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ForceManager - CRM pentru echipa ta de vanzari


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ForceManager - CRM pentru echipa ta de vanzari

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ForceManager - CRM pentru echipa ta de vanzari

  1. 1.    
  2. 2. ForceManager  is  an  sales   management  system  offering  new  and  original   mechanisms  to  op.mise  the  performance  of   field  sales  teams.         What  is  ForceManager?   2  
  3. 3. ForceManager’s  mission  is  to  increase  both  ac.vity  and  produc.vity   levels  of  the  field  sales  force,  enabling  the  sales  team  to  close  more  sales   -­‐  with  the  same  resources.   What  is  ForceManager  for?   3   +  Ac4vity   +  Efficiency   +  SALES  
  4. 4. A  fast  return  on  investment     4   As  a  direct  result  of  using  ForceManager,   interac.on  between  your  sales  team  and   your  target  market  will  increase  by  more   than  20%,  ensuring  a  fast  and  measurable   return  on  investment.  
  5. 5. ü  By  enabling  each  sales  person  with  the  tools  and  informa4on  they  need   ü  By  removing  tasks  that  distract  sales  people  from  the  sales  process   ü  By  providing  sales  management  with  detailed  informa.on  on  the   performance  of  the  sales  team,  and  iden.fying  areas  for  improvement.   How  does  ForceManager  achieve  this?   5   +  Ac4vity   ü  By  automa4cally  recording  the  intensity  of  each  person’s  sales  ac.vity   ü  By  regularly  informing  each  sales  person  how  their  own  produc4vity   compares  with  that  of  their  colleagues.   +  Efficiency  
  6. 6. 6   Contents   1.  Part  One:        ForceManager  for  the  sales  person     2.  Part  Two:          ForceManager  for  sales  managers     3.  Part  Three:          Technical  features  of  ForceManager  
  7. 7. Part  One   Selling  -­‐  exactly  as  it  should  be  
  8. 8. 8   Know  your  customer   ü  Contact  informa.on   ü  Geolocalisa.on   ü  Record  of  visits,  orders,  issues  and   communica.ons   ü  Sales   ü  Reports,  metrics  and  sta.s.cs   ü  Thanks  to  ForceManager,  the  sales  person  arrives  at  the  sales  call  armed  with  all  the   relevant  client  informa4on,  easily  accessed  via  a  tablet  or  smartphone  right  before   each  visit.   ü  The  informa.on  is  available  regardless  of  internet  connec.on  (offline  mode).   ü  Informa.on  on  the  client  includes:   Dashboard,  iPhone5,  Samsung  S  III  
  9. 9. 9   ü  Thanks  to  its  geolocalisa.on  system,  ForceManager  recognises  each  sales   person’s  posi.on  and  provides  a  map  with  sales  opportuni4es  in  the  local  area.   ü  The  map  indicates  the  op4mal  route  for  geXng  to  the  next  in  the   shortest  .me  possible.   Know  your  surroundings   ü  ForceManager  intui.vely  knows  when  the   sales  person  is  a  client  and   immediately  provides  informa.on  on  that   company  –  there’s  no  need  to  search.   Sales  in  the  vicinity  of  the  user,  view  of  map  (Samsung  S  III)  
  10. 10. 10   ü  The  quick  visit  report  (check-­‐in)  allows  the  sales   person  to  instantly  report  in  on  sales  calls,  at   the  click  of  a  buon.     ü  ForceManager  only  allows  for  check-­‐in  from  the   sales  call  loca4on,  guaranteeing  the  accuracy  of   the  informa.on  recorded.   ü  The  sales  person  can  add  comments  when   checking  in,  or  a]er  the  sales  call.   ü  Sales  teams  dedicate  all  their  4me  to  selling,   thus  avoiding  the  onerous  task  of  manually  sales  visits  or  phone  calls.   Dedicate  your  whole  4me  to  selling   Check-­‐in,  iPad  Mini  
  11. 11. 11   ü  The  sales  person  can  use  the  mobile  device  to  show  detailed  brochures  and  digital   presenta4ons.   Offer  a  more  professional  image   ü  The  system  guarantees  that  the  sales   team  only  show  up-­‐to-­‐date  Company   materials.   ü  ForceManager  allows  for  storage  of   any  type  of  file,  including   presenta.ons,  images  and  videos.   Document  storage  system  (Samsung  SIII)  
  12. 12. 12   ü  With  ForceManager  the  sales  person  has  the  descrip.on,  price  and  documenta.on  on   all  products  and  services  available  to  the  client.     ü  The  sales  person  can  provide  quotes  and   place  orders  directly  from  the  product   catalogue  on  the  mobile  device,  while   s.ll  with  the  client.   ü  The  sales  person  can  use  ForceManager’s     integrated  system  of  discounts  and   promo.ons.   Confirm  quotes  and  orders  on-­‐the-­‐spot   List  of  quotes  (iPad  Mini)  
  13. 13. 13   ü  ForceManager  enables  sales  teams  to  plan  their  own  ac4vity  via  a  diary  or   calendar.   ü  Sales  people  can  consult  –  in  real  .me  –   their  own  task  list  or  those  assigned   remotely  by  the  sales  manager.     ü  Tasks  can  then  be  marked  as  done  as  they   are  completed.     Calendar  (iPhone  4S)   Plan  your  daily  ac4vity  
  14. 14. 14   Know  your  own  performance  (inverse  repor4ng)   ü  Sales  people  receive  a  weekly  report   by  e-­‐mail  showing  a  quan4ta4ve  and   qualita4ve  analysis  of  their   professional  ac4vity.   ü  Thanks  to  this  report,  sales  people  also   know  the  intensity  of  their  sales   ac.vity  in  rela.on  to  their  colleagues.   ü  Inverse  repor4ng  makes  sales  people   aware  of  their  own  performance,   which  in  turn  produces  an  increase  in   sales  ac.vity.     Report  on  sales  performance    
  15. 15. 15   Part  Two   Total  transparency  in  sales  management  
  16. 16. 16   ü  ForceManager  automa.cally  records  and  measures  impacts  between  the  sales   force,  clients  and  prospects  within  the  target  market.         These  include:   Automa4c  measurement  of  your  sales  impacts   ü  Phone  calls  made  from  a  mobile   or  landline   ü  E-­‐mails  sent  from  a  mobile   device  or  desktop  computer   ü  Geolocalised  sales  calls.  
  17. 17. 17   ü  Thanks  to  informa.on  being  automa.cally  recorded  in  the  system,  ForceManager   provides  data  on  the  amount  of  interac4ons  the  sales  force  is  in  the  market.  This  is  updated  in  real  .me,  as  impacts  are  made.   Quan4fy  your  sales  efforts   Evolu.on  of  sales  effort  
  18. 18. 18   ü  ForceManager  combines  informa.on  on  the  intensity  of  sales  ac.vity  with  sales   generated  by  each  sales  person,  providing  a  detailed  overview  of  the  sales   team’s  performance.   A  comprehensive  overview  of  sales  performance   Sales  people  who   generate  a  high  number   of  impacts  but   insufficient  sales.   Sales  people  who   generate  a  high   volume  of  impacts   and  sales.   Sales  people  who   meet  their  objec.ves   despite  lile   interac.on  with  the   market.     Sales  people  who   generate  neither  sufficient   sales  nor  sufficient   interac.on  with  the   market.   Ac.vity/sales  diagram  
  19. 19. 19   ü  ForceManager  generates  a  dynamic  ranking  of  the  sales  team,  based  on  level   of  ac.vity,  sales  generated  or  other  criteria.   Sales  team  ranking   Ranking  of  the  sales  team  by  volume  of  impacts  
  20. 20. 20   ü  ForceManager  provides  an  accurate  overview  of  the  geographical  regions  where   sales  efforts  are  being  focused,  whether  at  local,  regional,  na.onal  or  interna.onal   level.     ü  Geographical  analysis  is  automa.c  and  based  on  geolocalisa4on  of  impacts  (sales   calls)  and/or  on  the  real  4me  loca4on  of  the  sales  people  (op.onal).   Geographical  distribu4on  of  sales  ac4vity   Map  of  real  .me  loca.on  of  sales  agents  
  21. 21. 21   Evalua4on  report   ü  ForceManager  provides   sales  managers  with  a   quan4ta4ve  and  qualita4ve   analysis  of  the  ac.vity  of   each  sales  person.     ü  The  report  is  based  on  real,   objec4ve  data,   automa.cally  generated  in   real  4me.   ü  It  therefore  reflects  the   actual  performance  of  each   sales  person.     Individual  analysis  of  sales  ac.vity  
  22. 22. 22   ü  Impacts  generated  by  the  sales  person  are  only  registered  as  professional   ac.vity  if  the  numbers  called  are  from  contacts  in  the  Company’s  database.   Op4mal  informa4on  management   ü  This  incen.vises  the  sales   person  to  maintain  a  clean,   comprehensive  and  up-­‐to-­‐ date  contact  database.     ü  Recogni.on  of  call  recipients   dras.cally  reduces  the  use  of   company  phones  for  personal   calls.     Phone  use  
  23. 23. 23   Analysis  of  the  distribu4on  of  sales  effort   Distribu.on  of  sales  effort  across  accounts   ü  As  each  impact  has  a  recipient,  ForceManager  is  able  to  provide  an  analysis  of  the   distribu.on  of  sales  effort  across  each  sales  person’s  account  por[olio.     ü  Analysis  of  4me  distribu4on  of  the  sales  effort  guarantees  that  each  sales  person   makes  the  most  of  their  working  day.   Time  distribu.on  of  sales  ac.vity  
  24. 24. 24   ü  As  all  registered  impacts  are  directed  at  a  clearly  iden.fied  recipient,   ForceManager’s  coverage  analysis  indicates  how  much  effort  is  being  directed  at   each  category  of  client.     ü  Coverage  analysis  allows  for  easy  iden.fica.on  of  neglected  accounts.     ü  It  also  demonstrates  the  level  of  aen.on  each  sales  person  has  given  to  each   client  or  prospect  profile.   Account  coverage  analysis     Coverage  analysis  
  25. 25. 25   Part  Three   Technology-­‐driven  sales  efficency  
  26. 26. 26   ü  ForceManager  is  available  as  a  web  applica4on   for  sales  managers,  and  as  a  series  of  na4ve   applica4ons  for  mobile  devices  for  sales  people.   ü  The  mobile  applica.ons  have  a  system  of  cache   memory  allowing  sales  people  to  work  in  areas   of  low  or  zero  internet  connec.on.     Sales  efficiency  in  the  cloud   ü  ForceManager  is  based  in  the  cloud:   informa.on  is  located  in  a  high-­‐availability,   secure  server  and  accessed  via  the  internet,   from  any  device  or  loca.on.   Database   Internet  
  27. 27. 27   Mul4-­‐pla[orm   ü  ForceManager  offers  applica.ons  for  most  mobile  devices  in  the   market:  iPhone,  iPad,  and  Android,  BlackBerry,  Windows  8  tablets  and   smartphones.   BlackBerry   iPhone/iPad   Android   Windows  8  
  28. 28. 28   Integra4on   ü  ForceManager  can  easily  be  integrated  with  any  ERP  or  CRM  system.     ü  The  data  entry  interface  is  based  on  an  exchange  of  Excel  (XSL)  or  plain  text   (CSV)  files,  periodically  exported  from  the  ERP/CRM  system  to  an  FTP  server.   ü  ForceManager  also  features  a  web-­‐service  interface  which  allows  for  two-­‐way   integra.on,  thus  ensuring  total  synchronisa.on  of  informa.on.   ERP/CRM  ERP/CRM  connector  Database  Apps  
  29. 29. 29   For  more  informa4on…   ü  If  you  would  like  to  know  more  about  how  ForceManager  can  help  you  and  your   sales  team,  please  visit       ü  Or  if  you  have  specific  ques.ons  or  would  like  a   quote,  please  get  in  touch  via  our  contact  form:        hp://       ü  We  will  be  happy  to  assist  you.