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Van Hook Letter


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Letter of Recommendation

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Van Hook Letter

  1. 1. SOCIAL WORK CONSULTATION SERVICES, llc P.O. Box 17972 Salt Lake City, UT 84117 801-550-8758 ---cvhlcsw@hotmail.comNov. 1, 2011To Whom It May Concern:It is my pleasure to recommend Sharilyn Hunsaker to you.I have worked with Shari on a consultant basis during her time as nursing home administratorat Rocky Mountain Tooele. I have always been impressed with her management skills and theways in which she seeks to build a cohesive team and to support each individual member ofthat team.It has been a pleasure to work with an administrator who so values quality care for her clients.As she carried out her responsibilities as a health care administrator, her excellent skills inhealth care management as well as business management were very evident. You would bemaking a fine decision if you selected Sharilyn to be a key member of your team.Carole Van Hook, LCSWPresident