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Recommendations of nutrition_specialists

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Recommendations of nutrition_specialists

  1. 1.  To watch one’s calories; To provide yourself with a greatvariety of food; To moderate portions; To eat more freshvegetables, fruits, grains andlegumes; To drink as much water, aspossible; To limit food containingsalt, sugar;
  2. 2.  Balance calorie intakeand calorie expenditure; Do not surfeit; The average dailyallowance: 1200-1800calories;
  3. 3.  Vary your diet withfruits, vegetables, grains, legumes;
  4. 4.  Don’t order anythingSupersized; Do not gorge a heavy meal;
  5. 5.  Flush your system; Water helps to control calories;
  6. 6.  Sugar is added to a vast array of foods; In a year just one daily can of soda canincrease your weight by 16 pounds;
  7. 7.  Have a balanced diet;