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Group enlish man made


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Published in: Education, Travel, Sports
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Group enlish man made

  2. 2. HOUSE House is place for people stay. Everyone absolutely need it, although one of them can’t build or buy for their lives maybe because their poor. You must know that house is very important, it’s for keep people in there, and protec people from hot and cold weather.
  3. 3. Many parts of house, there are windows , doors, roof, celling, floor, wall, and pole. Inside the house there are many places , livingroom for accept or places gather family, bedroom is place for sleeping, bathroom is place for taking a bath, dining room is place for eating together, and kitchen is place for make a food and drink.
  4. 4. There are two type house that we know, there are traditional house and modern house, traditional house is usually build with someone that love antique things, but in this era traditional house is be leave , many people like to build modern house, there’s a house look like a castle it’s so big house. Small or big house is not important the most important is house can save our for many thing , you must love you house because we must know that “ my house is my castle “.
  5. 5. THANK S