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Weekly reader 12 5-13

  1. 1. Fall Weekly Reader Volume 47, Issue 111 November 21, 2013 UPCOMING MEETINGS December 5 Dr. Al Johnson “The Wellness Revolution: Take your Health into Your Own Hands to Feel, Think & Live Better.” December 11 (Wed @ 7pm) “Holiday Party @ Haggard Party Barn and Coat Drive.” December 12 No Meeting December 19 “Memorial Elementary Holiday Program” December 26 Christmas No Meeting Hello, Muddah. Hello, Faddah. N athan Barbera ascended the podium with the announcement that this was week four of “No-shave November.” What’s the point? He can’t possibly catch up with DG Santa. Oh, I get it; Best Beard must be the tiebreaker in the Plano Rotary Fantasy Football League Tournament, that vastly intellectual exercise that occupies the dozen denizens every fall. Riiiiight. President Bell rang up at 12:15, calling upon LB the Good to Pray and Mark Geller to Pledge. Scary Bob had a run for his money in a volume contest but won handily. Tino Trujillo was recognized for Exemplary Greeting, and then Nathan took the stand. DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS Bryson, Vance Lowe, James Simpkins, Earl Barbera, Nathan Lewis, Johnny Wilson, Kenny Jolly, Jamee humphrey, Nancy Roberts, Lori Cooper, Jim Hoxie, Sr., Herbert Morgan, Chuck Dec 03 Dec 03 Dec 03 Dec 09 Dec 10 Dec 11 Dec 13 Dec 19 Dec 20 Dec 23 Dec 23 Dec 27 The Plano Rotary Club www.PlanoRotary.com We recognized Matt Shaheen visiting from Frisco Rotary and then moved on to guests. These included Eddy Bader (Sara Akers), Bob King (John Caldwell), Randy Jackson (Plano East coach brought by Gerald Brence), and April Spigner (Reedy). Nathan asked Reedy when we were going to induct April; she’s been coming longer than some of our new members! Inside the Rotarian Studio found a loquacious victim in the City Manager to the Stars (by several independent standards), Bruce Glasscock. Born in Winchester, VA, the son of a Postal Inspector, Bruce calculated, at first, the Statute of Limitations, and, deciding that it’d past, answered that he had been “a rambunctious kid.” He played Lacrosse, among other sports, at Metropolitan State and U. Colorado before graduating with a degree in Public Administration. He started in Plano as Police Chief in 1990. Since he had the City Manager on the spot, Nathan inquired casually about the fiasco at Preston & Legacy and was told that Bruce had addressed the question only yesterday at another Rotary where he offered to “put it back the way it was” with all the at- continued on page 2
  2. 2. tendant congestion, if Nathan liked. A Rotarian for 25 years, Bruce’s favorite Rotary Moment was our aborted Soap Box Derby. Kirk honored James Youngblood and Patti Schwartz on the occasions of their birthdays. He then credited Jo Via with her 22nd Rotary Anniversary. Clearly, she joined prenatally. Scary Bob had danced ‘round in front of the pair, angling for a good photo, causing Kirk to notice and comment upon his combat boots. Scary Bob didn’t oblige by photographing them. The President then remarked that it was the Last Day to donate funds for our Angel Tree Project. What he didn’t mention was that Camille is becoming desperate for volunteers for buying, wrapping, and delivering the presents. So the usual suspects are called upon to come to the Club’s aid once more. Actually, if you are one of the unusual suspects, you might give this simple sweat equity job a try, or, better yet, condemn your spouse to it! Shopping at WALMART¬ at 7:30 am on Dec. 3 (6001 NCE…too late as you read this), wrapping at Viewpont Bank at 7 pm on Dec. 10 (1201 W. 15th), or party at 2:15 pm on Dec. 15th (1301 Dolphin Drive #706) at Plano Children’s Theatre. The reason Dec. 3rd is too late is THERE WOULD BE NO ROTARY NEXT WEEK (Thanksgiving)! LB the Radiant rose to offer Kirk’s tickets (how generous of him) to that evening’s 5810 event “somewhere down by the new bridge.” We’ll presumably hear more about it at a subsequent meeting. Cary Israel was called upon to brag about Ceilidh CharlestonJennings, Collin College’s 6th Best Texas Professor of the Year, besting Cornell and UC Berkeley. Making the mistake of leaving time for other brag moments, Kirk prompted Flash to tell a shaggy dog story about time itself (just in time for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the Time Lord). He postulated Rotarians, insufficiently inebriated at a local drinking hole, who repair to the domicile of one to continue celebrating they forgot what. One excuses himself to visit the loo, and returns to ask about the gong in the bedroom. He’s told it’s a clock, and to prove it, the owner strikes the gong and is rewarded with an angry shout from his neighbor saying, “For God’s sake, Kirk, it’s 2:30 in the morning!” This earned Flash a $5 fine. But Howard Shapiro saved the day, announcing that he and Florence have become grandparents for the 11th and 12th time with the birth of twins of late. Senator Florence could have done without the count, Counselor. John Parker, substituting for ashould-have-been-gone Dave McWhorter, introduced Alyssa Womack, the Associate Marketing Director for the YMCA Collin County Adventure Camp, “the best-kept secret” in Texas. Doing penance for his egregious pandering to Jordan Pugh’s publicist, Dave had penned his shortest ever introduction: She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied Public Relations. She is an alumni (sic) of Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), and her father is a member of the Gilmer Rotary Club. Alyssa told us that not only her Dad but also her Grandpa has been a Rotarian. She polled the audience on former campers and admitted to being among their number. She said that the Adventure Camp has been in existence since April, but almost no one’s heard of it. It’s near Anna off 121. It has evolved from a Summer Day Camp started in 2006 with a mission to bring the smart phone generation out of doors. Using a bond approved by the County, YMCA’s CCAC has a dining hall, ZIP lines, and activities for children and adults ranging from archery through BB guns, to a water slide and fishing. The camp’s primarily for 5th graders (up to high school), but it caters (perhaps literally) to all responsible groups, churches through corporate entities. There they learn team building and environmental awareness, and there is even a financial assistance program through the Y. She screened a screaming video until Hubert came to our audio rescue.
  3. 3. Plano Rotary Club Board of Directors 2013-2014 President Kirk Bell President Elect Three schools worth of 5th graders are currenta Happy Chanukah. Scary Bob noted that Chanu- Earnest Burke ly at camp, many of whom are “camping” for the 1st kah falling on Thanksgiving won’t happen again Secretary time (or rather “dorming” for the 1st time). They prowl until 2070! (Randy W. claims it’ll be 79,811 A.D.) Karla Oliver the lake, catching lake fauna for analysis, then reRick reminded us of the free half-hour makeup Treasurer turn to school, continuing their lessons from the possible at Christie Elementary that day. Not to Ben Criste camp. This effort is supported by the PISD Educabe outdone, Alex Johnson reminded us that tion Foundation. Bruce Glasscock would be his wingman at Ander- Past President The experience requires son Elementary for another Citizen of the Month Lynn Schwartz “parent chaperones,” so many Sergeant at Arms program. are encouraged to accompany Kirk reminded us that during Rick’s admin- Nathan Barbera their children to act as camp istration, the market fell to historic lows while dur- Membership Chair counselors. Adventure Camp is ing his own administration, it recovered. It Pam Little owned by Collin County and couldn’t be his financial acumen, now could it? Membership Vice Chair operated by the Y, so it has the He led us in the Four-Way Test and rang us Jayson Killough Y’s mission elements: off at 12:52. Service Chair 1. Youth Development Larry Bisno 2. Healthy Living Service Vice Chair 3. Social Responsibility Today’s students spend 27 David Bowman hours per week on TV (and innumerably more on Public Relationship Chair smart phones) so 16% are obese. To combat this, Mary Jo Dean the Y has raised $16K but given away $100K to get Public Relationship Vice Chair students moving in fresh air! Camille Ussery Alyssa thanked Rotary “for what you do for Club Admin Chair your community,” and accepted questions. David McWhorter Rick Maucieri asked about acreage and terClub Admin Vice Chair rain and was told that Adventure Camp occupies John Parker over 427 acres of Blackland Prairie including beautiful creeks, lakes, and deciduous trees. Foundation Chair In response to a question about costs, Alyssa Gary Basham said that the camp experience lasts a week and Foundation Vice Chair costs $200. The camp also serves Y guides and Alan Feigenbaum princess groups. New Generation Chair Kirk thanked Alyssa with our Rotary Clock Rick Horne and commented upon Thanksgiving saying, “You At Large know you’re full when you have to let out your Robert Epstein bathrobe.” And he noted that the meal “takes Lori Roberts hours to prepare but only 15 minutes to eat. It is Susan Shuler no coincidence that half-time lasts only 15 Bill Wray minutes.” Bob Pikna Our Politically Correct President wished Kyle Walters Howard (and, presumably, Cary, Lenny and Scary Bob) Alex Johnson Business Secretary Lynette Pieper Guests & Visiting Rotarians Bulletin Editor Chris Parr Holiday Wrapping Party Bulletin Photographer Proposed Member Guest Guest Of for Angel Tree Progect Robert Epstein Proposed member: Cathy Tyler Eddy Badr Sara Akers Classification: Health, Wellness & Fitness Bulletin Designer Robert King John Caldwell December 10th Proposed by: Kirk Bell Marsha Pigg Randy Jackson Gerald Brence 7:00 PM Alphagraphics April Spigner Reedy Spigner AWARDS: ViewPoint Bank Printing by Alphagraphics 2013 Citizen of the Year 1201 W. 15th Street Park & Coit Dr. Myrtle Hightower Visiting Rotarian Home Club The Plano Rotary Club Camille.Ussery@viewpointbank.com Huffines Auto Dealerships Matt Shaheen Frisco PO BOX 864316 Huffines Auto Dealerships Plano, TX 75086
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