The Learning Brain


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The Learning Brain

  1. 1. The Learning Brain A whirlwind tour
  2. 2. The building blocks: Brain cells Image: Teaching with the Brain in Mind, 2nd ed.
  3. 3. Neurons Estimate: humans are born with 150-200 billion neurons We keep approx. 100 billion of those - the rest are “pruned” Huge plasticity built in - billions of glial cells, ability to form connections b/w cells Image: (point of connection: synapse)
  4. 4. Corpus callosum - connecting the two hemispheres
  5. 5. Basic Brain Structures: Cortex Frontal: Judgment, creativity, problem solving, planning Parietal: Sensorimotor, language Temporal: Hearing, Memory, Language Occipital: Vision
  6. 6. Prefrontal cortex (PFC)