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Low Level Laser Therapy to Treat Chronic Pains


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BioLight Technologies offers Low Level Laser Therapy, that is a modern age treatment of inflammation.

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Low Level Laser Therapy to Treat Chronic Pains

  1. 1. Low Level Laser Therapy to Treat Chronic Pains Are you suffering from frequent bouts of body pain and inflammation? It’s common that most of us suffer from chronic pain in different parts of the body and cannot find an effective solution to counter it. Even though, there are many medicines and treatments available in the market, the pain refuses to go away. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a modern age treatment of different physical ailments such as the pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and neck. This process is executed through a non-harmful low level laser beam that sends energy through light to the affected area, which is completely absorbed by the damaged muscles and tissues and helps in healing it quickly.
  2. 2. One of the commonly used LLLT technology is Aura PTL II Therapy Laser System having highest range of frequency therapy and is much lighter in weight and portable than other laser beams. It can be used as a hand held device and employs the following practices for treatment: • Hz and substance specific frequencies: It means that Aura PTL II targets the stress inducing substances with light therapy and eliminates them from the body system. • Acupoint Stimulation: Acupoints are those where peripheral nerves enter a muscle or where a nerve joins the bone. Aura PTL II stimulates these points to bring relief and promote healing. • Laser Therapy: When laser light is applied to specific body parts, it carries frequencies to the cells that communicate with the brain, which cause the release of natural chemicals reducing stress and providing rehabilitation. • Homeopathy • Whole Food Nutrition Now, the question arises if the laser light therapy works so well, why there is a need for homeopathy and food nutrition. The answer is very simple: just like any other treatment, additional nutritional supplements are needed to bring the body back to its normal state so that the patients experience natural body processes such as digestion, absorption, detoxification and others. When the body is recovering to its original position, nutrition serves as the building block for healing. Similarly, homeopathic medicines encourage the healing power of the body by maintaining a balance between the body and mind. Many companies are helping these practitioners in curing the patients through their products and therapies. If you have been suffering in silence from chronic body pains or need help in stabilizing any other body system, you can search for a practitioner
  3. 3. online who is well versed in employing laser technology as well as homeopathic treatment. Reference Url: low-laser-therapy-and-how-is-it.html