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OpenStack in an Ever Expanding World of Possibilities - Vancouver 2015 Summit


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Over the past several years we have seen the continued adoption of OpenStack and it’s expansion into new areas: from cloud service providers, enterprise private clouds to large media companies, telecommunication giants, and big science. At the same time, open source based platforms for network functions virtualization (NFV) are fueling a movement toward cloud computing in almost all major telco’s.
In the developer world, open source projects, such as Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, and Spark are gaining a lot of attention and being integrated into OpenStack through projects Kolla and Magnum.

This session will cover how these projects and activities relate to each other and further expand the utility and adoption OpenStack.

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OpenStack in an Ever Expanding World of Possibilities - Vancouver 2015 Summit

  1. 1. OpenStack in an Ever Expanding World of Possibilities Lew Tucker VP/CTO Cloud Computing, Cisco Systems, Inc. @lewtucker ® OpenStack is a registered trademark of the OpenStack Foundation
  2. 2. Entire Industries are being disrupted by waves of innovation Internet and Cloud Computing
  3. 3. Marc Andreesen’s 2011 proclamation
  4. 4. Now there are more virtual machines than physical hosts creating a new model of software-driven infrastructure Physical Domain Virtual Domain Instant, self-provisioning, dynamic allocation of resources
  5. 5. Cloud computing brought in multi-tenancy and larger scale - changing the fundamental economics Public Cloud Computing
  6. 6. Application developers started building apps in a new way • Cloud Computing services and their APIs created a platform • Applications could be developed and deployed much much faster • Automation became essential part of operations • Development and Operations Merged into DevOps • Data center looked through a software lens – OpenStack gains ground But Something Else Happened Cloud Computing became a “platform” for “cloud-native” application development
  7. 7. • Openstack public cloud providers • AWS-like cloud inside the firewall • eCommerce and Media Companies Adoption is cutting across different sectors
  8. 8. OpenStack becomes a new layer in the data center software stack Nova, Neutron, Swift, Horizon, Keystone, Cinder, Ceilometer, Heat, Trove,…..
  9. 9. Software Defined Networking (SDN) - another distruption as software takes over networking NFV VNFOpenFlow
  10. 10. Network Controllers move to Open Source OpenStack SVCS OpenStack Neutron Driver
  11. 11. OpenStack Neutron Networking Cisco, Arista, Big Switch, Brocade, A10, Embrane, Freescale, HP, IBM, Juniper, Mellanox, MetaPlugin, Midokura, NEC, Citrix, Nuage, ODL, PLUMgrid, Pluribus, Ryu, Radware, vArmour, VMware 40+
  12. 12. European Standards Body Takes on NFV
  13. 13. Working with Standards Developing Organizations and open source projects to develop an open reference platform for NFV Open Platform for NFV
  14. 14. OpenStack: Enterprise and Carrier grade working groups formed › Resource Allocation & Optimization › Resource Isolation PLUGIN ESXi OS NETWORK FRAMEWORK OS COMPUTE FRAMEWORK OS STORAGE FRAMEWORK NEUTRON API NOVA API SWIFT API PLUGIN GLANCE API CINDER API PLUGIN OS KEYSTONE FRAMEWORK KEYSTONE API Ceilometer PLUGINLinux COMPUTE STORAGENETWORK IDAM Supportfunctions PLUGINPLUGIN Cloud Manager Application Domain OSS NFV Applications Enterprise Applications › Real Time Response – Interrupt servicing – OVS latency › Networking – WAN orchestration – VNF provisioning › Carrier Grade Security – Multi-tenancy with end-to-end isolation › Software Management and Upgrade Support – Hitless & automated upgrades › Backup and Restore – Automatic backup › Audit and Trouble Shooting – Audit log, monitor › Assurance: › High Availability – Mitigation of failures – Fault monitoring and heath check FirewallDPICDN WAN Acceleration DNS Carrier Grade NAT Session Border Controller PE Router EPC
  15. 15. • Agility • Faster Time to Market • Lower Cost • Automation through software • De-risk investment • Open Systems • Mitigate vendor-lockin • Application platform that spans both public and private deployments Meanwhile in the enterprise – Software Defined Data Centers….
  16. 16. Configuration and Cabling Becomes Code Templates and declarative models replace manual procedures submodule execd-routes { import inet-types { prefix inet; } include execd-types; description “providesfor configuring static routes (IPv4 and IPv6). grouping routes { container inet { list route { key "name prefix-length"; leaf name { type inet:ipv4-address; } leaf prefix-length { type prefixLengthIPv4; } leaf enabled { type boolean; default true; }
  17. 17. Software-driven Infrastructure based on Policy rather than manual configuration Congress: Policy as a ServiceGroup-based Policy API’s OpFlex: Policy Protocol
  18. 18. Cloud platform model and virtualized services moving to media creation and distribution
  19. 19. Live Ad SpliceEncryptXcode Playout Live to VOD EncryptXcode Capture Playout IOS VOD EncryptXcode Capture Playout cDVR EncryptXcode Capture Ad Splice Playout Virtualized Video Processing Transformation Time To Market Agility OpEx CapEx Applications Orchestration Orchestration Infrastructure Storage NetworkCompute EncryptXcode Capture Ad Splice PlayoutXcode Virtual Functions EncryptXcode Ad Splice Playout EncryptXcode Capture Playout EncryptXcode Capture Playout IOS VODLive cDVR Live to VOD EncryptXcode Capture Ad Splice Playout Today Weeks to minutes 50% improvement 35% improvement
  20. 20. New models for Development
  21. 21. Sounds a lot like a cloud….
  22. 22. Is there a battle here? Virtual Machines vs Containers
  23. 23. Virtual Machines vs Containers Hardware Operating System Hypervisor (type 2) Virtual Machine Operating System Bins / libs App App Virtual Machine Operating System Bins / libs App App • Virtualization of a physical server • Multi-tenant cloud platforms • Different operating systems onto the same server Virtual Machines Hardware Operating System Container Bins / libs App App Container Bins / libs App App Containers • Uses operating system to separate resources used by different application containers • Share operating system kernel services
  24. 24. Used together – lots of options VM VM VM VM VM VM VM Kubernetes Kubernetes HOST HOST HOST Kubernetes OpenStack Virtual Machines Bare Metal Hosts Tenant A Tenant B Tenant C
  25. 25. Magnum Containers as a Service on an OpenStack Platform • API service developed by the OpenStack Containers Team for OpenStack • Makes Docker Swarm and Kubernetes available as first class resources in OpenStack • Uses Heat to orchestrate an OS image which contains Docker and Kubernetes • Image is run either in virtual machines or bare metal in a cluster configuration • Choice: Can orchestrate Core OS and Atomic (Container micro OS) Kubernetes Endpoint Docker Endpoint Nova Endpoint Magnum •
  26. 26. Kolla Installation of OpenStack services as set of containers • Deploy OpenStack using container technology for atomic upgrades in seconds • Containerizing OpenStack is meant to optimize image-based management of OpenStack • Uses Heat Templates and YAML to define services and pods • Solves a manageability and availability problem with the current state of the art deployment systems in OpenStack Kubernetes Minion KeystonePOD NovaPOD Kubernetes Minion GlancePOD NeutronPOD SV C SV C SVC Pods communicate using Services IP subnets per POD IP subnets per POD SV C NeutronPOD
  27. 27. Kolla Bringing OpenStack Services into the CI/CD DevOps world
  28. 28. Real-time Predictive Analytics and Visualization analytics-and-visualization-for-openstack-operations AVOS – Analytics and Visualization on OpenStack
  29. 29. Services, Microservices and data drive increased need for analytics, health checking, and visualization AVOS CEPH EWS Cloud Pulse
  30. 30. OpenStack keeps expanding ….. Compute (Nova) Dashboard (Horizon) DNS (Designate) Network (Neutron) Glance (Image) Orchestration (Heat) Object Storage (Swift) Identity (KeyStone) Data Processing (Sahara) Block Storage (Cinder) Telemetry (Ceilometer) Deployment (Triple O) Bare Metal (Ironic) Database (Trove) Application Catalog (Murano) Magnum (Containers) Key Management (Barbican) Policy (Congress) File System (Manila) Messaging (Zaqar) ….
  31. 31. • Yes. OpenStack will continue to move into new areas • Trick will be finding the right balance to have each new innovation feed into the whole rather than pull it apart • We need to continue to seek a sound, overall, architecture, and a focus on what brings true value to users of the platform • Commitment by the community to make it work Can OpenStack evolve to meet these new challenges and possibilities?