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  1. 1. 5. OUR CLIENTSWeb development and digital marketing strategySpanish Soho Mile |
  2. 2. Web development and digital marketing strategySpanish Soho Mile |
  3. 3. Web development and digital marketing strategySpanish Soho Mile | www.spanishsohomile.comThe Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been doing an eventcalled “The Spanish Soho Mile” for the past 7 years. For 6 years,all that they had was a blog entry at their website and an oldfashion logo.They hired us because they needed a new image and a marketingstrategic campaign to increase their visibility amongst Americans(the event was always packed with Spanish people but the ideabehind it is to promote Spanish Fashion abroad). So we createda new image for them, a new website and designed all the digitalcampaign (video, bloggers, social media).The Spanish shops involved triplicated the sales and the event wasa huge success.
  4. 4. Responsive Web DesignEFE Salud | EFE is a Spanish international news agency (it’s like CNN, but for Spaniards). They wanted to have a new website dedicated only to Health. This is the per fect example of responsive web design: simple, user friendly and optimized to be seen across a wide range of devices (desk top computers, iPads or mo- bile phones)
  5. 5. Responsive Web DesignEFE Salud |
  6. 6. App developmentDigital Magazines for iPad | Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, etc Our last baby: a digital and interactive magazine for iPad that will change the way we read. In a time where mobile phones and iPad devices are on the rise, stand out with a new product is not easy. But we have. This won’t only be ef fective for magazine but, in a not that far away future, repor ts and presentations would be shown like this:
  7. 7. Corporative Websites, interactive applicationsEngineering Projects | Trash Can Sof twareThis sof tware was created in order to know if the trash can was full o empty beforethe garbage truck had to pick that up (avoiding to go if it was empty).
  8. 8. G.I.S. ApplicationsEngineering Projects | Water control sof tware
  9. 9. Environment Control SystemsEngineering Projects | Water control sof twareWe developed a sof tware that took the data about ultraviolet (UV) rays via satelliteand then mapped them on the website.
  10. 10. Brand and Web development, web maintenance and digital marketing strategySpain Culture New York SCNY |
  11. 11. Web development and digital marketing strategyVoice Over |
  12. 12. Web development and digital marketing strategyVoice Over | www.voice-over.esAlthough the life of a shor tmovie is brief, we managed to provide Voice Over the rightamount of expectation through a viral digital marketing campaign. As an example, the200.000 visits that the shor tmovie got on VIMEO, amongst other.
  13. 13. Corporate websitesBBVA|
  14. 14. Sectorally focused campaignsLa Rioja |
  15. 15. Touristic Dinamic WebsitesLa Alhambra|