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Beamonte Investments is one of the world’s leading investment and advisory firm. Beamonte Investments seek to create long-term value for its investors, the portfolio companies and the companies it advises. Beamonte Investments provides various financial advisory services, including investment banking advisory, financial and strategic advisory and fund placement services. Beamonte alternative businesses includes the management the private equity funds, real estate funds and credit oriented strategies.

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Beamonte Investments - Investment Banking

  1. 1. Our Business Direct Private Investments Equity/ DebtCredit/ Liquidity (Short Term) Private Equity Beamonte Merchant Bank Beamonte Capital Partners Investment Banking
  2. 2. Latin America Focus
  3. 3. Our Services Mergers and Capital Debt Advisory Acquisitions Restructuring Joint Ventures Capital Structured Strategic Raising Finance AlliancesWe advice buyers, sellers, borrowers , lenders and investors as part of ourservices
  4. 4. Investment Banking Services
  5. 5. ValuationCompany Real Value Create database to look for investors and credit options Growth parameters of the company Assistance establishing growth goals Family Succession
  6. 6. Family Succession Build management and changeCompany Sell / Liquid Assets structures for the company Build a equity structure for family succession Company Valuation
  7. 7. Mergers and AcquisitionsOur team of banking experts in merger and acquisitionsat BI is committed to give an independent high qualityservice to our clients and provide capacity fortransactions and executions including mergers,acquisitions and disinvestments options.Our Work in mergers and acquisitions focus on supportand assistance to private companies and other worldinstitutions, with a particular interest in North Americanand Latin American markets.
  8. 8. AcquisitionsThrough BI our clients find a full rangeof adequate local and foreign business,agreements execution on time,efficiency to be ahead of thecompetition.We have experience supportingAmerican and foreign companies, toexplore and start operating on nationalor international markets.
  9. 9. Buyer SupportLa Acquisitions of new business could help companies to strengthmarket shares and open new markets, regions and technologies. Ourkey elements for this services are: Search parameters development Target Screen / Primary Focus Due Dilligence / Buying company valuation Finance options for acquisitions (shares and debt) Negotiations and closing deal.
  10. 10. Seller SupportWe understand the selling process. We knowthe key industries of the markets and developa comparable transactions database for each.This assures our understanding of thedeterminate market values, which secureeasier and better agreements through exitstrategies that maximize value for you, theseller.
  11. 11. Selling Process • Value determination • Descriptive and Confidential MemorandumStep 1 • Assistance for equity structures • We maximize expositions of potential buyers in a confidential way. • Buyers targeting to increase transaction value.Step 2 • We review with the client, the offers received • Negotiate the transaction • Keep confidentiality through all processStep 3 • Close the deal
  12. 12. Sell-Side processPrepare for Due LOI Diligence Sale Deal team Company Scope instructions Valuation (Fairness Opinion) Buyer validates Structure facts Descriptive Memorandum BI orchestrates Timing process Target Customers Allocation of BI supervises Price buyer activity Seller Confidentiality Closing date approve the confirmed deal
  13. 13. Investment StrategyAsset based lending Portfolio of privately placed strategy Proprietary structured loans Middle-, and large- Overweight allocation to Mexico and Colombia market target companies Specific source of repayment from cash flows of Focus on debt instruments assets or projects being financed: Receivables, Inventories, and other liquid assets Achieved through the pledge of additional fixed assetsOver-collateralization in selected investments 2
  14. 14. Middle Market Focus • Companies with Enterprise value –Focus on Middle 50MM – 200MM Market • Revenues of 15MM – 150MM EBIDTA 1MM • Few Lending Sources in the middleLess Competition market More Influence • Fast response to clients, 2 -3 weeks 3
  15. 15. Liquidity Providers BIMB BeamonteLiquidity Merchant Bank Capital Loans
  16. 16. “We like risk, and we believe Mexico economy is strong enough to take risk” Juan Fernandez CFO
  17. 17. Loan Process Loan re-payment Loan 2- 3 weeks Borrower needsIdentify and valuate liquid re-payment options
  18. 18. Borrower ProfileMid-size Companies Other Projects• Revenues 15M + • Government Contracts• More than 5 years of track • Health Care Projects record • Civil Works• Clients AAA • Constant Source of Business• Significant equity invested in • IT Services the project or other receivables• Diversification in client portfolio receivables
  19. 19. Transaction Structure Source Deals Investment Banking IB Fees Borrower Advisory Collection Rights PaymentsReceivables / Assets Trust (SPV) Suppliers Re-Payment Loan
  20. 20. Origination & AdministrationOrigination Promotion Evaluation Approval ClosingAdministration Administrative Judicial Follow up Control Collection Collection
  21. 21. Beamonte Capital Partners, LLC
  22. 22. About UsBeamonte Capital Partners, LLC is the Latin Americabranch for private equity of Beamonte Investments,Inc. specialized in small-middle companies in Mexicoand Colombia.
  23. 23. Investment Stage Private Equity Beamonte Capital PartnersVenture Capital
  24. 24. Co- Investors Beamonte is willing to work with co-investors and is flexible regarding transaction types:• Buy-outs and re-capitalizations of financially-owned, family-owned, or entrepreneur-owned businesses• Growth capital investments and acquisition financing• Buy-and-build strategies• Management buyouts Beamonte’s ongoing involvement emphasizes business planning and board monitoring, retaining and recruiting key executives and arranging add-on acquisitions and financing. We take an oversight role in monitoring our companies’ performance and in ensuring that they achieve their full business potential. With respect to our existing portfolio companies, we actively pursue follow-on acquisition opportunities of smaller businesses with similar operating characteristics.
  25. 25. Sectors Education Health Pharmaceuticals Lending AgroIT / B2B / B2C Commercial Business
  26. 26. Strategy Small and Medium Willing to invest in Favorable Trends sized business minority stakes• Take advantage • Provide • Insist on strong on growth in expansion capital corporate demographics to unleash governance• Anticipate growth rights Market trends. • Family firms usually are target
  27. 27. Beamonte Ad- Value Beamonte takes a collaborative approach to working with management teams. Our role is to support executives in developing long term growth strategies and building execution capabilities. We believe working together and leveraging our collective talents and strengths provides the foundation for success. Through experience, a disciplined approach and a focused effort, companies can reach their full potential. How does Beamonte support the companies we work with?• Developing new business lines or service offerings• Identifying and pursuing geographic expansion• Creating new distribution channels and partnerships• Growth through acquisitions – Identifying targets, evaluating opportunities, executing transactions and facilitating integration• Strengthening financial reporting and use of operating metrics to clarify value drivers• Developing the management team through additions and defining roles• Instilling accountability and financial discipline
  28. 28. “……. our investment in CITEC INGdemonstrates Beamonte’s confidence in the Mexican economy. “ Luis F. Trevino Managing Director
  29. 29. PortfolioCITEC ING was formed in 2003 toprovide validation services to thepharmaceutical industry in Mexico;the company develops a fullyintegrated suite of solutionsincluding drugs stability, validation ofcomputerized systems, trainingcourses and environmental andsurface
  30. 30. Beamonte Investments, Inc.470 Atlantic Av. 4th FloorBoston MA 02211Beamonte Capital Partners, LLC225 Franklin St 26th FloorBoston MA , 02110 T (1) 617.275.8960 F (1) 617.292.2300 © 2012 Beamonte Investments, Inc.