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Lex resume 2011 latest version

  1. 1. Lex C. B. MaclaineQualifications Professional MembershipsBS Industrial Engineering Institute of Quality AssuranceChartered Quality Professional American Welding SocietyIRCA - ISO 9000 Lead Auditor American Society for QualityProfessional Training & Development HSE CoursesProject Controls & Change Management CPR, AED & First Aid for Adults (Certified)Project Management Fundamentals Office Safety Representative Participation in HSE Audits – Site ConstructionQuality Management Fundamentals Offshore Survival TrainingProject Leadership Fire and Chemical Safety TrainingProject Risk Management Defensive Driving TrainingProject Management Fundamentals Incident & Injury Free (IIF) CoachingLegal Courses Special CoursesAntiboycott, how to handle Boycotts LNG technology seminars & workshopsExport Controls – Commercial Products LNG Carrier Ship Study workshopsForeign Corrupt Prevention Association E-Gas technology seminars & workshopsEconomic Trade Sanction and OFACExperience and ObjectivesEncourage project personnel to achieve an incident, injury-free (IIF) working environment, and maintain thehighest Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards in our industry. Strives for continuous im-provement in worker safety and is dedicated to ensuring that each employee understands, and acts in ac-cordance with, the company’s HSE policies. Work’s with high integrity and complies with corporateguidelines on business ethics.Project quality manager professional with 25 plus years experience in multi billion dollar oil and gas capitalprojects from conceptual through to award and execution phases. International experience with ClientOperating/Owner companies overseeing contractors and vendors in project home offices as well as sitelocations across North and South America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia.Strong management skills, capable of good decision making based on sound engineering practises andconsideration of economical business factors. Experienced in quality planning and resourcing ensuringcosts are within budgets, proper reporting & required schedule frequency of Inspection agencies.Conducting project internal and external audits as part of an audit team and/or as an individual.Furthermore I have gained experience during compliance auditing during my many projects, auditingsubcontractors, fabricators and vendors. Experienced in facilitating efforts to resolve interfaces issues andcoordinate multiparty QA objectives. Managing Interfaces with IVB compliance and 3rd party inspectionorganizations.Eager to join a leading Oil & Gas Operating Company develop and execute a major capital project,whereby I can provide expert guidance and advise to maximise quality performance and reduce costs. Mynext assignment should challenge my knowledge, capabilities and also provide new skills to expand uponmy current project quality management abilities.Lex Maclaine, BSc. MCQP e [ lexmaclaine@yahoo.co.uk ] m [ 0974-3362-1922 ] Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Lex C. B. MaclaineEmployment HistoryNov 2009 - Present Qafco 5 Fertiliser Project, Qatar - QA/QC ManagerOverall responsible for quality management and project quality support activities during the execution of $4Billion QAFCO 5 Fertiliser Plant Project awarded to EPCC Joint Venture Contractor, Saipem from Milan andHyundai, from Korea. Resident in The State of Qatar with oversight of design and procurement centres atSaipem Home Office in Milan, as well as construction, commissioning and start up activities in Qatar. My du-ties included the following:• Implement Qafco Quality Management System and provides quality planning input for the PMT.• Monitor Quality Management system effectiveness.• Provide input to the Project Organization Plan and staffing of quality personnel for the PMT.• Ensure the implementation of project-specific quality training and orientation.• Provide direction and instructions to Quality Assurance Coordinators and QC Inspectors.• Approve Contractors Project Quality Plan and (unless delegated to discipline engineer or specialist) in- dividual Quality Plans of subcontractors, vendors, and sub-vendors (i.e., Suppliers) as required.• Reviews and comments on Contractors schedule(s) for internal and external technical and quality audits, and the plans for each audit.• Ensure PMT reviews and, as required, approves quality deliverables of Contractor and suppliers (e.g., plans, Criticality Ratings, Inspection and Test Plans).• Ensures processes in place so that deviations to specification, equipment and approved plans/proced- ures are subject to appropriate review.• Coordinate the quality management activities of QA/QC Team and maintains interfaces between Site, design offices and Qafco to ensure a consistent, effective approach across the Project.• Prepare and manages the PMT Audit Schedule and stewards audit findings to resolution and closure.• Monitor Contractors quality performance and provides and distributes surveillance metrics as described in the Vendor Quality Management System Control Procedures.• Interface with Project Operations to ensure clear understanding of project quality issues. Participate in turnover activities as appropriate.Aug 2008 – Sep 2009 BHP Billiton Inc. Houston, USA – QA/QC ManagerOverall responsible for all quality management activities during the EPCC activities of a $450M new offshoregas platform, topsides, bridge and flare and for new and existing platforms located east of Trinidad and To-bago. My duties included the following:• Interface with various project teams and departments on resolving related issues that requires effective communication, initiative, flexibility and an ability to induce collaboration.• Interact effectively with corporate management and external stakeholders, including statutory auditors, shareholder auditors and other entities to discuss project practices and issues.• Exhibit team leadership skills, integrity, self-confidence, fairness.• Manage Quality Coordinators multi-disciplined QC Inspectors and is develop / mentor.• Review and approval of contractor and supplier quality plans and ITP’s.• Oversee quality activities at Jay Ray McDermott’s in Louisiana and TOFCO in Trinidad.• Oversee inspection activities at Vendors in USA, Europe and Japan.• Manage project action tracker, issuing lessons learned and quality alerts;• Conduct internal/external quality audits to ISO 9001: 2000.• Manage QA/QC budget of $3M.Lex Maclaine, BSc. MCQP e [ lexmaclaine@yahoo.co.uk ] m [ 0974-3362-1922 ] Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Lex C. B. MaclaineAug 2007 – Jul 2008 Peru LNG, Peru – QA/QC ManagerResponsible for overall supervision of QA/QC during the procurement and construction of a $1.2B - 34 indiameter pipeline for the transportation of natural gas from Chinquintirca located in the mountains aroundAyacucho, to a Greenfield $2.6B LNG Plant at Pampa Melchorita on the coast. Camisea gas field suppliesnatural gas for the LNG plant through a pipeline. The pipeline runs for 408km through 22 districts inAyacucho, 4 districts in Huancavelica, 8 in Ica and 1 in Lima. It provides 550mcf of transport capacity to thePeruvian market.The LNG plant is a single train facility with a capacity of 4.4 million tonnes a year. It can process 620 millioncubic feet of gas every day. It carries out the following functions: feed gas receiving, liquid separation, gasmetering and pressure reduction, and removal of carbon dioxide and water from the feed gas. The equipmentand utilities include gas dehydration and carbon absorption units, facilities for refrigeration and liquefaction,two storage tanks of 130,000m³ LNG capacity each and refrigerant storage.My duties included the following:• Development of PLNG Project Manual, incorporating plans and procedures.• Conduct internal and external quality audits to ISO 9001: 2000.• Review and approval of Contractor Quality Management System, subcontractor and supplier ITP’s.• Supervise QA/QC Engineers, multi discipline QC Inspectors overseeing inspection activities at equip- ment suppliers and pipe mills (India and Italy) and construction Site in Peru.• Track deficiencies, making recommendations and improve operating procedures and processes;Aug 2004 – Jul 2007 ConocoPhillips Inc. USA, Canada – QA ManagerOverall responsible for establishing a Management System for Regas Capital Projects providing consistencyof approach and improvement opportunities for $20 Billion business development for the following projects: $4.2B REX NGL Pipelines USA & Canada, Feed Equity Shared $3.8B Kentucky E-Gas Facility, KT Feed Equity Shared $3.3B Sweeny E-Gas Facility, TX Feed Equity Shared $3.2B Keystone NGL Pipelines, Canada / USA Feed Equity Shared $3.0B Golden Pass Regas LNG Facility & Pipeline TX EPC Equity Shared $1.5B Beacon Port LNG offshore Facility & NGL Pipeline Feed study AL & TX $1.2B Compass Port LNG offshore Facility & NGL Pipeline Feed study LS & TX $800MM Eemshaven onshore LNG terminal & LNG Pipeline Feed study Europe $750MM Freeport Regas LNG Facility & Pipeline, TX, EPCC Management $650MM Sound Energy Solutions onshore LNG terminal Feed study CA & TX $350MM Sooner NGL Pipeline USA Feed Equity Shared $160MM Brazoria Interconnector Gas Pipeline Project, EPCC Management• Work on large capital projects in a highly dynamic team environment that has tight-deadlines, high pres- sure and visibility, requiring accuracy, initiative and the ability to multi-task as essential skills.• Implementation of the individual Quality Plans and directing, improving, and verifying the effectiveness of quality systems during the development and construction of capital projects.• Perform continuous improvement process, including lessons learned, best practices, non-conformance reports, corrective and preventative action reports, quality bulletins.• Develop internal/external schedules and conduct quality audits to ISO 9001: 2000.Participated as an active member of the ConocoPhillips network of excellence Team and provided qualitymanagement support to Brass LNG Facility & Pipelines and Qatar Gas 3/4 LNG Facilities & Pipeline projectswhich are part of the Middle East and North Africa BU as well as supporting Surmount Oil sands Phase 1Project in Canada being presented with an Outstanding Award for significant QA/QC contributions in 2007.Lex Maclaine, BSc. MCQP e [ lexmaclaine@yahoo.co.uk ] m [ 0974-3362-1922 ] Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. Lex C. B. MaclaineAug 2003 – Jul 2004 Dolphin Energy, Qatar – Project QA ManagerOverall responsibility for development of Qatar Office business development procedures and oversight of allquality assurance activities in operating centres, Paris, Qatar and Abu Dhabi during the final FEED phaseand lead up to contract award of all five major contracts of the $3.5 Billion Project). This was a one year as-signment as the previous QA/QC Manager (QP assigned person) had resigned, and I was pending USAwork visa for returning to work with ConocoPhillips in Houston Texas USA.Prior to leaving, I successfully hired and trained two replacement QA/QC Managers for assignment in Japanand Abu Dhabi where the two major contracting companied held their offices. I had been requested by asenior representative of Qatar Petroleum to take on this short term assignment.Sep 1998 – Jul 2003 Phillips Petroleum Co. Inc. – Senior QA EngineerOverall responsibility for quality assurance activities during Qatar Chemicals [Q-Chem1 $1.2 Billion]Polyethylene / Ethylene Project FEED phase. In addition, assigned to NGL-4 $650MM Brownfield/ NGL-3Revamp and recovery shutdown scope to a new NGL-4 fractionation facility, installation of new flare line and60,000-cm/³ propane tank with tie-in facilities at terminal, 14” -100 km Raw NGL and 6” Pentane pipe linespost start-up and design modifications on the new NGL-4 fractionation facility. Later transferred to Italy from1999 thru 2001 to oversee detailed design and procurement activities, with frequent travel to Korea wherethe Contractor JV partnership (Snamprogetti / Hyundai) was located in Seoul. Finally, I was relocated toQatar to oversee construction, commissioning until Oct 2003.Apr 1997 – Jul 1998 Marathon Oil Company, USA - QA Approvals LeaderOverall responsible for the supervision/ verification of quality assurance certification during therefurbishment/modification of a $750 Million Arctic Drilling & Production facility and send out Oil Pipeline(Molikpaq) destined for operation in Sakhalin Islands, Russia.Jan 1994 –Feb 1997 Chiyoda Corporation, Japan – Project QA/QC ManagerOverall responsible for the quality management at Home office (Yokoyama, Japan) for project quality supportactivities in preparation of ISO 9001 PMS for $1.3 Billion PSR-2 Melaka refining project stage I based inMelaka, Malaysia.Mar 1992 – Dec 1993 BP, Aberdeen UK – Project QA EngineerEnsure the effective implementation of the BP quality program whilst providing continuous communication,coordination and advice to the Project Manager on quality issues concerning PMT discipline execution andthe oversight of Contractors/Suppliers for £1.2 Billion BP Bruce offshore platform in the North Sea. Workscope included onshore fabrication and offshore hook up and commissioning.Jan 1989 – Feb 1992 Shell, Aberdeen UK - Project QA EngineerImplemented the Shell quality program and developed ISO 9001 Project Quality Plan for the design,procurement & installation of topsides & subsea emergency shutdown valves £250 Million BrentRefurbishment project meeting statutory governmental regulationsJul 1987 – Dec 1988 BG, Hydro-Carbons UK - Project QC EngineerOverall coordination with multi-disciplined QC activities associated with the procurement, fabrication, andoffshore hook-up of £250 Million British Gas DB6 & DB8 gas installations located in the Irish Sea.May 1984 – Jun 1987 Total, Aberdeen, UK - Project QC EngineerOverall coordination with multi-disciplined QC activities associated with the procurement, fabrication, andoffshore hook-up of £750 Million North Alwyn B Jacket platform, topside modules, and Subsea pipelinesLex Maclaine, BSc. MCQP e [ lexmaclaine@yahoo.co.uk ] m [ 0974-3362-1922 ] Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Lex C. B. MaclaineFeb 1979 – Feb 1984 McDermotts International, Scotland – Project QC EngineerResponsible for multi-disciplined QC activities associated with the following projects: £1 Billion Conoco North West Hutton Tension Leg Platform (Complete topsides and Hull). £250 MM BP Ravenspurn platform jackets only. £350 MM Conoco Valiant platform jackets and topsides. £400 MM Phillips Audrey Platform jacket and topsides.References provided upon requestLex Maclaine, BSc. MCQP e [ lexmaclaine@yahoo.co.uk ] m [ 0974-3362-1922 ] Page 5 of 5