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Yifei li id hub

  1. 1. NAME: Yifei Li NUMBER: s3361198 http://flavors.me/lexie3361198
  2. 2. Persona Description • What defines my persona? I believe it’s both my education background and my personal interest. The online image I want to establish for myself is a person who is tending to live a creative life and love everything about creativity. • I want to present me as a person who can discover the fun in life and get inspired by it. I am a person who has a sense of humor and I believe life is better with some creativity. I am practically interest in posters with unexpected visual and products with creative design. I want to do some creative work in PR or advertising industry. • My online image reflects that I care about being creative. Being creative means using an unique way to think, using a different eye to look and finally, bring out the inner power to understand the deep meaning of life. I want to show my point of view about being creative though social media: Inspiration doesn’t occur spontaneously, but with careful meditation on oneself. The key publics I want to attract are other people who have passion in creative work and love to live a creative life. • In order to reach my objective, I have included a personal blog, my own facebook page, Twitter, Instragram and Vimeo. I collect creative and funny pictures on Instagram and upload relevant videos on my Vimeo account. I write my thoughts on the blog, and hopefully, present me as a person who is pursuing a creative life.
  3. 3. • Positioning Statement: a person who is tending to live a creative life and love everything about creativity • Value proposition: share and communicate creative ideas with people in order to enrich our experience. Encourage people to live a creative life. • Brand Story: I went to boarding school since I was 11 years old which build my personality at some aspects. I’m very outgoing and easygoing. During the study of my Bachelor of Photography, I knew what creativity is. I can shoot creative photos by myself. Now, I’m doing my Master degree on Advertising which makes me have a deeper thought of creativity. Beyond photos, everything can be creative. I started to discover them and collect them to inspire myself and other people.
  4. 4. Evidence of blog posts • Literature and theory discussed—a review of indentity http://s3361198.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/a-review- of-identity/ In this blog, I have reviewed and discussed identity based on lecture from Mr. Neal. • Media mapping http://s3361198.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/media- mapping/ This is a course exercise of mapping the media around your living area.
  5. 5. Evidence of blog posts • Own interest—To live a creative life http://s3361198.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/to -live-a-creative-life/ In this blog, I’ve write my thoughts about how to live a creative life.
  6. 6. TWITTER • replies or interactions with people within or outside your class
  7. 7. course material engaging in another hashtag conversation TWITTER
  8. 8. A diagram of my platforms