Unit 6


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Unit 6

  1. 1. Unit 6“Food that enjoy in different places”
  2. 2. Unit 6 1. Typical food Watch the video about how to prepare Pupusas With your own words make a resume about the video Read the following article and answer the questionsThe Pupusas are the most widespread El Salvador typical food. Thepreparation of that foodstuff involves several steps and use of variousingredients, which also constitute an economic contribution to the producers.The El Salvador State bodies have repeatedly expressed the Pupusas are partof the culture of El Salvador; Therefore, on 1 April 2005, airs the LegislativeDecree No. 655. Tamales Apart from the traditional pork or chicken tamales, there are also other varieties, always from maize, among them: of chipilín, where the mass join leaves of the plant; both classes used as packaging of bananas or banana leaves and lack a fill.
  3. 3. Finally in El Salvador to sweet tamales are known as "sugar" and fill is usuallybased on grapes or prunes or jams from pineapple.This type of tamales is also becoming scarcer.Pupusas are part of our culture?What kind of tamales exists? Mention 3 Activity Investigate and write a report about the next food: Nuegados Chilate Yuca frita Atol the elote Elotes locos Empanadas Torrejas 2. Seafood Read the article La Libertad, surfing and seafood La Libertad is located in the department of La Libertad, only 34
  4. 4. km from San Salvador. This port city offers touristic infrastructure: small hotels andrestaurants, as well as some recently built fancier hotels.La Libertad first served as a port for merchandise and passengers as stated in a federalCentral American mandate back in 1824. In 1835 it became the major port of theFederal Republic.A steel pier was built in 1869 which was still being used until the second half of the XXcentury. Since then the port has served for artisan fishing, commerce and tourism. LaLibertad proudly owned the first telegraph communication system in El Salvador.Its beaches are some of the most famous among tourists and locals. You can enjoy theamazing varieties of seafood prepared at its many restaurants. Read and make exercise belowSeafoodEat healthy, eat fresh seafood Prepared to perfection, fresh seafood can make youwant to be on a seafood diet for ever. Seafood is healthier for you than eating red orwhite meats that contain lots of fats.Fresh seafood does not always mean that it has not been frozen; it sometimes meansthat it was frozen fresh. After all, if you didn’t buy it frozen, you would be limited toonly a few choices of seafood instead of being able to enjoy seafood from around theworld. If you decide that really fresh, unfrozen seafood is what you prefer, there are afew things to look for to ensure you are really receiving fresh seafood.The first thing you look at are the eyes, make sure they are clear, not bulging. Next thegills should be red, not even slightly pink. The flesh of the fish should feel firm.Most importantly the fish should not have a fishy smell to it. To keep the seafood fromgoing bad you should store it at 39 degrees and cook it as soon as possible. Remember,if there are any doubt as to rather seafood is fresh or not, don’t take a chance oneating it. Seafood that has spoiled can make you very sick. The best way to cookseafood is when it is still frozen.
  5. 5. A lot of people prefer the taste of it when it has been cooked on a barbeque grill.Wrapping it in foil helps give it the most favorable taste possible. Seafood can also becooked in a frying pan, or baked in an oven. If you do thaw out the seafood beforecooking it, then you have to make sure it is cooked immediately upon thawing andshould never be refrozen. Seafood is good for you because it is low in fat and high inprotein. Most fish contain oils that are called omega-3. These oils can help preventsome diseases and treat certain types of illness. The eel is one type of seafood thatcontains a high fat content, but only a very few types of seafood contain fat.Being on a seafood diet can be considered a very smart and healthy thing to do. Thereis a long list of diseases that eating fresh fish can help prevent. In countries where thewomen eat less red meat and more seafood, they have less problems with breastcancer. Another disease that seafood seems to help prevent is Alzheimer’s.You can also take fish oil instead of eating seafood if you prefer. Seafood is a greatsource for women to receive iron and iodine, which are two vitamins that help yourthyroids. If you want to add iron and zinc to your diet try eating scallops and mussels.By eating seafood on a regular basic you can enjoy many healthy benefits. Exercise: make a resume about the importance of healthy Write a description for each picture