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Leading from Within...The Journey & Path


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Leading from Within...The Journey & Path

  1. 1. Leading From Within… The Journey & Path Laura Deaton
  2. 2. Leading From Within Laura Deaton | Page #2
  3. 3. Leading From WithinLeadership Attributes – Universally Disliked Laura Deaton | Page #3
  4. 4. Leading From Within How These Manifest Themselves In Groups Blocker/resister  Seeking sympathy Aggression  Super critical Competing  Withdrawing Attention seeking  Confession of personal information “Special”  Personal agenda treatment  Joker/clown Dominator Laura Deaton | Page #4
  5. 5. Leading From Within…the ability to influence, CP/Nina Longmotivate, and empower others Laura Deaton | Page #5
  6. 6. Leading From WithinMilitary Social PoliticalSpiritual Business Thought Essential Leadership Qualities Laura Deaton | Page #6
  7. 7. Leading From WithinLeadership Attributes – Universally Liked Laura Deaton | Page #7
  8. 8. Leading From WithinHow These Manifest Themselves in Groups  Information or  Harmonizer or opinion seeker Mediator  Information or  Compromiser opinion giver  Supporter  Clarifier  Encourager  Idea initiator  Listener  Elaborator  Summarizer  Introducer  Evaluator Laura Deaton | Page #8
  9. 9. Leading From Within Maxwell’s Twenty-One Key Leadership Qualities:Character Discernment Problem-solvingCharisma Focus RelationshipsCommitment Generosity ResponsibilityCommunication Initiative SecurityCompetence Listening Self-disciplineCourage Passion Servanthood Positive Attitude Teachability Vision Laura Deaton | Page #9
  10. 10. Leading From Within Matrix of Strategic Roles Insider OutsiderFront Seat Champion Activist Inner Circle Outsider Leader Fierce in Supporting Change Commitment to Vision Commitment to Position Change Agent Zealous AdvocateBack Seat Consultant Messenger Inner Circle Outsider Advisor & Coach May bring good or bad news Commitment to Mission & Neutral about Mission/Vision Vision Disengaged Works with powers-that-be First to tell all, even dirty Collaborator laundryTrunk Follower Resister Inner Circle Outsider “Good Indian” Always fights change Commitment to Leader Commitment to Status Quo Laura Deaton | Page #10
  11. 11. Leading From Within“No institution can possibly survive if itneeds geniuses or supermen to manage it.It must be organized in such a way as tobe able to get along under a leadershipcomposed of average human beings.” Peter Drucker Laura Deaton | Page #11
  12. 12. Leading From WithinHow Simple Is it? Laura Deaton | Page #12
  13. 13. Leading From WithinChampions & Consultants Ethics Vision Humility Communication People-Building Legacy Laura Deaton | Page #13
  14. 14. Leading From Within Ethics “Nearly all men can stand the test of adversity, but if you really want to test a man’s character, give him power.” -- A. Lincoln“Leadership is a combination ofstrategy and character. If you must bewithout one, be without the strategy.”--N. Schwarzkopf Laura Deaton | Page #14
  15. 15. Leading From Within “We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” --J.F. Kennedy“Leaders are visionaries with a poorlydeveloped sense of fear and no concept of theodds against them.”--R. Jarvik VISION Laura Deaton | Page #15
  16. 16. Leading From WithinVisionary Leadership Create and articulate a realistic, credible, attractive vision Skills: Explaining Expressing Extending Laura Deaton | Page #16
  17. 17. Leading From WithinVisionary Leadership: Kouzes & Posner Challenging the Process Inspiring a Shared Vision Enabling Others to Act Modeling the Way Encouraging the Heart Laura Deaton | Page #17
  18. 18. Leading From Within Humility Willingness to learn (and be wrong) Teamwork & utilizing skills of others Open-minded; values the “devil’s advocate” Recognizes the mission is more important than the leader“The best leaders I’ve known are not self-promoters.While they are comfortable with power and authority,they do not abuse their position, or emphasize theperquisites of their office, or use their status todistance themselves from others.”--Pete Stark Laura Deaton | Page #18
  19. 19. Leading From Within “Communication” “The exchange of ideas, opinions and information” The Communicative Leader Positively represents and articulates Communicates effectively in all directions Distills ideas into messages that inspire Accurate and persuasive Includes all who “need to know” Understands importance of non-verbal Inquiry before Advocacy Laura Deaton | Page #19
  20. 20. Leading From WithinPeople-Building & Partnering  Building up others, recognizing achievements, and providing people with opportunities for growth and development  Saying “thank you” and recognizing accomplishments  Identifying and utilizing the skills of others  Don’t put up brick walls…tear them down  Eliminate the words “not my job” from your vocabulary Laura Deaton | Page #20
  21. 21. Leading From WithinLegacy Laura Deaton | Page #21
  22. 22. Leading From WithinHow Simple Is it? Laura Deaton | Page #22
  23. 23. Leading From WithinIt Can Become Habit-Forming to Lead! Laura Deaton | Page #23
  24. 24. Leading From Within1. Let go of things others can do. Tasks and responsibilities Authority Cans & Wants Build through Involvement Laura Deaton | Page #24
  25. 25. Leading From Within2. Encourage initiative, ideas, and risk taking. Laura Deaton | Page #25
  26. 26. Leading From Within3. Foster goal-setting. Laura Deaton | Page #26
  27. 27. Leading From Within4. Ask for help when you need it. Laura Deaton | Page #27
  28. 28. Leading From Within5. Coach to ensure success. Laura Deaton | Page #28
  29. 29. Leading From Within6. Reinforce good work and good attempts. Laura Deaton | Page #29
  30. 30. Leading From Within7. Share information, knowledge, and skills. Laura Deaton | Page #30
  31. 31. Leading From Within8. Value, trust, and respect each individual. Laura Deaton | Page #31
  32. 32. Leading From Within9. Provide support without taking over. Laura Deaton | Page #32
  33. 33. Leading From Within10. Practice what you preach. Laura Deaton | Page #33
  34. 34. Leading From Within Laura Deaton | Page #34
  35. 35. Leading From WithinSmall Group Work Followed by Wrap Up and Q & A Laura Deaton | Page #35
  36. 36. Leading From WithinLaura DeatonFull Glass Laura Deaton | Page #36