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Technology usage in education


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Technology usage in education

  1. 1. leyla deniz
  2. 2. google images search to teach it to Ss for a safer internet
  3. 3. file transfer to transfer Ss the data safely and easily
  4. 4. remembering passports your favourite city: Lon123don for facebook: Lond123donf for twitter: Lond123dont
  5. 5. google advanced search for detailed search (including& excluding smtg) - excludes + includes you can choose the type of the material u r looking for
  6. 6. a safe & private search engine
  7. 7. slideshare
  8. 8. to make URL shorter
  9. 9. Module 2: Courseware, Courseware Licensing, Blogs blogging platforms: -blogger (more capacity) -wordpress (not allow for too many videos) -edublogs (not free)
  10. 10. video: animoto “edmodo”
  11. 11. fight to see who the winner is ;)
  12. 12. blogging it enables students to be more active in language learning process and to be more focused and eager
  13. 13. no copy rights
  14. 14. vocaroo -voice recording tool -embed the recording and publish it as HTML !!
  15. 15. word lists
  16. 16. soundcloud to upload some tracks, music
  17. 17. animoto video Ss may introduce themselves, what they did in summer holiday, introduce their characters from a movie, book, etc.
  18. 18. Interactive Wall- padlet sticky notes may make use of it in the blog