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Udl Book Builder For Teachers


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Professional learning resource created by Lezlie Harris for K-12 teachers learning how to use UDL Book Builder. It was created using Google Docs. Here is the public link.

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Udl Book Builder For Teachers

  1. 1. UDL Book Builder for Teachers Presentation by: Lezlie Harris Image sources: Cast UDL
  2. 2. Begin by creating an account at
  3. 3. Be sure to use your school email sothat you can click the verificationemail they send.
  4. 4. After clicking the verification linksent in the email, you are readyto log on.
  5. 5. Click on the "Create and Edit My Books" link to begin.
  6. 6. Click on the"Start a New Book" link.
  7. 7. This information will help others find your book in a search ifyou decide to publish it to the library.Note: I usually choose landscape format because it iseasier to view on the active board.
  8. 8. Choose up to 3 coaches to askthe reader questions abouteach page.
  9. 9. Dont forget to save.
  10. 10. Start by choosing this pageslayout. Well begin with the titlepage.
  11. 11. Click to add text for the title.
  12. 12. Type your words in theWYSIWYG editor. Dont forget to save.
  13. 13. A picture is wortha thousand words! Look for the camera icon.
  14. 14. Upload pictures by browsing through the files on your computer. Doubleclick to choose a file. Then click the upload button.
  15. 15. Upload sound files of you reading the wordsby clicking here. Look for the speaker icon.
  16. 16. Been there ... done that. Browse and upload mp3 sound files of you reading each page.
  17. 17. I use Audacity and the lame encoder to record mysound files. Technology can help you load this freeapplication on your computer.
  18. 18. Guide reading using up to 3 coaches.
  19. 19. Type more pages by adding pages before or after.Hint: If you add a Table of Contents Layout to the secondpage, the words will come from the pages where youchoose to add words in the Table of Contents editor box.
  20. 20. When youarefinished,just clickpublish atthe bottomof thescreen.
  21. 21. Of course,they willsecond-guess yourdecision. Ifyou want toedit thebook later,you can.
  22. 22. There are two ways to create aglossary.1. While typing text on each page,highlight a word and then click the bookicon.
  23. 23. The default is "Add word to glossary list to be defined later.Choose that and save.
  24. 24. Click this tab at the top of the page toadd definitions to the words you havehighlighted and included in theglossary.
  25. 25. Now just click edit to add a definition.The second way to create a glossary is to make it first. Dothis by clicking the "Add New Glossary Term" icon.
  26. 26. Definitions can include linksto websites.
  27. 27. After saving each book, choose to share or publish.
  28. 28. Share by email.
  29. 29. Publish to the world.
  30. 30. Download to keep forever.