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Design area activities

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Prodintec Design Area V040310

  1. 1. PRODINTEC Technology center for Industrial Design and Manufacturing
  2. 2. Area of Industrial Design Design/Development of products with added value: Sustainable Easy manufacturing/assembly Functional Services Product Design 3D CAD Modelling Rapid Prototyping p yp g Product development Product Cost optimization Design for Direct Manufacturing
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGIES 3D Parametric CAD • Possibility to create parameterized patterns • Repetition of these patterns to any extension and scale • Direct connection to Rapid Prototyping and CAM software for Micromachining and 5 axes high speed machining
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGIES 3D Scanning Obtaining a mathematical model of a surface from the real surface Real 3D Mathematical Surface model (points) Applications: Modify an already manufactured design Create C t a parametric model of a physical object ti d l f h i l bj t Copy of an existing design Measure errors between manufactured and theoretical design
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGIES Reverse Engineering 3D scanning Point cloud treatment Wire model Surface Volume creation creation 3D CAD model
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGIES Rapid Prototyping • Obt i of physical model di tl f Obtain f h i l d l directly from 3D CAD model d l • Most used techniques are LMT: Layered Manufacturing Techniques q • Available materials, depending on specific technique: polymers, plastics, wax, metals…
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGIES Rapid Prototyping: Objet Polyjet Matrix • Capable of jet two different materials on same part • Capable of create new “Digital Materials” by mixing two different model resins
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGIES Rapid Prototyping: Zcorp 3D printing • Create models in full color • Different post-processing methods create parts with different capacities
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGIES Silicone Moulds • Inputs: Prototype from RP, CNC, Micromachining… • Accuracy / Resolution: Depending on the quality of the model used for f f building the mould Good details and surface accuracy Dimensional accuracy depends on the material used • Available materials: Rigid / Flexible resins Coloured / Transparent
  10. 10. PROJECTS Design Promotion PREDICA: Development and i l PREDICA D l t d implementation of I d t i l t ti f Industrial design methodologies in SMEs (national project): • 94 Audits on SMEs • 60 design projects with SMEs • Collaboration with 3 Technology Centers PREDICA II: • 57 SMEs • 4 Technology Centers (national project)
  11. 11. PROJECTS Design Promotion NORPACK: Packaging design d innovation i SME 10 NORPACK P k i d i and i ti in SMEs: SMEs participating (regional project) DISART: Design and Handicrafts: 7 participants (regional project) j )
  12. 12. PROJECTS Design Promotion Eco d i E design: A li ti of norm UNE 150301 E d i and Application f Eco design d guidelines on SMEs: 5 participants (regional project) DISERGO: Design and Ergonomics on SMEs: 8 participants (regional project)
  13. 13. PROJECTS Design Promotion DFMA for SMEs: 6 participants (regional project) Strategic Design: promotion of Design as Strategic Tool for SMEs: 7 participants (regional project) Design for All: promotion of concepts and practice of Design for All among SMEs: 8 participants (regional project)
  14. 14. PROJECTS Studies Study for implementation of Industrial Design Studies in regional University. Creation of Quality Label for the regional furniture industry Promotion of the Furniture Quality Label (32 SMEs participating) Study on the Impact of Design on Small and Medium Sized Companies Study of Assistance products for Disable People
  15. 15. PROJECTS Projects with Companies Collaboration with ThyssenKrupp on Turbo Track (moving walk) project 3 projects related with welding with IDESA Design of new model of Pressure Balance valve for Alvargonzalez S.A. Hidritec: Design of Static Ozone Mixer Farho: Design of Domotics Product Line Design of new cutting mechanism for a Energy Wood Harvester Design of new system of Transportation Pallets
  16. 16. PROJECTS Research Projects SYNTEX New and Emerging Science and Technology (NEST) Project sponsored by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION Participation in 2 CENIT p j p projects: most important p Research projects at national level
  17. 17. SERVICES From 2005, more than 700 services related with technologies and competences of the Design Area: p g • rapid prototyping • 3D scanning • reverse engineering • strategic studies • ...
  18. 18. OTHER International Activities Collaboration agreements: • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) • HOWEST University College West Flanders Projects: • 1 Iberoeka project with Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and 5 SMEs from Colombia and Asturias • Contacts with partners from Argentina (INTI), Mexico (UNAM), Chile (Bio-Bio) and Cuba (ISDI-ONDI), Japan Contributions t I t C t ib ti to International C f ti l Conferences • IASDR 2007 Hong Kong • Design & Emotion 2008, Hong Kong