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Islanders’ perception about continental people religious aspect


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Islanders’ perception about continental people religious aspect

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Islanders’ perception about continental people religious aspect

  1. 1. RELIIGIOUS INFLUENCES ON THE ISLANDERS There are three traditional churches well recognized in the Island:  Baptist  Catholic  Adventist
  2. 2. OTHER RELIGIONS AND BELIEFS Because of the permanent settlement of people coming from different countries it is possible to find different kinds of religions and beliefs on these islands:  Christianity  Mormonism  Jehovah’s Witnesses  New Age  Hinduism  Islamism  Rastafarianism
  3. 3. HOW ISLANDERS LIVE THEIR RELIGION Islanders live their religion following the gospel. They are devoted and spiritual.They follow principles of strict conmitment:  They believe and practice.  They wear appropriate clothing and show good behavior in religious celebrations.  They attend religious celebrations on Saturdays or Sundays according to the religion.
  4. 4. ISLANDER’S PERCEPTION ABOUT CONTINENTAL PEOPLE´S RELIGIOUS BELIEFS Islanders have a clear perception about continental people’s religious beliefs. They think:  We are religious too .  We are devoted but we are not spiritual as they are.  We believed in God but we do not live the gospel.  We live religion in a flexible way.  We are flexible on the fulfilment of the religion rules.  We don’t usually have in mind that other religions have good qualities.