JPEG works best for web.)
  19. 19. Enter teachers email address.Student name and story title in subject line.
  20. 20. Then, share their stories with the world!
  21. 21. There are many other tools as well!
  22. 22. Digital-Storytelling Resources Check out these resources: http://www.digitales.us Workshop inspired by Tony Vincents Podcast: