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Search Love: Filter Bubbles, PR and your brand


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 Filter bubbles have changed the way the publishing industry operates. By understanding this we can create content and outreach plans that support the media in giving readers what they want. Lexi gave a highly actionable talk showing examples of both successes and failures. She concluded by discussing the role the internet, AI, ML and SEOs play in crafting the experience of the internet and humans perceptions of reality.

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Search Love: Filter Bubbles, PR and your brand

  1. 1. LEXI MILLS Filter Bubbles, PR and your brand @leximills
  2. 2. Agenda • Challenges • Opportunities • Tactics
  3. 3. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average 2.5 billion gigabytes (GB) - of data was generated every day in 2012. That's big by anyone's standards.
  4. 4. We are drowning in email We receive more than 100 work emails a day, and that is growing by 15%
  5. 5. So in a few years that'll be 200 emails a day.  assuming on average an email takes 5 minutes to read/respond and file.  that's 1000 minutes a day spent on emails.  Which is 16 hours a day.
  6. 6. Facebook users tend almost entirely to click on links that they agree with, meaning that their news feeds can become an echo chamber
  7. 7. Something clickable….
  8. 8. Can be more important than something noteworthy
  9. 9. “Traffic pays the bills, so that means you might cover something clickbaity that you'd prefer to ignore.”
  10. 10. Sometimes They Don't Have a Choice
  11. 11. over 50% of content has to comes from machines
  12. 12. And this is only set to rise
  13. 13. Onsite Assets
  14. 14. We can predict some of these
  15. 15. Own something bigger. If promote Sky Movies then ‘own movies’ Or the cost of
  16. 16. IMAGE CREDIT:
  17. 17.  Pick Clients/ Project Campaign Themes Reduce Risk and Fear
  18. 18. Over 100 articles secured A full list of coverage can be found here:
  19. 19. @leximills We (publishers and marketers) are moving away from hacking algorithms to hacking humans.
  20. 20. We need to get everything right
  21. 21. We need to be strategic
  22. 22. Back up bylines
  23. 23. “Companies that are highly effective at internal communication are 1.7 times more likely to outperform their peers. -Regardless of industry, region or economy. ”
  24. 24. One of the Greatest Challenges to Online Marketing Is Internal Communication
  25. 25. Quickly, the basic sequence of a feature story is: 1. The intro: grab the reader's attention with an arresting idea, an emblematic example of what you plan to talk about (1-2 paras); 2. The billboard: this is the "advert" for the rest of the article, setting up the reader's expectations - tell them what you are going to be writing about and why it matters, what is it's broad impact; what are the forces driving change here? (2-3 paras); 3. The backplot: how did we get to where we are now? What got us in this mess/genius position/threat situation. And why is the subject of this article going to change all that?.(2- 3 paras); 4. The meat of the article: tell them what you really want to say - this is where you wax lyrical and develop your arguments. (6-8 paras) 5. Ending: check how Economist stories end: they often end with a moral of the tale with a bit of humour. If you can, come back to the idea in the intro as a circular story always gives the reader good closure.(1-2 paras); 6. Break any of these rules if the story is better that way! (Often is).
  26. 26. Don’t try to win on round one
  27. 27. Stop apologizing for sharing our awesome content
  28. 28. Tell them what the subject line of your email will be
  29. 29. Put your trend terms in the subject line
  30. 30. Travel to disrupt your bubbles
  31. 31. When to mail merge?
  32. 32. Why is your quote better than the other 500 being offered?
  33. 33. 383 Million Monthly Views
  34. 34. “The publisher currently posts 650 videos on its site each day which has helped it increase views by 516 % last year. ”
  35. 35. But how do you do it effectively? • Phone videos are good enough.-BBC • Place the camera higher than the field of vision. • Monitor others behavior in the background. • Keep them short.
  36. 36. @leximills
  37. 37. Tell our brand stories in headlines
  38. 38. We have a new set of brand problems arising
  39. 39. Our tech is already smarter than we are
  40. 40. @leximills
  41. 41. @leximills
  42. 42. Results Coverage hits: 133 High links: 72 Medium links: 56 Average DA of linking site: 54 Broadcast: 3 Total circulation: 357,545,235 Link details We only count each unique link on a page, as such if a post links to the same place more than once this is only counted as one link. High - Links with a DA 40 an above Medium - Links with DA 20-39 Low - We don't count anything with a DA 19 or below
  43. 43. • Literacy vs chocolate
  44. 44. But this isn’t new… “Tickle the public, make them grin, the more you tickle, the more you win”
  45. 45. 1.) Look for what isn’t there 2.) Everyone should do outreach 3.) Consider the wider brand impact of search technology
  46. 46. Keep our social and data bubbles open
  47. 47. Greater understanding as opposed to greater separation
  48. 48. • Algorithms • Humans • And you
  49. 49. Thank you Contact for training and consulting: