Prayer in schools


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Prayer in schools

  1. 1. B Y : L A U R A G A R Z A C I 5 8 3 1 0 / 1 3 / 2 0 1 0 Prayer in Schools
  2. 2. “One nation under God”
  3. 3. The Problem  Many people honestly believe that prayer is not allowed in public schools. This is wrong. Unfortunately, this mistaken notion sometimes extends to teachers, principals and school boards.  _wZ18
  4. 4. Students opportunity to pray:  “Prayer is allowed and in fact is a protected form of free speech throughout the public school system.”  Students may pray silently during a moment of silence  “Students can pray in school busses, at the flag- pole, in student religious clubs, in the hallways, cafeteria, etc.”
  5. 5. Conflict over school prayer  Some believe that to start the school day with a prayer will create an aura of solemnity and order among the students.  Others believe that prayer has magical powers.  Others feel that if the students are forced to recite a Christian prayer each day, they will come to realize that they live in a Christian country where the government and its institutions support Christianity.
  6. 6. Court Rulings, Laws and Events  1948- McCollum vs. Board of Education  1954- Tudor vs. Board of Education  1960 Madalyn Murray O’Hair vs. Baltimore ISD  1962- Engel vs. Vitale  1963 - Abington Township School vs. Schempp; Murray vs. Curlett  2001- Public School rentals
  7. 7. Religious Rights Banning of Religious clothing and symbols. Teachers, coaches, ect leading a group prayer. Advance nor inhibit religion. Public prayer at school games. Students to recite prayers in class. The Law Prohibits
  8. 8. The Constitution allows…
  9. 9. ….  Benediction and prayers at graduation ceremonies  Teaching religion  Student religious clubs  Moment of silence
  10. 10. and…  Prayer outside of school building  School religious speech  Teacher display of religion  diego/judge-allows-teacher-s-classroom-display- involving-religion
  11. 11. Research Purpose  The goal of this research it to understand what the place of prayer is in public schools.
  12. 12. Significant Factors to Consider about School Prayer  Prayer is not forbidden in public schools.  There is a small minority of parents who follow other than Christian religion and find praying deeply offensive.  Praying is a choice, not a requirement.
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