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Airport Experiential Program with Best Buy Geek Squad


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Airport Experiential Program with Best Buy Geek Squad

Published in: Marketing
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Airport Experiential Program with Best Buy Geek Squad

  1. 1. Airport Experiential Program Case Study Best Buy Geek Squad
  2. 2. Best Buy Geek Squad & AMI Experiential Surprise & Delight Situation Airports are busy places during the holiday season and technical issues with a new device don’t add any pleasure to the travel experience. Best Buy Geek Squad teamed with AMI to provide unexpected technical advice and services to thousands of holiday travelers on the move. Tactics In December, The Best Buy Geek Squad Station launched at the busiest terminal inside Chicago O’Hare to deliver passengers the unexpected. Over a 9 day period, Geek Squad Agents helped thousands of passengers from places all over the world with gadget advice and technical tips. Other surprise and delight activations included free charging stations, complimentary tablets and desktop computers, Best Buy Gift Cards, and free Wi-Fi sessions for checking email or last minute holiday shopping. Results A very successful campaign with approximately 1000 “elevated engagements” per day, defined as use of Geek Squad equipment, photo op engagement or extended tech assistance. #MissionORD resulted in 162 total posts with a reach of 181,896 and estimated impressions of over 372,365. The program received national exposure through major media outlets including ABC News, USA Today, etc. Best Buy put smiles on the faces of thousands of travelers everyday and made a lasting impression by providing an unexpected passenger service.