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AccessU at CSUN12: Law is a Key to Accessibility


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AccessU at CSUN12: Law is a Key to Accessibility

  1. 1. LAW IS A KEY TO WEB ACCESS Lainey Feingold Twitter: @LFLegal AccessU @ CSUN 2012
  2. 2. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE LAWQ: Is the law useful in advancing the cause of webaccessibility? If yes, HOW?Q: How can advocates best use the to advanceinclusion?Q: What is the current state of the law and webaccess?
  3. 3. THE LAW MATTERS Laws ACCESSStrategy
  4. 4. WEB ACCESS = CIVIL RIGHT• Right to information• Right to education• Right to services• Right to participation• Right to community• Right to be free from discrimination
  5. 5. LAWS ALREADY REQUIRE ACCESSADASection 50821st Century CVAAState LawsSection 504
  6. 6. WEBGUIDELINES = Access
  8. 8. BEHIND THE LOCKED DOORS Lack of Information Misunderstanding Fear of Unknown
  9. 9. LEGAL STRATEGIES FOR WEB INCLUSION (KEYS TO USING THE LAWS) Structured Negotiations Lawsuits State Attorney General Investigations Federal Administrative Complaints U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of Education
  10. 10. IS THE LAW USEFUL? THIS LIST SAYS YES Bank of America  Target Ticket Master  Rite Aid CVS  Credit Reports Major League Baseball  Law School Admissions American Cancer Society Council Staples  HSBC Amazon  Price Line Travelocity  Ramada Penn State  eBay
  11. 11. WHICH STRATEGY?Carrot or Stick?Fear or Encouragement?Collaboration or ImpositionLegal precedentCosts
  12. 12. USING THE LAW WITHOUT LAWYERS• Who is an advocate? Who is a champion?• How can we incorporate the language of the law?• Document all contacts