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Demo e-Skills Quality Conference

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Demo e-Skills Quality Conference

  1. 1. e-Skills QUALITY Towards an e-Skills Landscape Service And Self-Assessment Tool Lex Hendriks (EXIN)2013-01-24 1
  2. 2. Target audience ProfessionalsWhat e-Skills are required for my next career step?Which training/certificate would have added value? Human Resource Managers, Employment Agencies,Recruitment and Staffing IndustryWhat skills are required for the job?Which training/certificate bridges the skills gap Training ProvidersWhich e-Skills are most wanted?How do I obtain an e-Skills Quality Label?
  3. 3. Towards an e-Skills Landscape ServicePrototype providing:• Information – e-Skills Quality – Demand and Supply – Mapping of certificates – Best Practices• Tools – Self-Assessment – European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) – ICT Professional Profiles
  4. 4. Lots of information• Results of the study• Links to external sources• Content made reusable in the tools: e-CF, ICT Professional Profiles, Certification Mapping
  5. 5. The idea: creating connections Certificates Mapping User Input e-CFICT Professional Profiles Assessment Results
  6. 6. Self-Assessment Fill in your View your personal Search for your 1 personal details 2 professional profile 3 next stepUser input may be: Output:• Selected e-CF competence • e-CF Profile• Experience (deliverables) Computing • Nearest ICT Professional• Certificates Profiles • (After selecting a profile) certificates bridging the gap
  7. 7. Results of a tiny user satisfaction surveyQuestions: Would the service be welcome, have benefits, be useful?General trends: Professionals Employers Trainers Welcome 80% 75% 95% Benefits 100% 50% 45% Useful 60% 75% 60% (Most respondents where professional experts )
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention empirica GmbH Oxfordstr. 2 53111 Bonn, Germany e-Mail: Web: www.eskills-quality.eu2013-01-24 8