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Airport Parking Sponsorship Program for Lexus

Airport Parking Sponsorship Program for Lexus

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Airport Parking Sponsorship Program for Lexus

  1. 1. Airport Parking Sponsorship Program Case Study Lexus
  2. 2. Lexus & AMI Membership Parking Sponsorship Situation Lexus strives for their brand to be associated with quality, luxury and superior customer satisfaction within the automobile industry. To emphasize this, Lexus wished to create a unique user experience for Lexus owners as they travel through Boston Logan International. Utilizing sponsorship and experiential marketing funding, Lexus and the New England Lexus Dealers Association were looking to accomplish two goals within the New England area, including product differentiation and increase traffic to local dealerships. Tactics To accomplish these goals, AMI created a first-of-its-kind sponsorship of a Membership Parking Program at an airport – Lexus Passport Gold. The sponsorship provides Lexus with brand immersion within the exclusive parking areas, one-to-one communication with members through various entitlements, and incentives to increase traffic to local showrooms. Through a myriad of entitlements offered to Lexus, they are also able to tie specific benefits to Lexus car owners into the travel experience at Boston Logan; one benefit included a free appetizer at a restaurant located inside of the airport. In addition, Lexus branding is extended through all Boston Logan outreach efforts promoting the Membership Parking Program, including their website and local media advertising. Results Boston Logan has reached 196% of their goal for new accounts in the Membership Parking Program during Year 1 (1,471 new members vs. a goal of 750). Upon completion of the sponsorship roll-out, Tim Bliss, Lexus Vehicle Operations Manager, had the following to say: “This is our first foray into the world of airport marketing in the Northeast and we’re very excited about the program we built with AMI. We anticipate a very positive response to the platform created to showcase our full line of Lexus vehicles.”