Mind Without Borders


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Any individual who starts as an owner, or as member of the management team of a company, should focus to achieve a sustainable advantage. The advantage is essential for sustainable value creation, so that cash flows are reliable over long periods of time.

The creation of a sustainable advantage requires mastery of subjects of entrepreneurship, leadership and management.

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Mind Without Borders

  1. 1. “Mind Without Borders”www.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 1
  2. 2. “Mind Without Borders” IndexLegalChapter 1Success and Happiness - How to get in lifeChapter 2Creating success and happiness through a positive mentalattitudeChapter 3Happiness, Your Success - 5 TipsChapter 452 weeks to a guaranteed success and happinessChapter 5What is happiness and successChapter 6Strengthen your mental energy through relaxationChapter 7Mentality of Rico. Improve your chanceswww.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 2
  3. 3. “Mind Without Borders” LegalThe reader, have agreed the following terms and conditions.Under no circumstances should be sold this E-book, copied or reproduced.If you have this E-book for free, do not distribute.Mind Without Borders and all its contents are protected by copyright.The information contained in this product can not be reproduced, distributed orcopied publicly, including Internet, email, newsgroups, or reprinting on paper.Any violator of this rule shall be subject to a maximum fine and penalty imposed bylaw.The information contained in this document is for your own personal use. Anyviolator will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.We do not give any guarantees regarding the level of success you may have.You may experience unknown or unforeseeable risks which can reduce results.We are not responsible for their actions.The author and editor of Mind Without Borders has put his best effort in developinga quality product, using the best sources of information. However makes norepresentation or warranty regarding the accuracy, applicability, fitness, orcompleteness of the contents of Mind Without Borders.The information contained in Mind Without Borders is strictly for educationalpurposes. Therefore, if you want to apply the ideas described here, is taking fullresponsibility for their actions.The material in this book STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.No resale rights Mind Without Borders.There are private label rights Mind Without Borders.You may not distribute this report under any circumstances, free of charge orpaymentMind Without Borders to distribute illegally, you are subject to a fine / penaltyimposed by law.Do not overreach.www.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 3
  4. 4. “Mind Without Borders”Chapter 1 Success and Happiness How to get in lifeSuccess and happiness are probably the two most covetedthings in life. People use many strategies to be successful butonly neglected at the same time to be happy in life.With so much to many and all that could mean a good life...Success, to many, may mean a good job, a profitablebusiness, a big house, fancy car, expensive clothes, a greatbody, great wealth, world travel, popularity and many othermaterial things in the world supply.Most times, if we have everything we want in life, we tend tobe happier. But sometimes, in our quest to make moremoney, or get the abundance, we often put more emphasis onourselves and forget our happiness.We continue to pursue the things we think will make ussuccessful and we forget to pause for a while and enjoy thesuccess we have achieved - even the little that can be.In fact, success and happiness can join. If successful, you canfeel happy, but sometimes, we think success differently.We compare ourselves with others and feel that we are stillnot successful until they get to achieve what others have.Keep in mind that success can mean different things todifferent people. Probably for most, is to find happiness in life,not only focus on the material, and perhaps you are thinkingotherwise.www.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 4
  5. 5. “Mind Without Borders”Here are some tips that can help you achieve success andhappiness in life.Be grateful:A great way to be happy in life is to be happy and grateful forwhat you have. If you keep chasing things in life without everstopping to appreciate what you have, you can end the feelingof emptiness and frustration. Try to pause and learn toappreciate life. Happiness is not just a bunch of money, havea mansion or a very expensive car. Happiness comes fromwithin and knowing how to enjoy what we already have.Count your blessings:We all have blessings with which we can be grateful. Do notfocus on what is or what it lacks in life. Nor feel a failure orallow anyone to invade a feeling of disappointment. Try toopen your mind and see that there are others worse off thanyou. Then you will realize all the blessings you already have.Valued much more what he achieved.Think positive and positive:If you are grateful and happy with what you have, will meetyour goals with positive thoughts. Be aware that you can dothings with what is in scope and focus efforts on all that iscapable of.Believe in yourself. You can achieve your goals. Avoidand all those negative influences that make you unhappy.Learn to give and to do good to their peers. The success andhappiness seem to come so easy for those who are positivewith life.Of course, if you feel good about yourself and people aroundhim and is optimistic about life, will be motivated to work hardon their goals.www.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 5
  6. 6. “Mind Without Borders”Work hard to achieve their goals:But do not forget to take care of your body and yourrelationships. Success is not just about meeting goals in life,but also how to work for them.Not only is bound to the limits but also to take into account thecare of her body. Your health is your treasure and a greatsource of happiness. Take care of your relationships, as theseare the main ingredient of their success and happiness in life.Chapter 2 Creating Success and Happiness Through a Positive Mental AttitudeThe ability to be happy and successful in life is directly relatedto the ability to control their own thinking. Research hasshown that on average we have over 60,000 thoughts perday. Our thoughts define who we are and even create ourlives as we go.Nothing is ever done that has not been preceded by athought. Some spiritual teachings claim that thoughts createreality. Something that science (quantum physics) has provento be true.Thoughts averaged 60,000 per day. Therefore thus arecreating your life as you go. Many people allow their minds towork alone, without being aware that he is thinking.In fact, most people spend their whole life by allowing yourmind to wander out of control, thinking all sorts of thoughtsunedited and unsupervised. This unsupervised thinking mindwww.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 6
  7. 7. “Mind Without Borders”can get into all sorts of problems. But with a little guidanceand education, can make life miserable in ecstasy instantly.The first step in achieving a positive mental attitude isconsciousness. Just be aware of your thoughts instead ofallowing your mind to act on their own. Listen to the voice inyour head and take note of the different types of thinking.Pretend that your thoughts are your best friend and listen towhat your friend is saying all day, every day.Your best friend will support you unconditionally? Do you havecompassion for you when you make mistakes? Do you havepatience? Do you know how to party? Your best friendcriticizes you endlessly?To become successful and happy you have to think as if youwere the friend more patient, compassionate and support youhave. Your thoughts must be based on non-judgmental self-esteem. If you find that you are not having thoughts that arepatient, compassionate and supportive to yourself, then thenext step is to clear the mind.Getting rid of a habit of negative thinking is easier than youthink. After all, you have total control over the process.One of the easiest ways to begin eliminating negativethoughts is to identify them. Then stop halfway and turn theminto positive thoughts.For example:"Ill never get me to increase""This company hates me."This thought leads to two negative thoughts. One of theirability to get a raise, and the other about how your companywww.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 7
  8. 8. “Mind Without Borders”sees you. If you believe that these thoughts create yourreality, it is correct. You can quickly see how your future turnsout that you said to think.That is very remote (thinking this way) can get such anincrease but it is very likely to achieve your business make mehate him.So the next time you start thinking, "Ill never get that raise."Change to something like:"I am an excellent employee and I know I will very well rewardfor my efforts."As for his thoughts about your company, change it to:"My company appreciates me."At first it may feel like they are lying to yourself. Because yourmind has convinced you know the truth. But keep this thoughtalways present. The fact that you state is what has beenthought previously.If you really want to improve, grow and go in search of a newjob and better, then stop thinking negatively. If you want tomake more money, to be appreciated / and get a fairercompensation, then you have to start with yourself, with yourthinking.Another great way to begin to eliminate the habit of negativethinking is the use of affirmations. Affirmations are positivestatements.An example of a positive affirmation in the present tense is: "Iam a great employee."One of the most effective techniques that I have personallyused (to invest in a lifelong habit) on the negative thought is towww.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 8
  9. 9. “Mind Without Borders”tie the statements to flooding. Flooding is a training technique,often used in animals, and involves constantly subjectinghimself to a new way of thinking.Suppose we propose the following:"I pledge to use the flood claims for 28 days, and within a fewdays, I will have good results. Every day when you wake up, Iwould start with statements in silence. With each exhalation, Iwould say a statement on the fly. "I am beautiful." "I amcreative." "I am capable of anything." "I have good friends." "Iam compassionate." "I am trustworthy."Throughout the day, every time I find my mind wandering innegative thinking, I will begin again with the statements.Another aspect to consider is to read inspirational books orarticles every day. Find the best authors more positive aboutit, and read at least 10 pages each day. For example, if youare interested in making more money, start reading somebooks by Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich. If you wantto learn to harness the power of The Secret, or perhaps tryThe Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. If you want to improveyour diet or exercise, find inspirational stories, books, ormodels which can be learned.Change your habit of thinking requires a concentrated efforton your part. The changes will see soon, only if you use anyof my suggestions. There are many books available onAmazon.com positive thinking, just search for "positivethinking".www.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 9
  10. 10. “Mind Without Borders”Chapter 3 Happiness, Your Success - 5 TipsIf you look at happiness from the philosophical point of viewwe will see that happiness is to enjoy the things you like andavoid anything unwanted. So I used this philosophy tohighlight five key areas, through which then can analyzeproblem areas in your life.Soon you will be on your way to happiness and personalgrowth. So, here are my five tips:Tip 1: Enjoy something you like!This may sound simple but it is not. We probably all feel thatwe like many things in general. But have you ever stopped tothink for a moment, what are all these tastes and make a listof all those who cannot enjoy.Why is this?You may not enjoy many of them, because they feelfrightened, prejudiced or even fear.So from this it becomes clear they cannot enjoy everythingthey love. If you still do, yet feel guilty about it or fearpervades them because of their action, it does not follow. Ifyou feel guilty, will not be able to enjoy that particularpleasure.Therefore, stop and do not feel more at fault!Think positive!I invite you to get more valuable information by visiting thefollowing site: www.lionelgraggio.com/recommendedwww.descubretuola.com www.lionelgraggio.com/recommended Page 10