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Digital storytelling and the Future marketing #TheInbounder 2018


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Lexi Mills will be addressing the implications of technology on the marketing industry as well as the key question: how do we implement this in our day to day work? She will discuss topics such as the future of publishing, how the role of outreach and PR needs to evolve in order to continue to see results as AI-driven publishing grows.

Lexi will be share tips for designing and executing impactful integrated PR SEO campaigns and advice on how to use SEO metrics to inform PR strategies. This will be a highly actionable talk, providing media industry insight and showing real PR SEO and content marketing examples.

Lexi will conclude by discussing the opportunities and threats presented by the advancement of marketing and publishing technology, the ethics surrounding its use, and what the future of storytelling journalism looks like.

Published in: Marketing
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Digital storytelling and the Future marketing #TheInbounder 2018

  1. 1. Digital storytelling and the Future marketing Lexi Mills @leximills
  2. 2. #theinbounder AGENDA • Publishing • Recent changes • Future changes • PR and Outreach • Adapting to changes in publishing • Legal compliance • Creating impactful campaigns • The future role of SEO and applications of SEO
  3. 3. #theinbounder
  4. 4. #theinbounder
  5. 5. #theinbounder
  6. 6. #theinbounder
  7. 7. #theinbounder
  8. 8. #theinbounder
  9. 9. #theinbounder
  10. 10. #theinbounder
  11. 11. #theinbounder
  12. 12. #theinbounder Mimic / Hack
  13. 13. #theinbounder
  14. 14. #theinbounder
  15. 15. #theinbounder over 50% of content has to come from it
  16. 16. #theinbounder
  17. 17. #theinbounder 150 Academic papers!?!?!?!
  18. 18. #theinbounder
  19. 19. #theinbounder
  20. 20. #theinbounder Over 100 articles secured A full list of coverage can be found here:
  21. 21. #theinbounder “Do you think editorial has become more tied to revenue and traffic in the last 10 years?”
  22. 22. #theinbounder “Traffic pays the bills, so that means you might cover something clickbaity that you'd prefer to ignore”
  23. 23. #theinbounder
  24. 24. #theinbounder
  25. 25. #theinbounder “Through automation, we’re providing customers with 12 times the corporate earnings stories as before, including for a lot of very small companies that never received much attention,” said Lisa Gibbs, our global business editor.
  26. 26. #theinbounder There is a new value to mail merge in light of AI generated coverage
  27. 27. #theinbounder Focused on business and finance
  28. 28. #theinbounder How will this evolve?
  29. 29. #theinbounder
  30. 30. #theinbounder
  31. 31. #theinbounder
  32. 32. #theinbounder
  33. 33. #theinbounder
  34. 34. #theinbounder If you are in the healthcare sector making friends with trade media should be a priority
  35. 35. #theinbounder
  36. 36. #theinbounder
  37. 37. #theinbounder Google Answer box to target media more than consumers
  38. 38. #theinbounder
  39. 39. #theinbounder
  40. 40. #theinbounder Building links will be just as much for PR as it will be for SEO
  41. 41. #theinbounder
  42. 42. #theinbounder
  43. 43. #theinbounder Emergent markets should jump on P0 results as fast as possible
  44. 44. #theinbounder P0 can help you create content right now!
  45. 45. #theinbounder
  46. 46. #theinbounder Don’t go for gold go for silver
  47. 47.
  48. 48.
  49. 49.
  50. 50.
  51. 51.
  52. 52.
  53. 53.
  54. 54.
  55. 55. Title goes Here 59 Results: The campaign built over 66 inbound links with an average domain authority of 41. As well as 52 inbound links with unique linking root domains. Alongside TV coverage on NY1 TV News, Cleveland 19, the Discovery Channel Canada, USA (CBS) 9 News, and Good Morning America on ABC
  56. 56. #theinbounder Build content to engage people, Google and journalists
  57. 57. #theinbounder
  58. 58. #theinbounder 25/04/2018 Shift6 Mail - Gorkana Consumer Alert: Monday 23 April 2018 Lexi Mills <> Gorkana Consumer Alert: Monday 23 April 2018  1 message Gorkana Alerts <> 23 April 2018 at 12:22 To: Gorkana Alerts relaunch   In 2015, Gorkana was acquired by Cision to bring our clients the best data and media intelligence technology in the market, and so, as part of our re branding journey, we're please to announce that Gorkana Alerts will soon be renamed to Cision Alerts.    Our alerts will continue in exactly the same way as they always have, we'll be maintaining our usual high standards of information keeping you up­to­date of the latest journalist and influencer news and moves so you've always got the right details to hand.    More details will be announced in due course.    Jobs: You can advertise a range of vacancies with us, whether it's a permanent, contract or freelance position. Email Gorkana Consumer Alert: Monday 23 April 2018    Culture Trip  GQ  HomeStyle  HuffPost UK  MailOnline  Pulse 1 / Pulse 2  Tatler  The Jewish Chronicle  The Observer  The Sun  UTV / ITV  Freelance Update ­ Amira Arasteh  Freelance Journalist ­ Paul F Cockburn  Freelance Update ­ Harriet Mallinson  Journalist Update ­ Nicola Adam  International Alerts  Meet the Journalist: Bauer Media’s Jo Parkerson  Gorkana Alerts relaunch  The Association of American Correspondents in London ­ panel discussion  Games Media Brit List 2018  Social Shout Out    Culture Trip  Culture Trip has now moved offices. The new address is 75 Davies Street, London, W1K 5JN. The team can still be reached at and found tweeting at    GQ  There have been changed to the British GQ fashion team:    Zak Maoui has joined as Junior Style Editor. Having previously contributed to titles including British GQ, GQ
  59. 59. #theinbounder
  60. 60. #theinbounder
  61. 61. #theinbounder How do I scale myself?
  62. 62. #theinbounder database
  63. 63. #theinbounder
  64. 64. #theinbounder
  65. 65. #theinbounder
  66. 66. #theinbounder Journalists Consulting Board Media feedback System for recruiting and managing journalistfeedbackon press materials, content ideas, pitches, press invitations, mediacentres etc. We anonymise the clients when sendingcontent to them to review. experts
  67. 67. #theinbounder Academic experts
  68. 68. #theinbounder
  69. 69. #theinbounder Dr Claire Asher – Academic liaison Is a professional science legislation communicator and an active journalist. She writes for New Scientist, BBC Earth, ScienceNOW, The Scientist, and Nature News. She works with us to support relationships with academics and researchers Gemma Dodd- lead creative Gemma is a professional stylist, prop designer and photographer. She is also an active journalist covering lifestyle, films, culture and fashion. She works with us to create social media content, photography and prop design for stunts Academic experts experts
  70. 70. #theinbounder
  71. 71. #theinbounder
  72. 72. #theinbounder
  73. 73. #theinbounder 3 touch points This is true for all communication • Internal • External • Client side • Media relations
  74. 74. #theinbounder
  75. 75. #theinbounder
  76. 76. #theinbounder
  77. 77. #theinbounder
  78. 78. #theinbounder
  79. 79.
  80. 80. #theinbounder
  81. 81. #theinbounder
  82. 82. #theinbounder
  83. 83. #theinbounder database
  84. 84. #theinbounder look at similar stories on google news and reference the tags
  85. 85. #theinbounder
  86. 86. #theinbounder Media experts
  87. 87. #theinbounder
  88. 88. #theinbounder Drafted article titles Media experts Drafted articles Media experts
  89. 89. #theinbounder
  90. 90. #theinbounder
  91. 91. #theinbounder Total Coverage: 19 media outlets covered the piece 17 Links built with an average DA of 47
  92. 92. To date we have out performed projected results by over double • Systems • Processes • Knowledge of changes in publishing
  93. 93.
  94. 94. it might be far healthier if the first result looked more like this….
  95. 95. #theinbounder
  96. 96. A doctor says: Yes, a Fitbit really can track your emotional ups and downs. "We've known for decades that stressful experiences can cause a jump in heart rate
  97. 97. We can determine the best result to surface
  98. 98. In the US, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime. Now, a similar rate has been reported in the UK, with a new study published in the British Journal of Cancer claiming 1 in 2 men and women will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lives.
  99. 99. #theinbounder
  100. 100. #theinbounder
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  103. 103. #theinbounder
  104. 104. THANK YOU! Lexi Mills @leximills