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How effective is the combination of your main q4 eval


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How effective is the combination of your main q4 eval

  1. 1. From the assignment brief, I chose to do a movie poster and a film review. To create this poster and film review, I researched existing prestigious film magazines such as Total Film, and Empire.
  2. 2. The font I chose to use here is called ‘sketchy’.The reason I decided upon this font for my title is because it looks quite youthful. I liked the fact that looks like someone had drawn it, this links to the opening scene in the film in whichTy is doodling on a piece of paper. These words link to the fact that they look hand written. I chose to use different fonts instead of just one because it makes it seem as though they weren’t written by the same person to show that these two boys are different and in different social groups. I chose this font, ‘UniversalAccreditation’, because it is a convention of movie posters.
  3. 3. All of the fonts used within this film review were chosen because they are simple, clean fonts making them easy for audiences to read. The font used in the main body of the article was chosen because it is highly similar to the one that was used in the credits of our main film.
  4. 4. I chose to use this image in my poster because it connotes humour because of the actors’ facial expressions. Also, while researching movies of the action/comedy genre, I came across the ‘Get Smart’ poster.This has a similar aim to mine, both actors are supposed to look fairly serious, but also to give it an edge to make it humorous. In the ‘Get Smart’ poster it is the tie flying into the female’s face, in my poster it is the bemused facial expressions of the actors. Exaggerated facial expression relate to the movie. Right from the very beginning the actors have exaggerated facial expressions in order to convey their emotions with ease, as there is no dialogue in the film. By using such facial expressions in both of my texts, it connotes a relationship to the audience wherein they can decode a link between the two texts. Another reason I chose to use this image is because it leaves out our female character. This relates to the film as we don’t know that she exists until around halfway through the film. I wanted to show this through my poster, I didn’t want to spoil anything for the audience. Consequently, the poster conforms to Barthes’ EnigmaCode, it keeps the audience guessing about who these two boys are, but also it gives them a sense of surprise when the female character does enter.
  5. 5. I chose to use this image within my film review because it clearly shows the three characters. But also because it shows the relationships between them that are depicted in the film. Freddie and Char are sitting within very close proximity of one another, which suggests they have some form of close relationship. However, as she isn’t looking at Freddie, it infers how their relationship will not end up as happily as it could. In addition to this,Ty is facing in a completely opposite direction to the other two actors.This connotes that he isn’t on the same team as them - that he opposes them. Also, the fact that he is not looking into the camera, while the other two actors connotes a sense of mischief from this character. Freddie Charlotte ‘Char’ Ty
  6. 6. The background of my movie poster complimented the location of the film. I chose to make the background of the poster a blackboard, although this is slight old-fashioned, a blackboard connotes school instantaneously. This is contrasted within the film as we use a whiteboard in order to show that this school is up-to-date.
  7. 7. Throughout the film the colour green is continuously shown, in the wall of the classroom, the floor of the hallways, the cabinets in the staffroom, the chairs in the classroom and also in the lockers in the hallway.This shows continuity over the course of the film, but when creating my movie poster, I decided to use green as the background colour.This was to shown a clear relationship between the two texts.
  8. 8. I included the website address on the poster as well as in the film itself. As today’s world revolves around technology and the internet, I thought it was highly appropriate, if not absolutely necessary to include a web address on both of these texts I created.