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Case study


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Case study

  1. 1. Social Network and Tourism
  2. 2. IntroductionNowadays Millions of people are connected to socialmedia to seek advertisers, merchants, offers and last-minute promotions. It is important to keep abreast of developments that Internet offers us, but we know it shrewdly and brands have made the move to thenetwork but with dismal results from not knowing the rules of the game.
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO ADMINISTER THE SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR TOURIST COMPANIES? For companies not fail when promoting your business on social media Network is recommended.To promote tourism companies in social media should stop thinking as individual people and beginning to think as a company . The social media marketing requires some strategies .Social networks are focused on simple conversations. If we use quotes from press releases, official statements or dense texts, it will not work. The comments that companies should be write on social networks should contain specific information that the potential customer is looking for. The benefits of promoting tourism in social networks is that the network shares a public and visible to all users (continue or not your profile).
  4. 4. PRINCIPAL ADVANTAGES TO USE THE SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR TOURIST COMPANIES. Accor summ ding to this ar advan y the princi tage th p have i at netw al s the f or k a provid cilities that es to costum the e rs
  5. 5. The Power of Social Network Click in the image to reproduce video
  6. 6. In some cases, social networks become among other things, a source of labor. And as a source of work, you need to be aware ofthem continually.In the majority of cases we can see that many people share their experiences through the same (as when living a unique /different), making tourism in an activity that is developed in real time. The advantages that give us social networks to show theworld about our trip, in my opinion are:-Show the trip at the time that happens, as long ago, travel stories were told through photographs and stories when you return thedestination. Today, people share activities that is being done in the exact instant that the run. This creates an extra as themessage hits the emotion and details that otherwise probably would not remember.-Contact with people who may be thousands of miles away, and thanks to social media saved the e-mail and have more directcontact with people. Who would not happened to be on a trip and talk on Facebook with people who are quite far?-Ask for tours / excursions and ideas for your stay in certain places. This is critical, because nowadays the trend prevailing in themarket, is that tourists prefer a couple of opinions of traveler, rather than the other. Therefore, through social networks-whethergroups, fan page or a profile, you can ask for advice, ideas and even help if needed.-More and more people look for hotels that offer free Wi-Fi, and this trend was for that reason, the need to be connected with theworld. Attentive hotels! Be prepared for tourists 2.0- The importance of geolocation, and thanks to Foursquare, among many other options can in seconds, show the world that weare, through your phone, iPad, Notebook, among others-and hang in different social networks.
  7. 7. The results of investigation by : IAB Spain and Neothodogy:• 64% of users use social networks and the Internet for this purpose is likely to share their experiences on socialmedia• 94% do so if they are negative experiences, while positive are shared by only 70% of people.• 81% of Internet users make frequent use of social networks to find places to visit during your vacation.• 29% use mobile technology and geolocation services to discover landmarks through their smartphones.
  8. 8. QUESTIONSDo you use social networks to choose your vacation destinations?Do you share your experiences with social networks?Can you explain what are the advantages to use social networks for tourism?Do you think that social networks is an important tool for tourism companies?