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PR SEO Tactics That Work With AI & Online Filter Bubbles


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We live in a world where we are creating data faster than we know how to manage or use it. This presents great opportunities and threats to us both professionally and personally.

Her presentation will explain how she uses data combined with SEO knowledge, PR and psychology to create data-driven measurable communications strategies that maximise influence on human behaviour.

Lexi’s talk will cover how big data and AI is shaping the behaviour of internet users and brands. She will discuss how changes in Google’s algorithmic technology has impacted the publishing industry and what tactics marketers need to employ to build links and influence consumer behaviour now and in the future.

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PR SEO Tactics That Work With AI & Online Filter Bubbles

  1. 1. LEXI MILLS PR SEO Tactics That Work With AI and Filter bubbles @leximills
  2. 2. Agenda • Challenges • Opportunities • Tactics
  3. 3. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average 2.5 billion gigabytes (GB) - of data was generated every day in 2012. That's big by anyone's standards.
  4. 4. PR SEO
  5. 5. We need to understand the very nuances that make up our audiences behaviors
  6. 6. Building links is not enough
  7. 7. An infographic just wont cut it!
  8. 8. Provide content in a format that delivers this ripple effect
  9. 9. Something clickable….
  10. 10. Something clickable…. Can be more important than something noteworthy
  11. 11. “Traffic pays the bills, so that means you might cover something clickbaity that you'd prefer to ignore.”
  12. 12. Sometimes They Don't Have a Choice
  13. 13. @leximills
  14. 14. @leximills over 50% of content has to comes from machines
  15. 15. @leximills And this is only set to rise
  16. 16. Facebook users tend almost entirely to click on links that they agree with, meaning that their news feeds can become an echo chamber
  17. 17. We have a new set of brand problems arising
  18. 18. Our tech is already smarter than we are
  19. 19. Some media don’t use email or phones!
  20. 20. @leximills
  21. 21. Tell our brand stories in headlines
  22. 22. Onsite Assets
  23. 23. Reduce Risk and Fear: 1.) Pick Clients/ Project 2.) Campaign Themes
  24. 24. Over 100 articles secured A full list of coverage can be found here:
  25. 25. Moving fast…
  26. 26. @leximills
  27. 27. @leximills
  28. 28. @leximills We (publishers and marketers) are moving away from hacking algorithms to hacking humans.
  29. 29. @leximills
  30. 30. @leximills Phase 1 - Outreach: Launch Event, Embargo Briefings
  31. 31. @leximills Phase 2 - Official Launch to UK Media Coverage Examples • • • • •
  32. 32. @leximills Phase 3 - Trade and Luxury Media Outreach Coverage Examples • +sale • • • •
  33. 33. @leximills Phase 4 - International Media Outreach Coverage Examples • •$133000/267138/ • • •$133000/267138/ • • •
  34. 34. @leximills Phase 5 - Picking Up the Ones We Missed There were some publications that did not want to cover the story initially, we then went back to them as the hype grew and used the other coverage as leverage to get these media outlets to publish
  35. 35. @leximills Phase 6 - Social Media and Blogger Outreach
  36. 36. @leximills Overview of Results Coverage hits: 133 High links: 72 Medium links: 56 Average DA of linking site: 54 Broadcast: 3 Total circulation: 357,545,235 Link details We only count each unique link on a page, as such if a post links to the same place more than once this is only counted as one link. High - Links with a DA 40 an above Medium - Links with DA 20-39 Low - We don't count anything with a DA 19 or below
  37. 37. Literacy vs. chocolate
  38. 38. Literacy vs chocolate
  39. 39. Travel to disrupt your bubbles
  40. 40. Keep our social and data bubbles open
  41. 41. Greater understanding as opposed to greater separation
  42. 42. Algorithms Humans And you
  43. 43. Thank you Contact for training and consulting: For full online marketing services: