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  1. 1. Lawrence Ferber, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, NY #018460; CA #23261<br />After two decades as a musician in New York City, Dr. Lawrence Ferber shifted gears and moved into the field of psychology. Now over eleven years into his second career, he credits the high degree of successes he has had in raising the quality of life of hundreds of patients he has worked with to his ability to use what has been natural for him ever since he was a child. These qualities are evolved empathetic skills, unconditional concern pared with enthusiasm that is fueled by his passion to help others. His personal life and academic experiences are incorporated with the combination of providing evidenced based, tried and true methods of problem solving such as strategies and techniques directed to immediately provide symptom reduction, and/or removal of the patent coefi issue within the first to second session. Dr. Ferber’s goal is to provide the highest quality of treatment as a psychologist by working with people and meeting them where they are at with a non-judgmental approach and no expectations other than the patient’s expectation. Thus, treatment is ascertained by both, Doctor and patient by working together. The amount of respect, unconditional care and concern helping to fortify trust, which in turn leads to the effectiveness of methods where the collaborative relationship of the two cannot be understated.<br />Dr. Ferber is licensed to practice psychology in New York and California. He has worked with a wide variety of male and female populations on a wide range of issues using a number of therapeutic modalities such as family, individual, couple and group modalities. His expertise includes the treatment of Substance Use Disorders/Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety, Interpersonal Relationships, Couple and Co-Parent Counseling used to help promote healthy child development, Domestic Violence, work with recently released Violent Offenders and adolescent behavioral problems. His skills in Psychological testing and assessment, clinical interviewing, case management, diagnoses and the treatment of pathology of Axis I, II, IV, and V within the DSM-IV criterion are areas he has extensive experience in. Utilizing Empathetic, Genuine, Unconditional Care and Concern mixed with a combination of evidenced based techniques and strategies have helped provide elevated overall quality of life for hundreds of patients’ he has been honored to work with. <br />Lawrence has channeled his energy strongly into family services, performing a great deal of work in engaging fathers with their children. Additionally, he has strongly pursued study and action in the area of substance abuse disorders, including counseling on the connections between substance abuse and family issues.<br />Dr. Ferber’s strong interest in creating a supportive atmosphere in the personal lives of those individuals’ he works extends to his conversations as a therapist, where he provides the highest quality of listening, and treatment to his patients.<br />