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  1. 1. Assignment 1 Unit 4 Task 3AClient BriefFor our project we have decided to pick the course photography in order tocreate a video explaining and showing off the course to potential students.Photography is a course we have studied and enjoyed whole heartedly. It isalso a subject which would and will appeal to a large number of possiblestudents as we feel more people should be a part of it and we would like toshow off how good the course is at our college and what it provides.With regards to content, it would be appropriate to show an interview withyourself and a few students. This would be a great feature which we caninclude as it helps promote the course within the college and by having anopinion from the teacher and the students saying the advantages of thecourse, this allows them to persuade them to come to the college as there isno one better to interview other than the person who teaches it and thestudents to study the course.We would love in our video to show some of the students work and a smalllook around the department as well as previous student’s work, the studios,the classes and some of the students using the facilities. This allows us to showoff the final produce of what the students have made and hopefully appeal tofuture students in hope they would enjoy doing something like the work weshow.The video will be edited down using software we have for example Photoshop,Adobe After effects. When we produce the final edit of the video we will beplacing it onto a CD/DVD that we can hand out on open days as well asuploading it on the college’s website to catch people’s attention.The reason why we are doing this is because we would like to put forwardsome of the more specific and specialised courses that the college campus hasto offer in order to attract it and for it to be aimed at potential students.
  2. 2. We would want to keep the video short and sharp just too keep the audience’sattention, if we end up making it too long we run the risk of making theaudience switch off. 2-3 minutes appears to be the optimum length.The time it takes us to film the video, we would be starting to film it towardsthe end of January but if it takes longer than expected we would be filming atthe start of February. The amount of time we will have to work with will bearound the end of March. This is a suitable for us to be filming as we have tofully plan what to include in the video for example:Where is it going to be filmed?Who will be filmed in the video?What will be said in the video?What we will show in the video?How long the video will be?How will we edit the video?What resources we will need?
  3. 3. ConstraintsBudget – Total = £4000Camera - £400Lights - £100Computer - £800Editing Software - £250Microphone - £50Tri-Pod - £20Photoshop - £450TOTAL=£2070With a budget of £4000 we need to make sure that we don’t spend money onthings that aren’t necessary to produce our advertisement, and that we don’thire other people to do the basic things that we can do our selves. Within thebudget we need to include all the appropriate materials that enable us tocreate and edit the video together. As we are a company starting from scratchwe need to invest in some software that will help us out in the future. Thesmall scale advertisement will not need the most advanced cameras to film it,and it won’t need High Tec software to edit it in as we just need to add thebasic effects and transitions. The reason that we are investing a large amountof our budget into Photoshop is because that is the software that we will beusing to create logo and all the other small designs or headings that will beplaced in our video. We have put a lot of money into the computer so thatwhen it comes to editing the video we have a fast and reliable computer. Wewill be using a DSLR for the camera as it can shoot stills along with videofootage which is what we need for creating the advertisement. We chose tobuy a Tri-Pod as we need to create still and professional looking footage sothat the camera isn’t swaying around the place while the cameraman is
  4. 4. filming. As almost all Tri-Pod’s work the same we have decided to go with acheap one as it will work just as well, and will support the camera whenfilming. The microphone is a key part to making the video, the high qualityaudio of the students speaking is key to making out video stand out so that youcan hear them as clear as day. We have bought some additional lights so thatwe can light the scene up correctly as the lighting may change through-out theday so we need to make sure that it doesn’t so that we can keep continuitythroughout the video. For the editing software we will be using final cut pro asit is very well known and easy to use, as we are getting a Mac it was also themost practical software to buy.ResourcesThroughout the whole project certain things and people will have to beemployed for the whole video come together. Within the budget set they areonly titled as the overall category within them are extras that are theresources.The budget covers all of this equipment involved:- Camera- Sound- Lights- Software- Expenses
  5. 5. CameraTo produce the final product the camera is one of the main reasons behindachieving it, but to get the very best quality extras are needed.The most commonly used extras that are used during most filming are tripod,spare batteries, memory cards and a rain cover being fully equipped with thesehelp achieve to the best ability.SoundWhen creating a video not only is the images created one of the main focuspoints with it you need to be able what’s going on within in the video.Adding sound to the video such as voice overs, or music. This changes thewhole viewing experience to achieve the best quality of sound possible usingmicrophones also high definition sounds for the best sounds throughout.LightsThe clearest picture is wanted when videoing to be successful when wanting toachieve this it’s important lighting is used if some areas being filmed in are notvery well lit.You can get lights from free standing to some that attach onto the camera thelight going to be used mainly in this project is a LED Video light which attachesto the camera.SoftwareBefore all the different clips are finally brought together to produce the wholevideo they usually are edited to eliminate errors within the video and addfinishing touches to the overall video. Also using editing software allows thefile of the project to be changed to different file formats if needed to.ExpensesAs a team of our employees will be helping with the project we as humansneed resources to keep us going, so we look after the staff by paying for theirexpenses from meals/drinks and transport costs.
  6. 6. Legal and Ethical considerationsLegalCopyright LawI’m aware of the Copyright law and what is allowed and not allowed. Copyrightis the ownership of something they’ve done all by themselves and if anyoneelse does copy exactly or even similar to your own work for example used yourwork within their work they’ve done e.g. In a collage, That is still counted asCopyright and for that is breaking the law so the person who has originallydone it can claim money from the person who has taken their work if theydidn’t ask permission or pay the person to use it in the first place. Copyrightlaws are used for when personal things so it covers about copies,licenseandliterary,musical,orartisticwork, printed,audio,video,etc. These are all thingsthat are subjected for the law of Copyright. Copyright is maintained with theperson constantly until it reaches the point where they die and still remainsafter 70 years after they have died. Then after the 70 years people are officiallyallowed to use their work with no permission. For example the story Romeoand Juliet was written ages ago and is a story people can re-do and dowhatever with because it’s been more 70 years after the original owner hasdied. So the Copy right law doesn’t remain for any longer.I am aware of all the Copyright rules for the task. Our team and I are doing wewill have to consider the copyright laws for a series of things for example wewill have to make sure we won’t have any brand logos on show so if the clientwas wearing a Nike tick on his shirt we would have the blur it out or changethe top otherwise we would have to include a sum of money to the brand. Wewill have to consider ourselves putting copyright on the video when uploadingit to the college website and YouTube and social network, otherwise peoplecould take our video and claim it as their own as we have no mark onto thecreation of out video saying it’s out property. Not only does Copyright comeinvolved in the final creation, it also needs to be involved in the client brief andthe setting the scene. I would need permission of the college to allow me tofilm on the site and have permission from the people I will be filming in the
  7. 7. video. If they weren’t happy with being in the video, we would have to takeaction and blur them out or edit them out or not even broadcast it. ButCopyright comes in with our production too. If someone was to steal or useour video without our permission I would have right to sue them.There are various ways for Copyright Law can be infringed and warn peopleagainst any legal proceedings in that event. This is done by displaying themakers named either onto the actual picture or may even place your namebeside it. But the one main thing that is needed to protect our video is to haveto insert the Copyright symbol which looks like this… “©”. Then this way if thissymbol was displayed on our video then I had right to sue them and get moneyfrom them for Copyrighting the video.Intellectual property rightsIntellectual Property rights or in other words IP is when a person hasownership of certain ideas that they originally invented. For example anythingto do with literary and artistic works etc. Therefore if you drew a picture, theperson would have automatic intellectual property rights as they are given tothe person who originally created it. This is because it stops other peopleespecially companies from taking the picture and intellectual property rightsallows you to protect your image and manage how you want your image to beshown e.g. To the public or not.I am aware of our product and that I have Intellectual property rights. I amaware that the rights and regulations belong to me and nobody else. I canmanage how I want to create our video and if a company or another persontakes our video without our permission is a form of copy right and I can seekmoney from them.LibelLibel is when statement is published and the statement is false. In addition itcan be damaging to a persons reputation. An example is the beer companyCarlsberg has a slogan which is “Probably the best beer in the world”. This is
  8. 8. following the laws but only because they have used the word “Probably”. If thecompany decided to do a slogan which of said “It is the best beer in the world”then that would be Libel. The risk of making a Libel statement can be taken tothe High Court because of any published statements which are alleged todefame a named or a recognizable any individuals in a state which can lead tothem losing their trade or their loss in their profession.If I decided to put on our video “The best course in the world, come do thiscourse” on our video then I will be using a libel statement because how do Iknow that is true because it’s just an opinion and I had no right to right that onour video/advertisement etc. I understand all the Libel terms and I can reassure you that I won’t be including any libel statements anywhere in ourvideo.EthicalDecencyDecency is the quality or state of conforming to social or moral standards oftaste and propriety. So for the video I will be producing an advertisement forour product in order for it to sell as well as a website. I am aware of theDecency issues and I can ensure I will not include anything unnecessary in ouradvertisement. For example I will including teachers in our advertisement butwon’t be breaking decency laws because I’m not going to include people nakedor half naked etc. I will not show any drugs or alcohol within ouradvertisement. This is because our advertisement is going to include aphotography teacher and students who are fully clothed and suitable and willbe informing in our advertisement. I won’t be having any nudity because it’snot suitable for students to watch nudity or to see drugs as our target audienceare going to be at students who are going into college as well as their parents.They wouldn’t want to go to the college if it included content such as those.Therefore I understand all the Decency rules and won’t be including anythinginappropriate what so ever.
  9. 9. Ethical issues e.g. confidentialityConfidentiality agreements are when you sign an agreement saying that youwill not disclose information about the company. An example of aconfidentiality agreement is when a company makes a severance agreementwith you or allows you to make a claim that you brought against them they willask you to keep the terms confidential. When these agreements are brokenthey will make you pay back the money if you violate the confidentialityprovision. So for me the Confidentiality agreement that I will be using would bean agreement from the teacher/ client to be informed that the plan of our ideato make a video so they know we’ll be doing a test and be working on it and forthem to keep quiet and secret until the day until the launch date. So thecompany decides to make an agreement which will be signed from all theworkers to keep the new project remain secret. I’m aware of theconfidentiality issues for our video and I am aware of the laws maintained if Ibreak those laws. For example our video I am creating which is for the college.Therefore I will be kept confidential until the launch date. I understand to keeppersonal information confidential at all times and only discuss the changeswhich with the right people. If the confidentiality agreements are broken andthe information is revealed to another individual or company, the company willbe able to make a claim of a breach of contract and can seek injunctive andmonetary damages.RepresentationRaceRacism is when people believe in aborting the rights of others and gettingpicked on their appearance just on the basis of their race or ethnic identity. Iunderstand the race representation and how it would be shown if I wasincluding race representation within college video I will be producing. Anexample of race representation in our video would be if I said people of acertain race cannot do the course or anything stopping them to go to thecollege. That shows race representation and showing the viewers that thevideo is race represented. People will be disrespected and will think of the
  10. 10. college as a disrespectful one and no one would want to go to the college. I willnot be derogatory to any other person or organisation through the video and Iam aware of all the race representation on our video and will make sure that itis clearly shown that our video is acceptable for any race.GenderSexism is actions or attitudes that discriminate against people based solely ontheir gender. Therefore an example of gender representation for collegeadvertisement video is saying the course is only for girls not for males becausePhotography is a girl subject or having it the colours Pink on the video for girlsand Blue for boys. That is discrimination on genders not allowing both gendersto do the course as well as assuming that pink is only for girls and pink isn’tseen as a boy colour. So for our college advertisement video I understand thegender representation and to stop it on our video. On our video I will beincluding both girls and boys in our video so it shows that the course is both forgirls and boys and that it isn’t sexism. I will not be derogatory to any otherperson or organisation through the creating for the video or the video itselfand I am aware of all the Gender representation on for our video and will makesure that it is clearly shown that our video is acceptable for both genders.ReligionReligion representation is when people who discriminate against people basedsolely on their religion they are. Therefore an example of religionrepresentation for our video to have a label or having it shown on the websitethat it is not allowed for people who are Jewish or any of religion apart fromChristian are allowed this product. This shows discrimination on people whoare in different religions and is discrimination because they do have a right todo the course and go to this college if they have a different religion tosomeone else as it shouldn’t be a problem if they were a certain religion. I willnot be derogatory to any other person or organisation through the video I willbe creating for the college and I am aware of all the religion representation forthe video making and will make sure that it is clearly shown that our videomakes the college acceptable for every religion.
  11. 11. SexualitySexualityrepresentation is when people who discriminate against people whoare attracted to the same sex or have a problem with someone’s sexuality.Therefore an example of sexuality representation for our video is saying youcannot join the course if you are gay and bi and only people who are straightare only allowed this product. This shows discrimination on people who aregay/bi and is discrimination because they do have a right to do the course as ithas not effect or difference if a straight person was to do the course. I will notbe derogatory to any other person or organisation through the video and I amaware of all the religion representation on our product and will make sure thatit is clearly shown that our video that it is allowed for any sexuality to do thecourse at the collegeClient ProposalUsing digital video technology to create a promotional video for the college is much moreimportant than it has been in the past years. As almost every home owner uses a PC or aMac on a day to day basis this is the main location which they will look for information,particularly the younger generations who will be the ones making the decisions. To try andinfluence the students to attend Cheadle AndMarple Sixth Form College we will need tomake sure that we create a good promotional video which makes the student inspired totake up a particular subject in Cheadle College.While doing some research online I found out that a lotof the other videos advertising their colleges showed alot of one to one interviews with the students to try andget their perspective on how they find the college andwhether or not they enjoy what they are doing and how they find the facilities provided bythe college. In all of the videos they obviously only posted the positive side of how they sawthe college and didn’t show any negatives, you can tell that they decided not to put in whatthe students thought was negative because it may put people of coming to their college. Iwill be using a similar style of one to one interviews and hope to convey the calm andrelaxing atmosphere around the college. I will make sure to include the wide range ofsubjects which is mentioned in this video created by the Cheadle and Marple team. In some of the otherpromotional videos I watched I noticed that the same recurring theme of friendly teacher
  12. 12. kept coming up, and how the students liked the fact that they were treated as equals whichis different to how they were treated in High School. On the Cheadle AndMarple YouTubechannel they made a video on what extra-curricular activities are available for the studentsto take part in, this was a very popular topic and the students were really happy with whatwas available to them and this is possibly a topic that will be discussed in the promotionalvideo we create. Almost all the videos which were on the Cheadle and Marple YouTubechannel where about one particular topic, whereas I feel as though the video would bemuch more interesting to watch if there was a wide variety of subjects discussed in thevideo.For my promotional video of Cheadle College I have decided to use the standard approachof doing interviews with the students as you can see in the research that I have been doing,that this is the most popular with the other students that are looking at which college to goto. To get our message across to our target audience of people searching for a college weneed to try and add an interesting but also fun side to the college. To achieve this we willhave to make sure that we keep the audience interested and entertained by not making thevideo to long so that they get fed up of watching it, we need to make the video short, sweetand to the point. I aim to make the video around 2 minutes long, as then it is not to long butit still has enough time to get all the information into the video. While the video footage ison the screen I hope to add some background music to make the atmosphere seem happierand livelier.When filming the video we will be using a camera provided by the college which will be at agood enough quality to start shooting our scenes, to film the audio we will be using the builtin mic on the camera. Even though this will not be the best quality mic, it is good enough torecord the audio clear enough for the viewers to understand what they are saying. Butbefore we can start filming we will need to organise all our meetings with the teachers, andorganise where and what we are going to shoot. Once we have decided what kind of shotswe want to achieve while filming, then we can start to set up the shots 15 minutes beforethe actual class starts. To try and perceive that it is just business as usual we will have all theother class mates just casually working away in the background, as if nothing is going on. Itis very important that we set up the shots before actually shooting them because we don’twant the students waiting around for us to set it up, or to find out the camera isn’t working.Before we begin to set up our shot we will have to make sure that everything is workingcorrectly and that the memory card isn’t full. Once we have all our clips recorded we willthen have to go onto the internet and get some audio clips or music to go with them, as thiswill make the mood seem more relaxed. For the audio clips I have decided to use jazz music,as it will create an extremely relaxing mood and most other style of music wouldn’t suit thetheme that I’m going for. After we have both the audio and the clips all we have to do thenis add them together in Premiere Elements, and sync the audio with the video footage. After
  13. 13. that the only thing that we need to do it upload it to YouTube and several other mediasharing websites, to try and get the word out about Cheadle College so that we can getmore people wanting to join up and attend. We will be sharing the video on Facebook,Twitter etc…. to try and raise awareness.There have been hundreds of promotional videos that have gone viral over the last fewyears, but there have been only a few that have been seen by billions and enjoyed by them.An example of the viral marketing campaign would be some of the adverts created byCadbury’s. Over the years they have created numerous advertisements that have becomeviral and have been really creative and interesting to watch. Since the advertisementsbecame so popular almost everyone who had a TV or a computer has seen it which greatlyimproved the popularity of the product. This was mainly because of how it spread quicklyover the internet using websites like Facebook and Twitter. Viral media is a huge part onhow we are going to spread the video so we need to make sure that we upload it to everywebsite possible.To make sure that the file sizes are small and we can upload the movie easily to YouTubeand other social media websites, we will have to compress the file to the size that we want.To make sure that the video file size isn’t to big I will have to compress the video down to asmaller size to make sureTechnology UsedTo create the promotional video I will need to use a wide variety of equipment, some ofthem being,,-Camera-Tri-Pod-Computer With The Right Programs
  14. 14. CompressionWhen it comes to making sure that the file size for all of the videos aren’t too big I had to make surethat I used the right file format so that when I render it out I had to make sure that I chose the rightfile format. This took a few times of rendering the video out and doing some research online tomake sure that I chose the best quality with the smallest file size. After I had chosen the best file sizeI was then able to upload it to the internet fast and also allowed people to download the video easilyso they can watch it fast and easily.File SizeAs the file size has a lot to do with the compression of the video we will obviously have to make surethat we keep the file size to the smallest for the same reasons we need to choose the rightcompression format.Streaming Methods.To enable thousands of people to watch the video easily online without having to pay or wait a longtime, we will be using YouTube to upload the video on to. After we have uploaded the video ontoYouTube I will be able to start the advertising for the video and make more and more people towatch it online.Digital File FormatsWhen rendering the video out I will be using the .wmv file format as this enables the video size to besmall and also make sure that it has good quality. I chose to use .wmv as I did some research onlineand found out that it was the best file size format to use for what I wanted it to do.Media PlayersUsing the wmv. File format this will allow me to play the video on almost all media players out there,the main one being Windows Media Player which almost every computer has on it. This will makesure that if anyone wants to try and present my advertisement video they will always havesomething to play it on.