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Environmental Projects


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Water quality and environmental project examples from TerraCognito GIS Services.

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Environmental Projects

  1. 1. Project Examples:Water & Environmental Planning Decision Support Lex Ivey, President
  2. 2. COMPANY BACKGROUNDTerraCognito GIS Services, Inc.• Founded in 2004 by Lex Ivey – Professional Services Consultant at CommunityViz (Boulder, CO) • 2002 - 2004 – GIS Manager at Otak (Carbondale & Denver, CO) • 1998 - 2002 • Extensive beta testing of CommunityViz in 2000 – B.A. Degree cum laude in Geography, Biology & Environmental Conservation (1995 University of Colorado at Boulder)
  3. 3. GROWTH MODELING/IMPACT ANALYSIS Potential failed septic fields at 2031 Highly vulnerable aquifersRegional Growth Modeling and Groundwater Protection Potential septic-relatedAnalysis, 2007 groundwater threats at 2031Client: British Columbia Ministry of Environment, CanadaTerraCognito was hired by the to model the impacts of futuredevelopment scenarios on groundwater resources and provideCommunityViz software training to multiple city and county plannersin Canada’s Okanagan Valley. Using assessor records, septic permits,cadastral, and hydrologic data, TerraCognito mapped and quantifiedthe ages of all septic systems in the regional district. Then a build-outanalysis and residential land use allocation was performed to generatefuture land use scenarios based on current zoning. This was overlaidon vulnerable aquifers mapping to map and measure potential threatsto groundwater resources over a 25-year period.
  4. 4. GROWTH MODELING/IMPACT ANALYSIS Eagle County Build-Out Analysis and Visualization, 2008-2010 Client: Eagle County, Colorado TerraCognito worked directly with Eagle County, Colorado and the municipalities of Avon, Basalt, Eagle, Gypsum, Minturn, Red Cliff and Vail to perform a county- wide spatial-temporal build-out analysis and 3D visualization. Using ArcGIS and CommunityViz, a detailed existing conditions analysis of dwelling units was performed based on assessor and census data, followed by a numeric, spatial and visual build-out analysis of existing zoning as well potential future land use described in the municipalities’ Master Plans. An elaborate visioning exercise was implemented for the unincorporated Impact Analysis Animation (1970-2051) county using multi-criteria analysis and Data & Process Flow for Multi-criteria Analysis preference mapping to drive future Data Flow Base Data Derived Data Calibrated Data Simple Average growth scenarios. Later phases of work Slopes included an economic component Visible Ridgelines including a commercial build-out C1 + C2 + C3 + C4 NC Criteria analysis, existing jobs distribution, future Wildfire Hazard jobs allocation and impact analysis. Finally, the results were delivered in Proximity to I-70/SH 82 Google Earth format for viewing by the both the planners and the public. Process Flow GIS mapping Spatial Analysis Reclassification Map Algebra Development Preference Model Customized Google Earth Visualization
  5. 5. AQUIFER VULNERABILITY MODELDRASTIC Fm ImplementationClient: Geologic Survey of CanadaTerraCognito’s Lex Ivey implemented themigration of the client’s existing aquifervulnerability model (DRASTIC Fm) toCommunityViz to allow dynamic, real-timemodeling updates. The model’s parameters ofdepth to water table (D), recharge areas (R),aquifer media (A), slope values (S), soil types(T), impact of vadose zone (I), hydraulicconductivity (C) and fractured media (Fm)could be rated and weighted usingCommunityViz lookup tables and slider bars.This approach decreased the time required to DRASTIC Fm model layersrun the model by a factor of ten. Moreimportantly the ratings for each parametervalue as well as the weighting of each value canbe interactively changed by the users. Becauseit is built on a standard aquifer vulnerabilitymodeling framework, this implementation canbe used in other geographic locations andmodified to the specific conditions in that area. DRASTIC Fm implemented in CommunityViz
  6. 6. DAM REMOVAL VISUALIZATIONElwha River Dam Removal VisualizationClient: American Rivers NGO hillshade rasterTerraCognito modeled two proposed dam removals on the ElwhaRiver in Washington’s Olympic National Park. TerraCognitocreated interactive, photo-realistic, 3D visualization of existing random color rampconditions, as well as various stages of dam removal, includingdraw-down, riverbed restoration, and re-vegetation. Thevisualizations were used extensively by American Rivers throughoutthe settlement negotiation process and in meetings with legislators, photo-realultimately resulting in the impending removal of the Glines Canyon sediment textureand Elwha dams. Commencing in 2011, the dismantling of theElwha and Glines Canyon dams will allow the river to flow freely forthe first time in 100 years, restoring over 70 miles of salmon andsteelhead habitat. Existing conditions Dam removal / Reservoir draw down Restored river channel
  7. 7. office: 303-258-3515 lexivey@terracog.commobile: 303-808-3420